Limitless Hunter (Solo leveling & Jujutsu Kaisen Fanfiction)

Growing up in a household built upon strength and power in a society that idealized power it only made sense Kim Bora would do almost anything to prove himself to the one who doubted him when he first awakened at 17. A training incident gone wrong would lead to Kim Bora obtaining a power unheard of. The system. Through the system he will become the strongest hunter.

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Chapter 14

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"I should be making my way out before the gate closes."


It hadn't been that long a day for the Cheif of the Korean Monitoring Division, Woo Jin Chul. Sitting in within the confindes of his private office the orange haired man couldn't help but let out a sigh.

It hadn't been more than a few minutes since he was informed about the disturbing news of Hwang Dong-Suk's death in a C-rank dungeon. When his younger brother found out it would only be a matter of time before the American S-rank hunter would make his way to Korea and stir up unnecessary problems.

'What a headache...'

He then heard a knocking on his door that grabbed his attention. Releasing a frown from his face at the knocking, he didn't want to be disturbed but it seemed the knock was pretty insistent.

"Come in." he ordered simply.

He saw another one of his assistants, Mi Soo, enter with a yellow file clutched to his person.

"Apologies, Chief. I have come across a raid report that may require your attention," Mi soo explained handing the yellow file to Jin Chul.

"What is it? It's probably not good news," Jin Chul said tiredly knowing that, that most likely wasn't the case from his assistant Mi Soo.

"In a C-rank dungeon raid, 6 hunters were killed in action. The only survivor was a D-rank hunter." Mi soo reported causing Jin Chul's eyes to narrow into slits. He hoped it was a normal occurrence of a low-ranked hunter running away from a dungeon that they weren't up for, but with how his day was going, Jin Chul doubted that.

"The dungeon was cleared. The D-rank, Kim Bora, a probationary member of the Hunters Guild and son of Reaper Guild's vice guild master could have possibly performed such a feat. The boss [Giant Chioprea] shouldn't have been a problem for a squad filled with C-rank hunters, even with its multiplication ability, so it's very disturbing that there was only one survivor," Mi soo shared his thoughts with the Cheif who was rubbing his temples together.

After taking a breath Jin Chul finally said,"Why are you bringing this to my attention? It seems like a case you can take care of by yourself."

"I know that, sir, but I can't shake this feeling of uneasiness whenever I read Kim Bora's file report. He's inexperienced, but he has an unnatural ability to handle himself in high level dungeons if Park Jin Sung's report is to taken into consideration, and conflicting rumors of his reevaluated magic power being E-rank instead of D," Jin Chul's face light up slight interest at the tidbit of information,"That's certainly something..."

Mi soo nodded his head causing Jin Chul to mull over the information presented to him by his assistant coming to one possible conclusion for the man's uneasiness.

"You suspect he's a false ranker, don't you?"

"Well... It would explain some of the conflicting reports I've heard on his magic power level as well as this latest incident." Mi soo said with a light chuckle noticing his superior's suddenly serious demeanor.

"I'll leave it to you to investigate further, but be careful. Kim Bora seems like someone with good connections in the upper ladder of the hunter world," Jin Chul warned his assistant about the suspect hunter's familial connection to the vice guild master of Reaper Guild.

Mi soo bowed his head and left the cheif's office once he had been dismissed. He had potentially dangerous case on his hands and didn't plan to let down his superiors in the slightest.


"Whew!" Kim wiped away some of the sweat that dripped on his forehead. He had just finished the 10km run required for his daily quest and went to sit down a bench nearest him to catch his breath and look see what rewards he would receive for completing his daily quest.



[Quest Rewards:

Choose your reward -

Reward 1. Stamina Replenishment (Accepted)

Reward 2. Stat points (Accepted) +3

Reward 3. Random box (Accepted) - Title: The one to make deals.

Will you accept?

Accept / Reject]



[Title: The one to make deals

Description -

This title grants the player the ability to make a binding vow with oneself or another person for mutual benefits or power boost.]



"Interesting, this a very unique title, but I wonder when I would use such a technique," Kim wondered to himself tapping on his chin.

They were previously destroyed during the his raid with Lee Min Su and the rest so he had to get new ones. It was also during that time where he visited an optamologist, or eye doctor, for a more professional opinion on his new eyes.

The eye doctor ran some tests with him and discovered that he could see really far —about 5km away— and in high definition with seemingly zero effort. Another unique trait that the doctor discovered is that Kim is able to discern the flow magical energy very particularly and meticulously, he can even tell which objects are imbued with mana and which was are not.

Through his analysis the doctor came to a few conclusions. The first being that having such great eye sight would lead to detrimental affects on the mind since the human brain is not supposed or rather isn't built to process such high levels of information over a long period of time. It would lead to massive migraines and tire him out after a long period of time.

The second being that he could perceive the world in not only high definition but through the flow magical energy since his eyes picked up on things with or without mana like buildings and vehicles thanks to the residual magic energy that flowed pretty much everywhere. The eye doctor concluded from this discovery that restricting his vision would not be such a bad idea.

Kim had then questioned the doctor on why obstructing his vision would be a wise course of action. The eye doctor answered that they were treating it differently from a case like astigmatism, where instead of providing the patient with glasses to improve their vision, they were instead limiting his vision to reduce the amount of strain on his mind from process all the information his eyes provided him with.

Kim didn't say anything further since he had done something similar earlier, before coming in for the check up, not realizing that it was a good course of action

Back on the park bench he pulled out his black sunglasses from within his inventory and flicked them onto his face, masking his glowing azure eyes from the world.

His vision went completely dark once he had his glasses on, but like a switch his eyes adjusted and discerned the residual mana flowing in air quite easily, very similar to high resolution thermography.

"This is still weird, but at least I won't tire out so quickly and especially after improving my vitality stat even more this past week," Kim commented to himself looking at his Vitality stat, which was still his lowest one.



[Vitality: 55]



"Watch out, Mister!"

He turned his head to see a young brown haired boy desperately yell out at the top of his lungs. Kim looked up and saw a cricket ball flying towards him. His perception immediately flipped a switch as the world around him moved in slow motion, giving him more than enough time to react and think of a response. He decided it would be interesting to test a new ability he acquired recently. The Limitless.



[Limitless Technique: Neutral has been activated!]



Using mathematics to manipulate the finte space around him by converging the space into an infinite series of halfway points. The white hardball got closer and closer to his head until it was halted in midair by infinity.

Kim, himself, was still learning about this new ability but it seemed to be dependent on a couple of mathematical concepts that he could subconsciously understand. It helped that he had done some research during the past week on this concepts. It seemed that for it to be as effective in battle it required very precise and split second calculations that would be impossible for a normal person, but with the six eyes it was a simple feat for him.

With enough practice it would become the ultimate defensive technique, he concluded.

After the ball lost all its kinetic energy he deactivated infinity and let the ball fall in the palm of his hand. He tossed it to the awestruck boy who, clumsily, caught it.

"Woah~ that was so cool, Mister! Are you perhaps a hunter?" the young boy asked with stars in his eyes. Kim smiled at the admiration in the boy's eyes he remembered being so enamored with his mother's strength, so much so that all he ever wanted was... No, all he wants is to be like her. Super strong.

"Yeah, I'm a hunter," he answered. "You should be more careful next time, not everyone is like me," he walked off with a wave of his hand.

"Yes sir!" the boy blushed watching the retreating form of the white haired youth.


— Kim's apartment —


He walked through the front gate of the four story apartment complex, his home of five months now. Making his way through the lobby area he was greeted by Mi Young as usual with her chestnut brown hair tied in a messy ponytail. She had her nose buried deep in paperwork with an occasional muttered curse word under breath that only he would be able to catch with his enhanced hearing.

"What's up, Mi Young? Have I got any mail?" he asked her as soon as he approached the reception desk. She looked up from her work with an irate expression but then sighed immediately after.

"Depends... Do you know anyone by the name of Hwang Hee-Chan?" She said handing him a neatly wrapped envelope with the stamp of a wildly popular guild. The Hunters Guild.

A look of recognition pass over his face as soon as he heard the name accepting the envelope.


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