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Mark Greyson, a boy trying to survive in the hellish city that is Gotham city, his father disappeared when he was younger and it had left his mother distraught and antisocial. He took it upon himself to help support his mother, though in Gotham the only steady pay comes from crime. However one day he learns from his mother who his father actually was, the hero Omni-man who disappeared years ago during a mission with the justice league. I do not own invincible or DC comics

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*Maximum Armour*

"Oh shit!" Mark said to himself as he felt the suit he was wearing tighten around him, the jaws of the Rognarr were no longer piercing his sides and he felt the suit push them out of his body. Though the Rognarr wasn't giving up so easily and redoubled its efforts to bite Mark in half, he could hear and feel the grinding of the beast's teeth against his new armour, had he not been wearing it his body would've been shredded by now.

*Warning: Armour losing integrity*

'Damn already? This creature has quite the bite,' he thought to himself, as he quickly tried to formulate a plan on how to get out of there. Mark turned himself in the Rognarr's mouth increasing the pressure on his back which increased the rate his armour was failing, however, he wasn't finished yet and he quickly summoned up a red sphere on his now free hand and slammed it down in the creature's mouth, he grew the sphere as much as he could pushing himself to the limits of what he could make.


Mark felt the Rognarr's lower jaw go numb as he dislocated it, the creature screamed in pain before jumping back and trying to carve through Mark's body with its claws, Mark ducked underneath one swing but was too slow to avoid the other, sparks flew as its claws connected with Marks armour the force of which threw him back to the wall. Mark pushed himself off the wall zooming straight toward the beast tackling him to the other wall and then spinning around and throwing him down the hallway.

'This should be a little easier now that he's lost one of his main weapons,' Mark thought to himself as he watched the Rognarr stand up and then much to his disbelief the creature  grabbed its jaw and popped it back into place 'No fucking way!' He thought to himself as the Rognarr roared before charging at him again.

"Hey, suit you got any other abilities that might help right now!" Mark said in a slight panic.

*Maximum Strength*

Mark's pupils dilated as he felt what could only be described as pure power surging through his body "Let's go!" He shouted before flying towards the Rognarr, he avoided its claws before slamming his fist directly into the beast's stomach causing a large shockwave to echo throughout the tunnel, but Mark wasn't done as he rushed after the Rognarr sending a flurry of punches and kicks. Eventually, they reached the end of the corridor and the Rognarr was slammed up against the all where Mark treated the beast like a punching bag hitting it with fist after fist, the beast sent a wild swing at him but Mark caught it with one hand before uppercutting the Rognarr in the jaw sending it to the ceiling, he followed it up there shoulder barging it into the hard material before grabbing it by the neck and throwing it back down to the floor.

The Rognarr roared in pain at the constant assault and as it got up to continue the fight Mark slammed down on the creature feet first having used his power to make himself heavy "This feels amazing!" Mark said to himself as he put his foot on the Rognarr's neck before applying pressure intending to snap it. The Rognarr started wildly swinging at Mark managing to claw his legs, the Rognarr was able to carve through the armour and tear at his flesh forcing Mark to fly off the creature.

"What the hell was that!" Mark said as he looked at the blood pouring from his legs.

*Armour mode is deactivated*

"Shit so I can only have one at a time," Mark said to himself. Being a bit more careful now Mark launched himself back at the Rognarr that seemed to be slowing down as it swiped at him with his claws. Mark ducked under the swings before slamming his palm into the creature's chest, a massive crack echoed throughout the corridors, it seemed that the Rognarr had taken too much punishment and its ribcage had finally given way.

Mark quickly found himself being launched across the corridor like a pinball as the creature spun around whipping him with its tail as it went after him. Mark attempted to slow himself down but as he did he realised the creature was right on him 'Armour mode! Armour mode!' He thought in a panic as the beast's large maw opened.

*Maximum Armour*

The sound of metal creaking echoed out as Mark's entire upper body was in the creature's mouth, he slammed his fist into the creature's snout multiple times but it seemed like the creature was in a rage. The Rognarr whipped him around like a chew toy slamming him from the floor straight into the walls, each hit managed to lower the suits armour a considerable amount making it just a matter of time before he was bitten in half 'This damn creature knows what it's doing!' Mark thought to himself as he frustratedly tried to get out of the beast's grasp.

Mark summoned a blue sphere with his free arm and let it float above the creature, at the same time he summoned a red sphere inside the mouth of the creature pushing it to the roof of its mouth, with the combined effort of both forces the creatures mouth opened and Mark flew out "Alright time to end this!" Mark said as his blood boiled.

*Maximum Strength*

Mark flew at top speed towards the creature while holding his arm up, he clotheslined the Rognarr carrying the beast with him as he flew down the hallway, he then slammed it into the wall at the end. The Rognarr recovered quickly before it swung at Mark again, however, Mark caught the creature by the wrist stopping it dead. The creature tried to swing its other arm at Mark but he caught that one as well, the creature struggled as it snapped its jaws at Mark who was barely an inch away. Mark jumped up and slammed his feet into the Rognarr's chest before he started to push, all while maintaining his grip on the beast's arms, he was about to rip the arms of this creature right off its body.

The Rognarr screamed as it felt its limbs start to stretch, not being able to attack Mark he settled for equalising the force and pulling back. Mark scowled as he realised that he wouldn't be able to overpower the Rognarr enough to be able to rip off its limbs 'Unless...' Mark grinned as an idea sprung to mind.

Mark started pulling with his full power while the Rognarr struggled to stop him, a moment later the Rognarr started feeling pressure on his chest where Mark had his feet. Two Red Spheres were forming at the bottoms of his feet and they were growing in size. The Rognarr started screaming and thrashing as he quickly lost strength when fighting against both forces, Mark grinned as he started to hear flesh tearing and the beast's shrill screams of pain he grew the spheres as much as he could before sending them forward.


The Rognarr was sent flying backwards while Mark remained in the same position, only this time he had two large appendages in each hand.

*Nanosuit entering recharge mode*

Mark felt a bit naked as he felt the Nanosuit withdraw from around his body, he pulled open his shirt and saw that there was now a red square on his chest that he assumed was where the suit was housed. A piercing scream pulled Mark out of his thoughts as he saw the Rognarr try to stand up though it failed as it kept slipping on its blood. Mark floated towards the beast, as the Rognarr saw Mark coming towards him it tried to get up, its violent nature seemingly increased since it was now injured.

However, without arms, this creature wasn't a threat as long as he was careful and didn't do anything stupid. Mark zoomed into the creature kicking under its chin which flipped it up in the air he then flipped forward axe kicking the monster down to the ground, he then increased his weight to its maximum and flew down to the creature, the momentum combined with his weight managed to fully shatter the already broken ribs of the creature.

The Rognarr could do nothing but scream and try to attack Mark but even that was wholly ineffective. Mark stood on its chest as he made his way towards its neck. Slamming his foot down roughly the creature started to choke though Mark knew this wouldn't be enough to kill it. Mark summoned two Red Spheres with each hand and then slammed them at the sides of the Rognarr head. He grew them to the size of bowling balls and continued pushing, combining the repelling force of the sphere with his own strength.

The creature roared and Mark could see the creature's head start to deform, he only looked at the creature with contempt as blood started emerging out of the beast's orifices splattering into Mark who didn't even flinch. With one final yell, Mark pushed even harder and finally, the creature's head gave way and the top of the creature's head burst open from the pressure. The creature immediately went still as the light from its eyes died, Mark breathed heavily as he stood up and got off the creature, he wiped the creature's blood off his face and ran his hands through his hair. As he did this he managed to spot three women at the end of the corridor spectating the fight, he gave them all a smile "See told you it would be easy." He told them.


Mark was sitting down on the ground next to the body of the Rognarr with Harley, Killer Frost and Cassandra. All three women including Harley looked at him with something tantamount to disgust, the reason being that Mark was feasting on the tough meat of the Rognarr. While he had to admit it was hard to chew, the insides of the Rognarr weren't nearly as tough as the outside making it okay to eat.

"You guys sure you don't want any?" Mark asked as he took a bite out of what he imagined the creature's heart was.

"I'm okay..." Said Killer Frost.

"I'm Vegan," said Harley.

"..." Cassandra moved forward as she understood the gesture of offering food and sat next to Mark, Mark ripped off a tiny bit of meat and gave it to her which she started to nibble at with a little difficulty.

Mark didn't particularly want to eat this but the Nanosuit had advised him that his energy levels were below what they should be and that he should either rest or consume some food. To be quite honest Mark didn't think it tasted that bad, in fact, he thought the beast tasted quite good, especially the parts of the brain that he had tried 'I hope I'm not going crazy,' he thought to himself.

Harley quickly snapped out of the daze she was in and a scowl made its way onto her face "Hey buster! You still have a lotta explaining to do!" She said as she pointed a finger towards Mark.

Killer Frost looked at her like she was crazy, this man had just ripped apart a beast that was capable of killing them like it was nothing and she was antagonising him, however much to her surprise Mark just smiled "I'm sorry Harley, I didn't mean to leave you but when I saw my Dad on TV I had to go and see him." He explained.

Harley knew who Mark's Dad was as well as how long it had been since he had since him, however, she had appearances to keep up so she turned her nose up at him "Don't think I'll forgive ya so easily! You're gonna have to make it up to me!" She said as she crossed her arms which had the effect of pushing her considerable breasts even further out of the coin bra she was wearing.

Mark then just had a sudden realisation, the three women in front of him were dressed incredibly scantly and they were all extremely attractive. Mark was still a young Viltrumite and so he had to make a conscious effort when he was around women not to grab them and go to town. Right now was a really bad time for him as he had just had a tough fight and had just eaten, now his body was ready to fuck and in front of him were three lovely women to choose from 'Battle Beast you are wise beyond your years.' Mark thought as he tried to control his bodily urges.

"I'll make it up to you any way you want..." said Mark with a little strain in his voice.

Harley looked back at him and was surprised to see the redness on Mark's face as well as how he seemed to be shaking slightly 'What's wrong with him?' Harley thought, but she quickly concluded as she looked down at Mark's body and saw the bulge in his pants starting to form. She smiled sultrily before she started to crawl forward "You mean it Marky? Will you do... anything... I... want." She said in a low tone which only made things worse for the Young Viltrumite.

"I will Harley but you need to stop!" Mark said as he started pushing himself back which only made Harley's grin widen as she crawled faster towards him.

Killer Frost and Cassandra looked at the scene, one with nervousness and the other with curiosity. Killer Frost didn't know that this was the man that Harley often talked about while they were in their cages and so to her, it looked like she was antagonising a man who could kill them all with a single punch. Cassandra however looked at the scene with curiosity as their body language was quite confusing, Mark seemingly tried to get away from Harley but Cassandra could see that he wanted her to catch him, or at least that's what his body language suggested to her.

"Got ya!" Harley shouted as she jumped on Mark wrapping her legs around him, she flinched slightly as she felt his bulge rub against her pussy sending a rush of pleasure throughout her.

Mark had his hands on the ground "Harley... stop please." He asked as it was getting exceedingly difficult to restrain himself. Harley wasn't aware of what his Viltrumite heritage encouraged him to do so she thought that she was just getting back at him and teasing her, they had lived together for a while and he hadn't responded badly to any of her teasing. However, what she didn't know was that in Mark's injured state, his body prioritised healing therefore his sexual urges were toned down a great amount.

"Come on Marky... you did say you'd do annnnyyyythinggg." She said as she ran her tongue up the side of his face while she slowly ground herself on him. While she was teasing him she had to admit that grinding on him like this felt good, good enough for her to do it a little faster.

"Harley, stop it now!" Mark said loudly trying to give her a final warning.

"Harley I think you should listen to him..." Killer Frost said a little nervously.

"Nuh-uh," Harley said rather childishly as she was having too much fun.

Mark couldn't control himself any longer and found himself giving in to his urges. Harley let out a small squeak as she felt Mark's dick grow even more than it was, before she could even do anything Mark had already stood them both up and she was now being held against the wall with Mark holding her up by the legs.

"Marky... no hard feelings right?" She said a little nervously. With a single thought, Mark used his powers to tear her clothes right off her body "You wouldn't..." Harley said with a nervous smile on her face as Mark undid his trousers and released his dick from his underwear.

'He would!' She thought to herself, she didn't want their first time together be in a place like this 'Ah well I guess I shouldnta teased him.' She thought as she shrugged her shoulders.

Mark pushed his dick against the entrance to her pussy, she was wet from grinding on him and so it was easy to push the head of his dick inside her "Oh you're a big boy!" Harley moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She wasn't a stranger to sex but for the most part, she preferred women so she had not been with that many men.

With the head of his dick now inside her Mark thrust the rest of his length inside her making Harley grunt as she bit his shoulder, she looked up at him before grinning "You gonna punish me now." She said in a sultry voice before grinding her pussy in a circle. Mark annoyed at her constant teasing didn't bother starting slow and instead pulled his dick out to the tip before thrusting back inside her, Harley whipped her head back as she screamed in both pleasure and pain as Mark used a small part of his Viltrumite strength to fuck her.

Harley couldn't help but laugh in glee as she was getting her pussy pounded by the man in front of her, Mark was relentless and as he pounded her he started attacking her neck marking her with his mouth, the pleasure from that sent Harley into her first uncontrollable orgasm as she started squirting juice straight out of her pussy all over Marks dick, it quickly fell to the floor where it was seen by Cassandra and Killer Frost who did nothing but sit there frozen in place.

Harley screamed and laughed in pleasure as she tried to meet Mark's thrusts with her own but she couldn't hope to match up to his strength. This was even more so when Mark pushed her legs over his shoulders and grabbed her hips, he then started thrusting at speeds that tested the limits of human endurance as Harley had one orgasm after another, the blend of pain and pleasure making her delirious. Mark finally started to reach his peak as he felt Harley's pussy squeezing around him while it soaked him with her juices, with a grunt he slammed back inside her and started filling her to the brim with his cum. Mark felt like he hadn't had sex in weeks even when it hadn't been that long at all, still, it felt good to finally let loose and he felt slightly less pent up than before.

Mark set her down on the ground as Harley still giggled deliriously her body was sweating and she breathed heavily. Cum started leaking out her pussy as he placed her on the ground and stood back up, while it was true he felt slightly less pent up than before he was still feeling urges too strong for him to control. His gaze turned from Harley to the other two women who were in this room with him.

Killer Frost had sat and watched the entire event and had to admit it stoked some desires within her as well. She licked her lips not because of Mark but because of the steam that seemed to emanate from his body. As a heat vampire who had been starved for the past few months, she was twitching when she saw how much heat Mark gave off.

Killer Frost then did something that was completely out of character for herself, she spread her legs open showing her pale blue thighs leading to wet underwear.



Nolan was sent through the air after receiving a punch from Black Adam, Nolan scowled before catching the next punch and headbutting the man then whipping him around and throwing him to the ground "You've gotten stronger Adam, but you're still just an insect to me." Nolan said as he slammed into the ground in front of Adam.

Black Adam stood up with anger in his eyes, he had made a promise all those years ago to kill the man before him. He would kill Omni-man even if it meant his death as well, he yelled as he shot a stream of lightning towards Nolan while he flew towards him, however, Nolan stopped it with one hand though he was pushed back slightly.

Seeing Black Adam approaching he flew to meet him raised his arm and smashed his fist into the back of his head hard enough to create a large crater "Give up Adam, I've had better fights with my son than you." He said with amusement as he grabbed him by the neck and started slamming his head down again and again.

Black Adam felt his blood boil and his anger surge at Nolan but he found himself helpless to fight against the man's power, but he wouldn't give up.

He would kill the man who destroyed Kahndaq!

(AN: So Mark Killed the Rognarr and in true Viltrumite fashion bred a female right after. By the way just because he fucks a woman it didn't mean they'll be in the harem, that being said I'll leave it up to you guys if you want me to write a scene where Mark fucks Killer Frost or Cassandra or both idk, maybe you guys don't even like my graphic scenes 🥲. Anyway, we are approaching the climax of this Arc, though don't ask me how many chapters idk. Hope you enjoyed it.)

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