Life On The Road

Author: Neil Lakeman
Competitive Sports
Ongoing · 77.5K Views
  • 26 Chs
  • 4.9
    21 ratings
  • NO.200+

What is Life On The Road

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Josh Norman is trying to realize his dream to be a professional wrestler. His parents are vehemently against it, it's a long and hard road ahead full of twists and turns. The road is full of mistakes as he works to make a name for himself. Demons from his past follow him, threatening to tear him down. Can Josh prove all his naysayers wrong and realize his dream or will he fail?

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Saying this story is good is a demerit because its a masterpiece. It's masterful nature starts from the onset showing you it's over the top quality in a manner that is not tedious to comprehend. The author is a savant at the skill of writing and readers with have a marvelous time exploring this engaging story. The author makes you love and care for the characters a make that most usually lack. This is for sure a 10/10 and I recommend it for everyone. Missing out on this book would be a shame on anyone's part.


This is such a good read! Even for those who aren't a fan of this genre.. The protagonist is so relatable. His struggle seems real. Cheers to the author for this amazing work. You've made it a smooth and easily comprehensible read. I'll look forward to read more of your work.


The synopsis was very perfectly written, the chapters and content felt very organized and not clumsy, coming to the vocabulary and world background, they were described in the best way possible, keep it up, your work impresses me!


The story is very good and nice story It just needs improvement and time And you need encouragement also And would looking forward to reading more chapters 😊😊😊 Please if you search for a book called ( Big dream master) on webnovel the book also needs encouragement and reviews thanks


I like your story it withholds a lot of drama and that's absolutely fine. It's sad that he's parents are against him following his dream. Continue your wonderful work Author.


Overall, the story's very very good and the way of writing fits the whole mood and flow of the novel! I really relate to the characters a lot and I hope to see more of it in the future! Solid 5 for me!


I can say sincerly that I am not the type of person that would read this genre. But this is a good and entertaining book that has a smooth read. If anyone want to read it, no one will be dissapointed! Great job!!


Reveal spoiler


I am fan of wrestling, and i would say this is story has a lot potential... Well written and the dialogue is really lit! the synopsis is very interesting and catchy and the story development hmm very very great so great and that is why I am giving you a fully 5 stars author please keep up the great work✊👏


It was a very interesting one! The great use of words and the writing style never failed to get me more interested. The Author did a great job in coming up with such a captivating story concept. Looking forward for more works from the Author! Kudos!


I have to say I enjoy the writing style. The wrestling Matches are fast paced and the dialogue flows smoothly between the characters. It's pretty good so you can easily establish a characters personally based off their interactions with others without the author having to describe it for you. Overall, its a pretty impressive work of art. I can't wait to read more👏👏👏


I can't put into words how well written this story is. Even though I don't know what the hell those moves were but this story is no mediocre work. Glasses up to the author whose story is a masterpiece [img=exp][img=coins]


This tupe of storis aint my cup of tea, but this oNe is really well written! Contrats author-chan! keep up the good work!! [img=coins][img=coins][img=coins]


Not a great fan of this genre , but this book could just get me to love it . Awesome writing , synopsis makes want me keep reading and never stop . On a whole , great book . Keep it up Author!!


The story is so cool and very descriptive. Everything about the novel is 🔥🔥🔥. I recommend this book. Keep it up author, well done. This is a masterpiece 💪💪💪💪


I believe that the author must have been a surgeon in another life. He has carved out of his imagination quite masterfully the characters. The story is well written and very descriptive. I would recommend this book.Good job.


The story is we'll written, and very descriptive. The characters are we'll rounded, and the protagonist is very likable. I'd recommend this to any sports fan!


The title itself gave an interesting vibe and the synopsis was perfectly written. After reading the first chapter, I can already infer that this story is a good one!!


Well the story is really interesting specially the development of every scene of the Chapters I love it, just keep updating, Nice well done Author.


The writer paints a vivid picture and deftly captures his audience.Well paced and full of light-hearted intrigue.Cant wait to see how it unravels


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