Life Of A Young Author

Klein, a high schooler who has been locking himself in his room ever since he lost his best friend. His mother never bothered pushing him to go to school. Since he had nothing to do, he started writing novels online. He got a lot of 5 stars reviews but somehow his book is never 5 stars! He needs to look for the comment with no 5 stars! He continued writing until his fifth book was published online. Suddenly, a reader of his reaches out to him and wishes him luck with his new book. It was normal to him but when he checked the person’s account, he saw their past comments. Turns out they had commented a lot on his book and he reads every comment written by them. He was shocked to find the person pointing out his mistake and their opinion on his book. Not a full 5 stars review! Never once he felt hurt by review until this person appears. K: Do you mind if I offer you to be my assistant. K.DMed.ME: O.O? And that...is how Klein made his first friend. ~ Warning: Contain(s): slight bl Not so good English triggering topics ~ Criticism are welcome in the comment section!

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104 Chs


When they're done with lunch, the students are allowed to walk around at the flea market nearby while those who want to relax instead can just go back to the hotel. Around two buses going back with the students.

Can you guess one of the students who goes back to the hotel?


Han, Louis and Woo Young didn't notice our young author enter the bus so he's going back alone without his friends. When he reached his room, he got a phone call and answered the call. It was loading for a long time since the internet at the hotel is not strong but when the call finally connected, he saw Han's face.

It's video call so Klein freak out.

Han happily talked with Woo Young until he heard noises finally from Klein. He checked out the video call and saw it's dark. What's happening there? Is his boss dead already?


"I am here. What is it?"

"Why is it dark?"

"...I cover my camera."

Han chuckles at his antics. It's not like he never sees Klein's face. Why is this guy covering the camera. His intention was to show him around the market and Klein even focused on the tour because he had nothing to do. When he decided to change into more comfortable clothes, he just let Han keep talking and went to his bag.

"Klein. Do you want anything from here?"



Klein heard his name and he ran to the phone with one of his hand didn't even wear the clothes.

"Y-yes. I am here."

"Oh. I thought you're asleep. Do you want anything?"

"...A notebook would be great."

Fortunately, there's a bookstore nearby. Han not only grabbed a notebook for Klein but also a dictionary. Why? Well, Klein could use more vocabulary when he writes a book. If you read his book, you would wonder why his fans don't mind him repeatedly using 'and', 'while', 'but' and also more. He really needs a dictionary.

Also Han still believes that Klein's readers are just a bunch of simp.

But also, how can they simp for K?

Everyone finally went back to the hotel, feeling exhausted. Han unlocked his hotel room with Louis following from behind. They saw Klein sleeping on his bed, looking like a calm sleeping beauty. This reminds Han about what Louis has been doing yesterday and this morning.

If he weren't there, would Louis kiss the sleeping beauty to wake him up?

Louis slowly went to his bed and removed his clothes.

'Hey, hey! I haven't locked the door yet you oblivious guy!'

With this, the assistant slammed the door and locked it. But did he notice that he closed the door too loud? Klein woke up in a bad mood and gave him a death glare. The third party in the room just watch the murder scene that is about to happened,in silence.

Han turned around and saw Klein with an irritated expression. Right, the guy was asleep! He's sure that he did not close the door gently. He kneels down and holds out the notebook and dictionary. With that, he said his last word.

"I understand what I did wrong, so thank you for hiring me and now I will proceed to give you the almighty dictionary to help you become a better author and I can die in peace if you promise to tell my dad that he was a bad dad because he steal my donut...."

Klein picks the stuff from his hands while the boy still keeps on going reciting his last word. Louis watched it with a smile on his face. These two are hilarious and had an interesting friendship for sure. Don't get him wrong, he does have friends.

But these two are much different than his other friends.

Klein now focuses on his phone. He recently found out you can download books for offline purposes in the apps he uses to read novels. He asked for some recommendation from the other author so that maybe they would share their novel to him.

No one answered.

'What? They want me to change my username to 'K' then they would want me to read their novels???'

Klein had created a fake social media profile to join a group for small authors. It was great because he never knew they had a lot more tips to share and it's like what Han had suggested. But since he's new in the group and rarely talks there, people don't seem to talk to him.

But he finally decided to stalk everyone's profile and collect their books' names. He downloads it since some of them publish it in the apps he uses. It was quite a lot you could say so.

If 100+ was even considered a lot in this era.

He started reading them and of course, Han saw what he was doing and sat down next to him. His face shows pure disgust and he takes Klein's phone away.

"Why do you read this book? The author is an ass!"

"...What did they do to make you say so?"

"I told him some plot hole that they did and they told me to suck his d-"

Klein covers Han's mouth and sighs. Thank god he listened to some of his readers or otherwise he would probably be called an ass too. Louis sat down next to Han and took the phone in Han's hand.

"Oh, the novel is trash. I tried reading it but I dropped it at chapter 5. There's too much spelling error that makes me stressed out by it."

This is something new. Louis himself read a web novel? He even went through Klein's library and wondered why this guy reads incomplete, low rating books. Klein takes back his phone and pull out the notebook from his bag.

"I like to rewrite these types of novels when I am bored. Besides, the author did their best. Well, some of them would be better if they listen to criticism though."



Han: Why don't you lock your chapter in your new book?

Klein: ...I trust my fans will give me gifts so I will give them the chance to read everything for free.