Learning The Ropes

Don’t freak out I told myself for the umpteenth time running my hand through my thick rust-colored hair. I was sitting on the back porch of a three-story farmhouse staring at the night sky. In my peripheral vision, there was a large barn that housed a gathering of people. They were a rowdy bunch from the sounds of their cheers. I closed my brown eyes and leaned my head against the house.

“ You’d think you were about to wrestle in the main event of Glory Dayz” came a teasing female voice. I opened my eyes to see a smirking brunette female with brown eyes. I grinned and got to my feet.

“ Maybe someday Brooklyn. Although main evening in the Tokyo Dome would be great too.”

The girl smiled and sat down next to me “ one day you and I will be in the Tokyo Dome. Once you learn how to bump that is,” she said with a teasing smile, poking me in the stomach.

“ I bump better than you,” I responded.

“ Yeah but you can’t cut a promo to save your life,” she said with a wink and started talking in a horrible impression of my voice. “ I-I-I-I’m g-g-g-gonn-a-a-a k-k-ick your a-ass!”

I gave her a playful shove “ That was the first time I ever cut a promo. I’m just glad no one except you and your dad heard that.”

“ And I’m never going to let you forget it either. A way, it’s about time for your match, don’t screw this up.”

“ I’ll try my best,” I said before heading to the barn. At the entrance was a man in his late sixties, wearing typical farm attire. Looking at him you’d never guess he was a successful professional wrestler in his prime, wrestling as the luchador Asesino Silencioso. He had retired nearly a decade ago and ran a small wrestling school for his independent promotion on his farm located a few miles outside Laurel Montana.

“ You ready to go kid?” He asked in a gruff voice, gripping me on the shoulder.

“ Yes sir. Thank you for giving me a shot Mister Winston.”

“ Josh, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Travis? I’ve known you since you were five. Of course, I’ll take you on. And don’t worry, as far as your parents know, you’re just working for me as a farmhand.”

I sighed in relief “ Thank you. I wish they would come watch but they hate wrestling, or anything popular really.”

“ It’s fine kid. Now, why don’t you get your ass in the ring?”

Riot by Three Days Grace began to play in the barn. I took a deep breath and walked into the barn. A small wrestling ring was set up in the barn, thirty or so people were sitting on chairs with mild interest. I felt like butterflies were doing a mosh pit in my stomach but couldn't help but grin when I heard my wrestling name, Jason Ryan announced. I was already sweating despite not doing anything. Granted I had wrestled a few dark matches in this barn but only with Travis watching. This was my first match with other people watching.

My music died down and I anxiously waited for my opponent, Brooklyn who wrestled as Veronica Summers. She flashed me a cocky smirk as she got in the ring. The people in attendance popped for her, she had been training far longer than me and she was the daughter of a wrestling legend like Asesino Silencioso. The referee made sure we were ready to go and signaled for the bell to ring. She wore black wrestling tights and a red top for her gear. I just wore a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt.

Brooklyn hit me with a trio of dropkicks to start the match off. I scrambled to my feet and Brooklyn hit me with a sling blade and went for a cover. I kicked out at one and rapidly got to my feet. Once I got to my feet I hit Brooklyn with a rolling elbow to the head. She bounced against the ropes and tried to knock me off balance. I stumbled back a couple steps as Brooklyn bounced off the ropes again but met her with a bicycle kick.

I waited for Brooklyn to get up and went for a Discus Clothesline but she ducked and took me down. Before I knew it she had me in a cross face. As I tried to get to the ropes Brooklyn smirked and whispered in my ear.

“ You’re in my world son.”

Not wanting to give her the satisfaction of answering, I managed to reach the ropes, forcing a rope break. She let go and backed off, hands up. I got to my feet as Brooklyn advanced on me again. Quick as a flash I hits her with a spine buster and went for a cover. She kicked out at one and wanting to one-up her, I went for a cross face.

“ Got you bitch!” Brooklyn exclaimed before rolling me up.

One, two and I kicked out and crawled to the corner. Brooklyn got up and ran towards me. I got out of the way, rolled her up and hit her with a schoolboy superkick. I took a moment to catch my breath and leaned in the corner, glaring at Brooklyn. Damn. Fifteen and she’s already this good.

As she started to slowly get up I walked over to her and picked her up. She pushed me away and head-butted me on the chin. I backed away rubbing my chin. Before I could recover she hit me with an Enziguri right on the temple. Brooklyn went to the top rope and hit a five-star frog splash. She went for the cover but I kicked out at two and a half.

“ You make a good training dummy,” Brooklyn whispered in my ear. She hauled me to my feet and went for a clothesline but I ducked and hit her with a Pele kick. I picked her up and went for a waistlock lariat but she countered with a side effect, hauled me to my feet, and hit me with a flip piledriver. She went for the cover.

One, two, three.

As she celebrated her victory, I left the ring and exited the barn where Travis met me with a handshake and a slap on the back.

" Well done kid. Stick with me, I'll make a wrestler out of you yet."