Limitless Hunter (Solo leveling & Jujutsu Kaisen Fanfiction)

Growing up in a household built upon strength and power in a society that idealized power it only made sense Kim Bora would do almost anything to prove himself to the one who doubted him when he first awakened at 17. A training incident gone wrong would lead to Kim Bora obtaining a power unheard of. The system. Through the system he will become the strongest hunter.

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Chapter 15: Freed up

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"Depends... Do you know anyone named Hwang Hee-Chan?"


The name definitely rang bells in his head. That's the Division Captain of Hunters guild, the guild he's been trying to join for months now.

He grasped the neatly folded and formed envelope in his hands. Starting up at the reddish pink afternoon sky with his oceanic blue eyes he couldn't help but let out a sigh. Was this letter to confirm his acceptance in the guild or the opposite? Either way he didn't feel too riled up about it and he wondered why?

Maybe it was because he had the system now, because he knew beforehand he would have been biting his nails— a nervous habit he grew out of —just to find the courage to open the damn thing. He had always viewed the Hunters guild as a path to recognition and a rejection of the path set out for him by his parents, but now that he had the system —a way to grow stronger after every battle— something unheard of, he thought that maybe he could go down another path...form his own guild.

A funny thought, because that would never have been a possibility he could dream of.

As the rooftop breeze blew through his hair, the long white fringes framing his face being consistently displaced. He decided to rip open the envelope and see what this letter was all about. 'I mean what's the worst that could happen?'

Oh... He supposed that was to be expected, but not unwanted. The Hunters guild had rejected his membership within their ranks. Hwang Hee-Chan, himself, stated in the letter that due to his magic power being so low he couldn't with good conscious allow someone of his level to participate in the high level missions that the Hunters guild was expected to partake in.

Basically he was too weak.

Made sense Kim thought to himself that the man did have an abrupt reaction at the end of their meeting the other time, the magic detector probably said he was the equivalent of an E-rank at the time.

He smiled a soft smile before scrunching the letter to a ball and throwing it off the roof to the streets below.

'Guess that frees up my schedule...'


—The Next day—





[Name: Kim Bora Level: 27

Title:One to make deals,... Fatigue: 23

Job: None

HP: 3950/3950

MP: 1230/2004


Strength: 70

Agility: 90

Vitality: 56

Sense: 100

Intelligence: 114


Remaining Stat points: 3]



A small breath was released from the mouth of Kim Bora. Having completed his daily quest he had set to work to some training, going through several katas of his preferred kyokushin karate style. He has also leveled up today for the first time in a week which was...something he guessed.

The white haired youth wore a form fitting black shirt with dark navy pants and black martial arts shoes.

'I really need to raid a dungeon soon. Staying stagnant is not something I want at all,' he activated the Limitless Technique.



[135 MP will be consumed!]



He smirked. It seemed that using the Limitless over and over again overall decreased the amount of MP it consumed, it was also the same for all his skills. He figured that it just took longer to get used to the Limitless because of how complex it was compared to his more simple skills.

Six eyes was an ocular ability so good it allowed him to manipulate mana at the atomic level. It's most useful perk was the ability to use MP at the most efficient level with as little drain on his reserves as possible.

It correlated heavily with his intelligence stat which he was now beginning to understand governed his magical energy and overall control over it and when he leveled up his intelligence his MP increased by a diffence of 154.

'So much maths... Who would have thought?' Kim chuckled to himself. He then did a stylish backflip into a back kick that fell just short of taking out the head of the person behind him. He had been all alone in this secluded area of the park woods so it was no surprise that he noticed someone approaching him, especially, with his enhanced senses.

"You know it's rude to sneak up on people." Kim turned around to greet the mysterious stranger and rose a brow at the unassuming teenage girl in front of him. She had fallen flat on her bottom after his cheeky strike. The girl wore a pink and black hoodie with a black cap— that she was currently adjusting —a gray skirt, and black leggings.

"What's your name?" he asked offering a hand that was accepted. "Han Song-yi, I come here to study sometimes because it's nice and quiet." she answered whilst dusting herself off. Kim had to agree that this secluded area of woods was quiet.

"You're a student?"

"... Yeah, uh I mean I was." she said causing the blue eyed man to raise a brow.

"Sooo... You're not a student? Sorry, I just thought that since you said that you studied here that you went to school," he drawled. "I mean I did go to school...just not anymore. I'm, uh, a hunter now!" the black haired teen puffed her chest out a little in renewed confidence.

'A dropout, then.'

"... So, how's the hunter life treating you! Any big paydays?" he grinned at her.

"... I actually haven't gone raiding yet. I've only gone for my evaluation," she said averting her gaze from the white haired man finding it strange that she was having such trouble speaking with him.

"What's you're rank?"


"Hmm... Are you planning to go on a raid soon?" Kim said suddenly very serious his blue irises suddenly shifting to an icy blue.

"Uh, um... I was going to partake in this D-rank gate across town. They were short a few members so I decided to join up."

Kim continued to give her questioning looks before asking something he was curious about.

"D-rank gates are pretty tough for E-rank hunters and especially tough for someone just starting out. Do you have any actual fighting experience? You may be faster, tougher, and stronger than the most physically conditioned human in the world, but that means nothing to a magic beast."

"... I've heard all this stuff before, but I mean it's not that big of a deal?" she had an unimpressed look within her brown eyes.

Kim actually paused for a moment, a calculating look coming across his face.

"... Tell you what. If you manage to land just one hit on me then I'll consider letting you go off on your own, but if you can't then I'll join you on your lovely little death trip." he beckon her forward with a wave of his hand.

"... And if I refuse?" she rose a curious brow."You can't." he said simply rushing forward and launched a head strike that he stopped right before contact and then flicked her forehead with his finger.

"You're dead." a surprised look flashed onto Song-yi's face before she finally registered Kim standing in front of her with a hand in her face.

'He's a hunter too!'

She held onto her forehead as the white haired male raised a single finger.

"All it takes is one moment and it's all over. Hunter work isn't some game or a hobby, it's life or death. You're fighting monsters for the sake of others but most importantly for the sake of yourself. You seem like a good kid which is why I won't sugarcoat anything." his icy blue eyes glowed fiercely." If you go to that gate... You will die." he said profoundly with such certainty that what he was speaking was fact.

"..." the girl didn't speak a word and only let a fist in his direction that he caught easily. He smiled seeing the small fire in her eyes light up just to prove him wrong.

"Don't hold back, I'm way stronger than you realize." he grabbed her arm and threw her to the side where she recovered by rolling.

'Song-yi... Wonder if they're related somehow...' he thought absentmindedly dodging her wild haymakers and kicks seeing so many weaknesses to exploit but decided against it and instead grappled her once again and threw her away.





Ten minutes later Han Song-yi was flat on the ground at a loss for breath. She had been punching and kicking away at the smug faced hunter standing above her to no avail, all the while getting tossed around like a sack of potatoes from every miss.

He grinned flicking on his black sunglasses that he pulled from absolutely nowhere...at least to her.

"So what do you say to earning some cash, eh?"