Life Of A Young Author

Klein, a high schooler who has been locking himself in his room ever since he lost his best friend. His mother never bothered pushing him to go to school. Since he had nothing to do, he started writing novels online. He got a lot of 5 stars reviews but somehow his book is never 5 stars! He needs to look for the comment with no 5 stars! He continued writing until his fifth book was published online. Suddenly, a reader of his reaches out to him and wishes him luck with his new book. It was normal to him but when he checked the person’s account, he saw their past comments. Turns out they had commented a lot on his book and he reads every comment written by them. He was shocked to find the person pointing out his mistake and their opinion on his book. Not a full 5 stars review! Never once he felt hurt by review until this person appears. K: Do you mind if I offer you to be my assistant. K.DMed.ME: O.O? And that...is how Klein made his first friend. ~ Warning: Contain(s): slight bl Not so good English triggering topics ~ Criticism are welcome in the comment section!

ShoRin · Teen
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104 Chs


"Do you know how to play cards?"

Louis and Han saw Klein shake his head and sweatdrop. They looked around and saw another game. There's no way he never plays this one too right?

"Board game? Any game you know?"


Louis stares at the board game they have. They didn't bring chess so they sat down in silence. Han sighs and thinks of another game. What kind of game can they play together? In the end, Louis and Han choose to play the card game and Louis stays beside Klein to teach him against Han. Han pulled out a card which alerted Louis to help Klein for his turn.

"Choose this card because it has the same colour."


Louis looks at our young author who plays with a full focus and smiles a bit. He never got to communicate with the boy before because he always saw him talking with Seong. Now, he gets to discover this side of the boy which is kind of adorable. Han saw Louis staring at his boss and coughing a bit to make him focus.

"Right. This card can stop his turn once."


Klein followed Louis's instruction but felt the boy was a bit close. But he can't complain since he's not that good in games like this. When Klein won the game, Han shook the boy with a pout.

"You must've lied about not knowing how to play!"

"Or, Louis is just better than you. He helps me so I won easily."

"Give me your brain Louis!"

Louis chuckles and runs away from the boy that is trying to chase him. They run for a while and finally relax. They realise that Klein hasn't made any noise so they check on him. Turns out, the boy is already asleep. Louis helped bring the boy to his bed and he went to his own bed.

This is a sign for Han to go to sleep too. When he closed his eyes, he heard noise from Louis. He heard his footsteps go somewhere else. He slowly opens his eyes and peek at whatever the heck Louis is doing. This is weird but Louis is holding Klein's hand while staring at it.

'What did I miss? Since when is there a romance chapter in Klein's life- oh wait, it already started with Seong.'

Louis pecked Klein's knuckle and went back to his bed to sleep. Han sat up from his laying down position. Now that's some show! It's even better than the novel he read! Well, since he knew Klein is K, he can't just tell K about what he saw tonight.

But when he thinks about it again, he can always use other people's identity and tell K about it! He patted his own shoulder to praise himself and went to sleep. The next day, Han woke up quietly and saw Louis plant a kiss on Klein's forehead. Before Louis could catch him, Han went back to his sleeping position until the boy walked out.

"What was that!"

This is enough to wake up Klein. Klein woke up and saw his assistant looking troubled.

"What happened?"

"O-oh! I dream of something! Do you want to know!?"


"A love story between a normal guy and a genius girl who finally approaches the guy!"

"...Is it you and Woo Young?"

"Of course no!"

Han pouted a bit before they went to clean themselves. He can't believe that guy thought he would dream something like that! He's not even in love with Woo Young! For the day, they're brought to go visit a beautiful garden located not far from their hotel. Klein wondered why people would even be interested in this place.

They reached the place and he saw some couple from another class taking pictures together. They even went and asked the worker if they could pick some flowers. What kind of question is that, obviously no. It's for show not for you to bring home.

Louis pulls Klein's sleeves slowly and asks Han to take a picture of them both. Klein felt a bit weird out of his actions because it's only been a few hours since they started talking with each other but the boy is so friendly toward him. Han gave Louis back his phone and he thanked the boy before looking around.

Han coughs a bit and gives his phone to Klein. He was shy to ask it but Klein knew what his intention was and took the phone to take a selfie with the boy. Han felt happy and hugged the boy. Woo Young ran toward the two boys and asked for a picture with Klein. The boy starts to wonder when did he have this many friends.

"Klein! Smile for once!"

"I will smile at your funeral instead."

Woo Young pouted but was glad the picture Han took looks good. Klein smiles a bit when the girl complains about his expression in the picture. But he didn't realise, two people snapped their camera right when he show the smile.

When the lunch time came, they went to a restaurant and Klein wondered about their school budget. They surely spend a lot on a school trip. He intended to skip eating but Han had made sure he sat next to him. Han even chooses the food for him to eat.

"Here. You eat this, slowly."

"Yes. I know. Slowly."

"Do you want me to get any dessert for you?"

When Louis asks this, Klein thinks for a while. What kind of dessert does he usually eat at home? He points at the cake which Louis takes one for him immediately. The girls around them are wondering, why is Louis and Han picking food for the guy.

No matter the reason, people start focusing on their phone because there's a strong internet connection right now. Probably talking about what they're looking at right now. Even Woo Young who's sitting next to Han is focused on her phone. If you're wondering where they are even discussing this, it's on school website for students.

'News! We have detected two new ships! Hein or Loein!'

0156: Why would you ship something like that?

9965: I ship both!

8733: You have to choose one thou-

0133: Who says so?! You can be a multishipper, you know!

7759: Why the ship name so ugly lmao

Han stares at his phone before throwing it away. Now he knows why Woo Young told him to be more active on the website. A lot of stuff is going on there.