6 05. The rich plan for generations, the poor for Saturday night, the desperate for a Zombie Apocalypse.


[ Kyoko Hayashi's POV ]

Saturday morning.

'That was a good night, and I can have hopes that it will be even better from here on.'

I was smiling again, and I just woke up. Kazuki really had a good effect on me. And he liked the little peek I gave him. The way he looked at me made me all hot and bothered, if he had tried anything I probably would've accepted without an ounce of resistance.

Am I too easy? I feel like I'm asking that a lot. No, this is Kanae-nee's fault; I am unable to see him as a kid because I never had contact with him when he was little. The only one I know is the now handsome young man who has been giving my stomach butterflies ever since I saw him leave that airport.

 Looking at myself in the mirror I was all messed up with bed hair and disheveled clothes, I'm going to make breakfast for us and leave my clothes like that, I bet he will like the eye candy in the morning.

Leaving my room, the house was silent but Kazuki's door was open, 'Did he wake up this soon on a Saturday? It isn't even 7 am yet.'

Looking in the living room, there was a note written by him.

"I went for a morning jog around the neighborhood, be right back. Don't miss me too much."

Oh, he did say that he exercised a lot. Well, time to make a great breakfast for my growing boy~

[ End of Kyoko's POV ]

A few hours prior...

[ Kazuki's POV ]

I woke up at 4 am. On a Saturday. 4 am.

"WHY?!" I cried like a child.

Must be this body's muscle memory. Well, I know that I won't be able to sleep again so I should just go out for a jog, I can make use of this chance to go to an ATM and look at how much money I still have and buy the ingredients for lunch while at it too.

I put on a white sleeveless shirt that was a somewhat tight fit to my body, it had a hoodie in the back which I put on, and got my MP4 to go with me… 'Hey, it's full of anime songs, nice taste AU Me.' I then put Seishun Kyousoukyoku, Classic Naruto OP5. That always got me good to go in the morning, and it seemed that here was no different. I then got my keys to Kyoko's apartment, she gave them to me yesterday, my phone, and wallet, and finally went out.

"Hikarabita, kotoba wo tsunai de..." I started to run while singing to myself. While I did that I also started to look around for ATMs and for a street market to buy chicken and the other spices to make that strogonoff that I talked about before.

"FINALLY found one." After running around for more than an hour (this body is really good), it wasn't the run that tired me out. It was that I couldn't fucking find a 24h ATM in this city. Let me tell those of you who want to visit Japan, DON'T COUNT ON THE BANKS. Holy shit, there's hardly an ATM that accepts foreign cards and they only work from 7 am to 11 pm. So, you have to go with money on hand because if you're in a pinch, well… Good luck surviving.

I had to go somewhere around 12 km away from Kyoko's home. Just to find a 7-Eleven convenience store with an ATM that I could use. At least, when I checked my account my unhappy mood was blown away. I had around 250k dollars in my account, I was shocked and really happy for a moment but then I understood that this money was probably insurance from this body's parents.

"Don't worry, I will make good use of this money, well not that it will have any value in a few weeks from now. But for now, I will just transfer 100k to my Japanese bank account. What? I do have one card for a Japanese bank but it's all clean as a baby's butt, so I need to transfer the money, the taxes will hurt but it's not like I will have a way to use this money without becoming suspect by the authorities before anything began.

A thing to say though, if this was a normal world, I could live in Brazil for the rest of my life without having to work again with this much USD. I could live just by the interest money gained from it.

After making the transfer and getting around 150k yen in cash, I put it in my wallet and went looking for a gym first. The way that I'm running for all this while without getting exhausted is strange.

Jogging in the direction of the open market I saw on the way, I remembered that I saw a Gym not far from there. 'Man, I really went around today. What time is it? Kyoko-nee must be up by now.'

I looked at my phone and it was just 7:10 AM. So late, I think she will go to school today, after all, it's a boarding school so there must be some club activities during the morning, I think… Wait, I can probably meet Saeko Busujima if I go with her. Let me just ask something here first.

While pushing the door open, I saw a cute girl with a black ponytail who had a sleepy face on the front desk. The gym didn't look like it had many people going in at this hour… 'Japanese people should take better care of their health.' 

I entered, and while the girl was a bit flustered while trying to speak with a supposed foreigner, she answered my questions well. This place had a free test run for a day, that was all I needed at this point, and they also opened on Sundays, so my plan for tomorrow morning would be this.

While going back home at a fast pace I went through the market and bought, 3 chicken breasts (the lady at the shop was kind enough to dice them), garlic, salt, black pepper, onions, mayonnaise, butter, mustard, champignon, heavy cream and a package of potato sticks.

I finally got home around 7:30 while carrying a few bags. I put the bags on the floor, opened the door, and got the bags, I then closed the door with a side push.

I then almost dropped my bags because Kyoko was bent over the kitchen counter and her shorts were stretched and I could see her black panties from here. After a momentary shock, I went toward her and got close behind her, my crotch lined up with her beautiful thick ass, my thing getting harder just by the view I then acted.

"Good Morning Kyoko-nee"

She jumped back suddenly and hit her butt directly on my crotch, my thing fitting nicely between her cheeks. She moaned a little forgetting to answer while slowly rubbing her ass up and down on it, as if trying to feel its entire length. After a few seconds she looked back with eyes full of desire but she didn't pounce on me. She noticed that I was carrying a lot of bags, she then straightened herself, kissed my cheek real close to my mouth, and got away while saying sultrily.

"Good morning Kazu-kun~, I see you're full of things there, let me help you." Kyoko then went to get some of the weight and put it on the counter. "Ohh, there's chicken and a bunch of spices, a few of these I had here you didn't need to buy them."

"Nah, I prefer to buy it. It's better to have than to have not." I said while feeling the aroma from the kitchen table, breakfast was ready and she made a lot of scrambled eggs, good to eat after a workout. "Hey, thank you for the breakfast, you're the best". I said giving a quick kiss on her cheek.

We then sat down to eat, and after getting the confirmation that she was going to the school today. I asked to go with her again, saying that I wanted to take a look at the clubs, which I kind of actually did, it doesn't matter that this body is ripped and fit if I don't know how to use it, right?

I will bet on this body to learn at least how to hold a weapon. For someone without knowledge like me, maybe the spear would be the better weapon, and I should buy one later, BUT I refuse to pass the chance to get acquainted and get a good first impression with Saeko to get into the same club with Rei. It's a matter of principles, and the principle is: SADIST SWORD WAIFU CAN SAVE YOUR LAIFU.

Not only that, Saeko is all about those 'old Japanese customs' so she is the girl that will probably be most on board with a harem. That is if I can make her see me as a man worthy of her loyalty. But knowing her internal dilemma my chances go up a lot, as even a wishy-washy guy like Takashi could get to her heart, so there's no way I will lose to a guy that only has his guts going for him.

I will learn swordplay from Saeko until the apocalypse, at least I will get a hold of my reflexes and learn how to understand a fight and where I need to hit to disable my opponent. I never understood how in those novels I used to read, normal people like I was are suddenly all knowledgeable about how to hit someone's neck to make them faint. That doesn't work in real life guys, you have a bigger chance of killing the person than making them faint.

For now, I'm still a normal person with normal sensibilities, while I know that I will need to kill people in the future, I'm not really psyched for that and am actually quite afraid of it to be truthful. Losing the sensibility to value human life is a slippery slope that can make someone turn into a psychopath in a flash.

That's why unless I'm forced to, I won't kill that Shido bastard. Not with my own hands, I don't need that blood in my hands. But that doesn't mean I can't break his foot by stepping on it one day making him have to limp in the middle of a school full of zombies without being able to run, right?

After breakfast and getting ready to go out, I asked Kyoko.

"Kyoko-nee, until which time does the electronics store stay open on Saturdays?"

"Hmm~, they usually open at 10 AM and close at 8 PM. Why, do you need to go to one?"

"Yes, I want to buy a laptop and a smartphone". I answered. Now that I knew I had enough money; I could get new ones. I will get at least an iPhone 4 and some other good model, solar chargers and everything. There is too much information I can save on my phone to look at later, as it will be a smartphone, I can save Google Maps to move better through the city.

"Okay, after we're back, I will take you there, ok?" Kyoko said.

"All right, it's a date then." I answered with a smile and Kyoko smiled too, seeming really content with me taking this as a date. Soon, Kyoko-nee. Soon.

We then went to her car and left for school reaching there after around 20 minutes given that there was little traffic due to the weekend.

 The school today was a lot emptier than yesterday, it seems many people choose to go out on the weekend.

I then asked for Kyoko to take me to the kendo club. And while walking and talking a bit about the club and what I'd like to do there, we turned a corner and suddenly I got hit with the softest things to ever exist almost making me fall back but instead bouncing their owner back to fall on the ground. I couldn't let that happen so I quickly caught their waist with a strong grip making us seem like we were dancing tango.

"I'm so sorry about that," I said a polite smile on my face. "I should have been more careful."

In my arms was a woman with long blond hair that reached her waist, a white dress shirt, and a blue skirt that seemed expensive, with breasts that seemed like her blouse was working overtime to hold them in. Shizuka Marikawa in all her ditzy glory was in my arms, I kinda trembled a little… Calm down, me.

She blinked in surprise, her eyes meeting mine as we both regained our balance.

Fixing our posture while she regained her bearings she chuckled, brushing off the incident with a light-hearted tone

"No worries, it happens a lot. I should probably pay more attention to where I'm going." Her eyes were pure but had a certain mischievousness that I knew she had inside her.

Taking care to look her only in the eyes while making space between us for things not to become awkward. I then said.

"Well, at least we've met now, right? I'm a 3rd year transfer student here, Kazuki Kurosawa. May I know your name?"

Shizuka grinned, it seemed my confident behavior was working. "I'm Shizuka Marikawa~, the school nurse. If you are hurt anywhere, please come to the infirmary, ok~?" She said while puffing her chest making them bounce, I didn't take my eyes from her own and noticed a hint of appreciation in them.

"You can count on it, Shizuka-sensei. If you ever need help with anything or just want to chat, feel free to let me know. I will give you my number later."

It seems that I got Shizuka's interest, really good start with the airhead, 'is she an actual airhead though? She's a medical school student almost graduating and is really good at what she does too'.

"Thank you, Kurosawa-kun. I might take you up on that offer someday. We should talk more when we have the chance."

I smiled, holding her gaze. "Absolutely. I look forward to it, Shizuka-sensei."

As we parted ways, I was sure that I aced that first impression. A sense of anticipation for the conversations yet to come was building inside of me. This chance meeting sparked a connection that promised more interactions in the future.

While I was content and happy with my interaction, I heard a voice with less jealousy than I thought.

 "Already charming the air-head, that's MY Kazuki."

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