Limitless Hunter (Solo leveling & Jujutsu Kaisen Fanfiction)

Growing up in a household built upon strength and power in a society that idealized power it only made sense Kim Bora would do almost anything to prove himself to the one who doubted him when he first awakened at 17. A training incident gone wrong would lead to Kim Bora obtaining a power unheard of. The system. Through the system he will become the strongest hunter.

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Chapter 13

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"Looks like it's 5 against one now."


Chills ran down the spines of everyone present as they saw the head of their comrade rolling on the ground. His face permanently fixed in a visage of shock as his lifeless gray eyes stared at nothing.

"You bastard!" Song yi shouted doing a quick draw from his bow and launching four arrows at Kim Bora. However, it was as if the hunter blinked out of existence and reappeared right in front of the archer before making quick work of him with two precise slashes to the chest.

Kicking Song yi into a wall he turned his attention towards the other two lackeys who shrinked back in fear at the amount of bloodlust that Kim Bora directed at them.

Locking in on his next targets he ran forward ready to slice them apart but was prevented from doing so by Lee Min Su stepping in, clashing his dual blades with his Razor Tail.

Kim widened his eyes briefly before leaping back to a safe distance. After leveling up quite a bit thanks to the boss he was relatively confident in his ability to take on the group, but it seemed that not all C-ranks were of the same level and Lee Min Su proved that.

He saw his lackeys regroup, standing behind their captain. Kim had to separate them because if they started to coordinate their moves with each other then he would be in trouble.

Tae Jun was assassin type hunter so he specialized in speed, Gyu Han was a tank and specialized in brute force and robustness. He never quite caught the last ones name, but he assumed the redhead to be of similar class to Gyu Han judging by his beefy frame.

'It's a good thing I took Suho and Song yi out of the equation. Long range attacks would have been a pain in the ass,' he thought to himself twirling his katana between his fingers.

'However...' he locked eyes with Lee Min Su's black ones and knew from their brief exchange that he would be greatest hurdle to overcome if he planned to walk out this dungeon alive.

"Look at you hiding behind your leader like some cowards! Don't you have any shame after threatening to kill me?" he questioned, "Have some pride you bastards!" he yelled pointing his sharp blade at them.

"You killed two of our comrades, that's something we can't allow to go unpunished," Min Su stated matching up to Kim Bora's challenge. The white haired hunter just narrowed his eyes, "Wasn't I your comrade?" he asked solemnly.

No more words were exchanged as the two flashed forward to meet each other with their swords clashing. Kim went for leg sweep trying to trip up Min Su, however he saw this attempt and jumped over it and kicked him in chest. The blow forced him back putting him on the defensive as Tae Jun tried to sneak an attack behind his back which he blocked effortlessly and back kicked him away.

The big redhead charged into him with his shield trying to launch him off his feet but Kim wasn't a pushover and grabbed onto his arm and flipped him over onto his side.

He then saw Min Su charging at him and faced up to the challenge before they started zipping around the cave at speeds the other fighters couldn't keep up with.

During the scuffle Min Su managed to breach his defenses and cut him up with swords before spin kicking him in the chest causing his sword to go flying. He followed up with two slashes to his head that Kim managed to avoid and retaliate with a uppercut to the chin.

He flipped over Lee Min Su and grabbed him by the collar before throwing him to ground. Gyu Han and Tae Jun came from both sides intent on ending him but he sped away from them using his raw movement speed and flashed back in to sock the both of them in head simultaneously.



[HP: 1644/3488]



Four arrows pierced his back startling him. He looked behind him to see Song yi standing on both feet looking worse for wear. Kim just glared at the archer. 'This time I'll take your head off!' he screamed in his head.

Appearing right next to the archer he swept his feet from under him and grabbed his face dragging it through the floor before holding the man up by his neck.

Fear seeped into the bloodied face of Kil Song yi as he tried desperately to pry the grip Kim had on his neck. It was to no avail because Kim easily snapped his neck and let his body tumble harshly to the floor.

"Four." he whispered calmly. "Huh?" he felt his, right hand, the hand he used to kill Song yi with start twitching, and this left him perplexed as to why.

He saw the coarses on the dead archer's skin from years of bodily training, he saw each individual sweat mark on the faces of all his approaching enemies, he saw each individual and unique pattern from the snowflakes that now laid on the cave floor.

He saw all this in high definition with no need to strain his eyes at all if anything his mind was straining to contain all this information. The same story since gaining this incredible visual prowess, sensory overload. It was mind numbing.

If anyone for even a moment could take in the same level of information that he was at this moment he had no doubts that their minds would fray and leave them in a vegetative state, but it seemed that this world was his and his alone. It would always remain as his personal domain.

He smiled reflecting on all things he knew of magical energy. An energy born from the gates that granted normal people with extraordinary powers. The ability to command the elements, the ability to empower themselves with it, the ability to heal with the positive energy of mana, and the ability to inflict curses and poison onto each other with negative applications of mana.

It hadn't been more than 3 seconds as reflected on these concepts, on everything. He smiled realizing the system gave him access to something humanity had the keys to, but can never obtain.

Limitless potential.




[The Limitless has been unlocked!]





[Limitless Technique : Neutral Infinity



Description -

Is a complex technique that brings forth the mathematical concept of infinity into reality. Anything that attempts to penatrate the infinity slows down and then stops before it can reach the user.

400 MP required]




'Huh? What's this?' Tae Jun thought rushing forward to strike at the strangely still form of Kim Bora. He seemed to staring off into space with a dumb luck and this confused the hell out of him.

However, he wasn't one to pass up on an opening like this even if he felt a terrible foreboding within his bones. He felt he owed to his fallen friends to end this hunter's life.

He rushed forward and attempted slashing at his neck, but for some reason his hand stopped in place as his blade got too close to Kim's neck.

"What?" he uttered straining his arm to push the blade through Kim's neck but it never budged an inch. "What! Is this magic?!" the assassin pulled back and attempted another strike only to be met with the same results.

Meanwhile, Kim stared off into space before finally registering Tae Jun's futile attempts at harming him. Cold, apathetic blue eyes with the pattern of a beautiful ocean glistening from the sun's rays, looked down at Tae Jun.

The assassin felt as if he stared into the eyes of a deity that could end him without a second thought.

"You hate me because I killed your comrade, right?" Kim stated rather than asked. "I hate you because you sacrificed my comradery for a few more bucks. So that means we both have reasons to end each other." He watched Tae Jun try and strike him again in futility.

He quickly grasped the assassin's arm and hit him with two mean shots to the gut making kneel over in pain. Before he could finish him off though the rest of his comrades swopped in and tried harming him from different angles but were similar stopped by an invisible barrier around Kim.

Kim Bora grinned manically as the barrier expanded pushing his enemies back.



[Dash Skill activated]



Speeding forward and he used Tae Jun's own dagger and shoved it deep in his stomach right after countering his stab attempt.

He grabbed ahold of the dagger and used it to slice off Gyu Han's head and then used it to mutilate his redheaed friend.

'How's he so fast? He wasn't like this just a few moments prior... What's up with that barrier as well?'

Lee Min Su internally panicked but kept his cool externally. He watched the man set his icy gaze on him. He decided it didn't matter since he would provale like he always had. Using his own strength to make a name for himself in this world even with his meager rank.

"To be honest I never expected this outcome, but let me show you why I'm the leader of this raid team." Min Su powered up with a furious war cry and rushed forth only to be stopped in his tracks by that blasted invisible barrier protecting the white haired youth.

"Lee Min Su, you're one of the strongest people I've ever met, but...."

Kim grabbed onto his arm and used the barrier to palm strike him multiple times in the stomach before throwing him a ways away into a pile rubble.

"... There is one thing you should know about me."

Kim closed the distance and stomped the man on his chest preventing him from getting up.

"I'm Limitless." he uttered looking down on the battered and bruised leader.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Kim said his foot still on the hunter's chest. Min Su just coughed out blood before responding, "I'm unapologetic... I lived the way I wanted to and I didn't care who it affected. That's what it means to be a hunter. Only the strongest survive beyond these gates," Min Su smiled a bloody smile before he glared at the white haired youth, his purple vest stained from the blood of his enemies and not at all bothered by the cold.

"You've killed people today... probably for the first time. You'll never be the same after today," Min Su uttered a truth that Kim had understood from moment lobbed Park Suho's head off from his shoulders.

"... I guess you're right," Kim said after a moment before he stabbed his dagger through the man's head.



[You have leveled up!]



[You have leveled up!]



[You have leveled up!]



[Name: Kim Bora Level: 26

Title: Lynx Predator,... Fatigue: 71

Job: None

HP: 3950/3950

MP: 250/1850


Strength: 52(+10)(+7)

Agility: 34 (+55)

Vitality: 34

Sense: 34 (+65)

Intelligence: 38(+75)


Remaining Stat points: 7(-7)]



"I should be making my way before the gate closes."

Kim just sighed going to pick up his Razor Tail from the ground and storing it his inventory before nonchalantly taking a stroll right out the cave, not once looking back.