Limitless The Strongest Revenant

"If you intended to die anyway, don't die quietly like a pussy! Go out in a fucking blaze of glory!" That was the statement that changed my world forever. I was a loser in life. I died and got reincarnated into a Revenant. Revenants were people who defended the living from the dead. In exchange for a second life, they had one task and were blessed with one cheat ability. The task? To kick as much zombie ass as possible. Unfortunately, my cheat just made me "Rewind". It didn't give me super strength, speed or the ability to fly. Hell, it didn't even give me a way to fight! Without any way to kill zombies, I nearly died on my first day on the job! Back then I remember crying and puking all over the place like a little bitch. But while I started out like a little bitch, I didn't stay one. Dying full of regrets changed me you see. So much so that I made a promise. I refused to repeat my mistakes when I was human. Reborn as a Revenant, I vowed to never bow down to anyone ever again. Unfortunately, these Revenant bastards were old school. Like they hacked zombies with swords and all that crap old school. As a man born in the USA, I saw no reason why I needed to follow their outdated way of thinking. The modern world had the superpower of gun powder and lead. So instead of swords, I came after every zombie I saw with bullets. Like countries in the middle east, I proceeded to blow the motherfuckers to kingdom come. And surprisingly because of "Rewind", I found out I could never run out of ammunition. $200 for each kill. Hefty bonus for each area of hell liberated. What scared normal people shitless suddenly allowed me to earn millions every day. The richer I got the more "Freedom" I could unleash! Mortars, tank, air strikes to even nukes. Backed by modern science and technology, I slowly but surely drove the undead back. Along the way, I met and saved seven heavenly beauties. And without my knowledge all of them suddenly fell in love with me. They were a little obsessive, scratch that, they were all fucking insane. My precious harem was comprised of nothing but psychopaths. They were Yanderes in every sense of the word. Still, despite the dangers, I would trade not any of them for everything under the stars. For when I called, only my battle harem answered. And that was before I learned of another secret. Exchanging bodily fluids with my girls gave me their cheats. Suddenly, in contrast to every Revenant in the world who only had one, I alone wielded eight. One from each girl plus my own. And so, I lived my 2nd life. Which eventually became my legend. Who am I you ask? I was born as John Smith. But these days not even my girls use my name. Both on Earth and in Hell everyone else just calls me Limitless. And I am the Strongest Revenant. *************************** Author Notes: Harem size: 7 | No NTR | No Yuri | No Grape Novel Focus: Action, Adventure, Urban Fantasy, Reincarnation, Dark, Weak to Strong, Battle Harem, Beautiful Heroines, YANDERE Heroine, Military, Loyal Subordinates, Kingdom Building, War, Politics, Conspiracies, Overpowered, Face Slapping, Tragedy, Character Development, Multiple POVs, Betrayal, Alternate Realities, Demons, Zombies, Superpowers, Tower Climbing, Tower Defense, Wish fulfillment. I have paid for and own the copyrights to both the cover and character images. Official Discord link https://discord.gg/7yxSzd3szy, See you there!

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How evil Mrs. Code.

This world apparently believed that the Formless were trash. However, I couldn't help wondering just how pathetic the manifested had to be if a group of mere Formless were able to vastly outperform them.

Who wouldn't want respect, to be revered? While I was thinking of such things, Bella continued our discussion.

"Honey, Jasmine is weak from her injury and exhaustion. Josephine is trying to pretend that she is energetic, but I could see her legs shaking. That girl is probably forcing herself to look fine. They are desperate. And they are aware that they will die the moment we leave them."

Hmm. My partner was amazing. I didn't even notice such details. So, we literally held their lives in our hands. Huh? Should we extort them then? But didn't they already get mugged? What else could we get from them?

"Mr. Code, your face is despicable. You are probably thinking of stealing their virginities or something, right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but wraiths will die if they have sex. Become a Phantom at least if you can't keep it in your pants."

What? I would die if I had sex? Why? How? That was bullshit! Before I could voice out my anger, Bella placed her slim finger on my lips and came closer to whisper.

"The only thing they have of value are their {fates}. Having more {fates} is always a good thing. Compatibility aside. Even as Formless they cannot possibly be worse than {Code}, right?" she explained.

While she tried to hide it, the palpable self-deprecation seeped through her voice. {Code} might not have been flashy, but I couldn't bring myself to think that any {fate} was useless.

There were probably useless reapers, but the {fates} didn't seem to be as simple. Wasn't I living proof of that?

"{Code} is not useless, Bella. Even if we didn't have an agreement, I would have approached you just to get it."

My partner's face betrayed her surprise as she blushed scarlet. How interesting, this woman wanted me to think she had experience, but it seemed to be a ruse.

{Fates} were incredibly personal and denying the {fate} of another was calling their desperation and wish trash. I would have never trampled on the resolutions of my allies.

Changing the topic, I continued speaking. "Anyway, if both are close to dying, won't they be a burden? Should I give them {Rewind} so they can at least fight?"

She made a disgusted face as she spat out her reply. "You just wish to lock lips with them, don't you?"

Well, I couldn't deny that. But right now, my goal was to become the strongest Revenant. Picking up chicks was not something I would let dictate my actions. However, if they came to me, who was I to refuse?

"No, I do not. If they will just die in battle, let's abandon them here. I am not strong enough to carry the burdens of others. I already told you that. I have no need for meat shields, nor do I intend to fuck either afterwards. So, they can just die on their own. Our risk goes up if we take in weaklings."

Bella then made a complicated face. "You are frighteningly heartless sometimes, you know. If… If a time ever comes where we are at odds, will you abandon me too?"

"Yes," I coldly replied.

Being with Isabella was pleasant, but we were not together because we loved each other. I needed her for information about Hellsgate. She needed me to survive and help her grow. We could trust each other because we were looking out for our own interests.

Whether it was Bella, Josephine or Jasmine, the moment any of them got in my way, I would put a bullet between their eyes without hesitation. While I never intended to abandon an ally, I would similarly never grant mercy to an enemy.

My goal in Hellsgate was to become the strongest reaper. I came here not to look for a relationship. This was my promise to myself. Not for fame, fortune, nor recognition, but for myself. As proof of the life I lived, and the achievement I wished to be remembered by.

I noticed that my partner became a bit crestfallen. Well, it was better to clear this up now. I got burned badly by my first relationship. Having a quick fuck was fine, but I never saw myself getting into anything serious anytime soon.

"Okay, I'm glad we cleared that out. Yes, this is better. We are partners who use each other. Nothing more, nothing less," Bella conceded.

Despite the sadness in her voice, I neither comforted her nor corrected her statement. The awkward air between us was tangible. Before I could say anything to clear the atmosphere, Bella took point and shifted the topic.

"If you do not wish to trust them completely, then give them your blood instead," she stated.

"My blood?"

"Yes, I told you before, right? Reapers borrow {fates} by bodily fluids. Saliva's best attribute is its ability to explain a {fate}. Blood, on the other hand, allows the {fate} to be shared even if the ability itself remains a secret," my partner explained.

Confused, I ended up retorting, "That makes no sense. How can you have the {fate} but not the ability?"

"It's like this. The bodily fluids are ranked by intimacy. You have donated blood before, right? But do you kiss everyone you meet? It's like that."

That kinda made some sense? Who decided the rules of these things, though?

My partner continued. "Blood gives one the ability but doesn't teach them how. Saliva, however, is meant for lovers or spouses. Thus, the information needed to the {fate} is a factor.

"The main benefit of blood is the duration. For example, if my spit gave you {Code} for a day, then my blood would give it to you for a month."

"Then what are we even giving them my blood for?" I inquired.

"This loophole is especially beneficial to you, honey. If you have them invoke {Auto} and {Save} they would then get the lifeline of rewinding. Just tell them when they are about to die. For any future prospects, we should test everyone like this."

Hmm. Aside from {Rewind}, neither {Auto} nor {Save} showed any signs when used. This way, if they turned on us, we could still kill them. If they were trustworthy, then that was the only situation where we would teach them {Rewind}.

"Okay, I am fine with that. How do we incorporate them in our combat doctrine, then?" I asked.

"Have Josephine serve as the point man. You will cover her left side. I will have Jasmine cover the formation's right. Finally, I will bring up the rear. This way, if they do something fishy, just shoot Josephine from behind. I will similarly stab Jasmine before she has a chance to act," my partner concluded.

A plan that took everything into account. With such a plan, we would have the upper hand. Pleased, I couldn't help but praise her. "How evil, Mrs. Code. Have I told you how much I adore your devilish mind?"

"I am eager to please, Mr. Code. I knew only such a plan would make an esteemed fucking heartless demonic bastard like yourself happy, right? Only the vilest and most contemptuous plots are worth our fucking piece of shit asshole of a Revenant, no? I am so glad you liked it, honey" Bella said with a beautiful smile.


Taken aback, I couldn't even reply. I never heard such a long string of curses before. It was like I got cursed with every expletive available in the American dictionary. What? Was she angry or something? Didn't I make it clear from the beginning?

Bella then quickly left and began speaking to the reaper sisters. She called for me when discussions were over.

"Then, honey, please give them a bit of your blood." Bella took her knife and pricked my finger. She then began letting my blood drip in tiny vials barely an inch long.

My curiosity got the better of me, so I asked, "What are these tiny things?"

Josephine responded, still full of energy. "Oh? These are the reaper vials of the European battlefront. We are not allowed to fill them before coming. However, negotiating with {fates} is a given. I have spares if you want some!"

So, {fates} were treated as not only combat abilities, but even as currency. Bella had me fill up three vials with my blood. One for each of them. The three girls did the same and we ended up each with three vials of Formless {fates}.

Upon receiving Josephine and Jasmine's vials, Bella asked for their activation key words.

"{Perceive}," replied the brooding raven-haired beauty.

Her cheerful sister, on the other hand, answered with "{Listen}".

Bella taught them hers and gave them mine while telling them {Auto} and {Save}. She told them {Save} would automatically take a lethal blow for them once. The sisters got all ecstatic upon hearing the explanation. It was not technically a lie, but it wasn't the truth, either.

How reliable.

Curious to know what their {fates} were, I drank all three vials I obtained, one after another.

Downloads occurred when I activated them. I marveled at what I saw.


{Rewind} 00:00:00

{Save} 00:00:00

{Auto} 18:21:07

- {Reload} 00:00:00

Souls Available :378

{Fate} Level 2

Souls needed for evolution: 3,000

{Fates} Active

1. {Code} 729:58:23

- {Connect} 359:58:10

2. {Perceive} 359:58:30

- {Aim} 359:58:30

3. {Listen} 359:59:22

- {Interpret} 359:59:22




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