Life Blood Cultivation: Starting By Extracting My Life Seed

Author: vinayraj
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What is Life Blood Cultivation: Starting By Extracting My Life Seed

Read Life Blood Cultivation: Starting By Extracting My Life Seed novel written by the author vinayraj on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, weaktostrong, cultivation, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In the world of Silvoria, where the cultivation of Life Seeds determines one's power and status, Aeon, a young genius, awakens not one, but two Life Seeds—a rare feat indeed. However, his joy turns to horror when his S-grade Life Seed bring disaster to him and his family under the scrutiny of jealous rivals and an unimaginable mastermind. His entire family is brutally massacred, their lives claimed by those who covet the S-grade Life Seed pulsating within him. With the extraction of his S-Grade Life Seed and his father's fate unknown, along with death looming over him, Aeon finds himself standing on the precipice of despair. Yet, in the darkest moment of his life, fate intervenes. In Aeon's near-death experience, he gains an acknowledgement of an Ancient Artifact named 'Grimoire of Life and Death', which leads him on an unexpected journey as he is thrust into the Trial Realm of Life and Death. Armed with the enigmatic artifact known as the Grimoire of Life and Death and his remaining F-grade Life Seed, Aeon embarks on a perilous journey to seek retribution against those responsible for destroying his family.

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Table of Contents
Latest Update
Volume 1 :Trial of Life and Death
Volume 2 :Celestial World Tree
Volume 3 :God and Demon Battlefield - 【Destroy the World】

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i always liked level up novels and anything related to life and death. so far everything feel good and story progression is also great. looking forward to when mc convert his life seed to death seed. thanks


Reveal spoiler


Is there romance in this novel? please no it holds back the MC


literally stayed up all night reading it, extremely well done.


Reveal spoiler




Unique world, Grimiore of Life and Death... can't wait to see what unique pages it will unlock🙂


Bit slow but interesting.....[img=Speechless][img=Out of it][img=Shocked][img=Feeling it]




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