5 04. End of the First Day.

During their drive home, Kyoko was silent, seemingly preoccupied with something, a concern that didn't escape Kazuki's notice.

"Penny for your thoughts?" asked Kazuki.

Kyoko was pulled out of her reverie and responded, "That guy, Shido. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to antagonize him. I know for a fact that he is vindictive. His father is a politician, and he is used to leveraging that influence to pressure students he doesn't like. I heard that he made the daughter of one of his father's political opponents repeat the year, and the school didn't do anything. I'm scared that he will try to fail you. You're in your last year, and there's no need to have that kind of problem," Kyoko said seriously, concern evident in her voice.

After hearing her words, Kazuki identified the girl who got held back as Rei Miyamoto, the childhood friend and love interest of Takashi Komuro, the protagonist of the original story.

'I don't like that girl; she was all over Takashi less than 24 hours after her boyfriend died. I actually pity Hisashi; he didn't even think that she was using him. If I remember right, she got with him after the problem with Shido, and because Takashi didn't confess to her, that's fucking stupid! Do it yourself, bitch! Okay, my Onee-san is just by my side, take this girl away from my mind. Takashi likes her, and she likes him; let them be together, and it's good.' Kazuki went on a long rant in his mind while outwardly appearing to be deeply contemplating Kyoko's words.

After a few seconds of thought, Kazuki responded to Kyoko's concerns.

"You don't need to concern yourself with this, Kyoko-nee. I know that kind of person. He sees himself as the king of a castle. But he doesn't know that his castle is made of sand, and if he makes too much of a mess, it will all crumble down. From what I saw at that school, there are too many rich people there. If he messes with the wrong one, he will burn himself and his father, so I just need to find who those people are."

Kyoko looked at Kazuki, a bit shocked by his perceptiveness.

"You saw and thought all that already? And here I was concerning myself uselessly," Kyoko said with a despondent tone. 'Not gonna lie, that was kinda hot. Like those cold CEOs from soap operas.' She thought.

Kazuki seeing that, laughed out loud.

"I'm really happy that you're concerned about me, it makes it all worth it. How dare that guy try to pressure MY Kyoko like that? Is it common for Japanese guys to do that?" Kazuki said in pretend anger seemingly without thinking about the way he worded it, but looking for Kyoko's reaction by the corner of his eyes.

Hearing what he said Kyoko blushed like a schoolgirl while feeling some heat on the pit of her stomach. She was thanking all the gods she could by the orange glow of the sunset.

'Am I too easy? We just met today but it feels like we have known each other for years, well there's also the fact he saved my life just this morning, the suspension bridge might have been doing something. But, do I care? Hell no! I will reward him later.' Kyoko's thoughts were going haywire. 'He is just so different from the guys from here, talking with him feels fresh.'

While talking a bit more and deciding what they would get for dinner, after around 30 minutes they got home.

After walking around all day, they both went to take a bath to unwind. Kazuki finished quickly but had to wait half an hour for Kyoko to show up. Not that he minded, because when Kyoko appeared, she was in a loose white shirt that was a bit more transparent than it should, and some comfy pajama shorts which left her beautiful legs to be seen.

When she sat down, he could even see her black lace panties through the gap between her loose shorts and he didn't even mention the almost visible nipples that could be seen through the white shirt, making it obvious that she wasn't using a bra.

Noticing that Kazuki was really pleased with her getup she gave a seductive smile without letting him see.

They sat close to each other while they were waiting for the pizza and started to watch a movie, it was a zombie apocalypse movie. Kazuki's choice as he was interested in the way people viewed zombie movies in this world. He didn't find Resident Evil here, so he had to settle for anything.

"I can't understand how people can be so stupid. Didn't you see it taking a bite of someone's throat? Run or hit the head!" Exclaimed Kyoko, frustrated with the actions of one of the characters. "Are they thinking that someone with their throat hanging in the open is just sick?"

Kazuki was watching her reactions with an amused smile, she kinda died the same way in the original work.

"Well, there are stupid people that can get even worse when a literal apocalypse is happening. So, what do you think would happen if a zombie apocalypse happened this week?" Asked Kazuki, curious about her response and also to acclimatize her to what will happen, so at least she will be able to keep her head on her shoulders and not freak out too much.

"Hmm, I think we would be dead. But maybe if we can find a good place that can give us access to clean water, food, and security, we could go on for a long time. This apartment is no good, too many people here. The school? Too many stupid people there, cleaning out the zombies would take too much time and be too risky. I don't know what I'd do, to be honest. The worst problem, is the people in these situations, rape and assault become too commonplace." Kyoko said after thinking a bit.

"You wouldn't need to worry about that last part, I'd take you with me to find a good place. We would just need some good weapons, and think fast. If we get supplies before people start to realize the situation, we will be good for a while, and then we could find some island and live there with a reliable group of survivors." Kazuki said.

"Oh, how gallant. Ladies love a resourceful man, you know."


As two survivors in their makeshift zombie apocalypse scenario, Kazuki and Kyoko found themselves caught up in the tension of the movie. The flickering light from the TV cast shadows across the room, adding an eerie atmosphere. Kyoko's gaze remained fixated on the screen, but she couldn't help but feel Kazuki's presence beside her.

Kazuki, however, took advantage of the moment to casually drape his arm over the back of the sofa, bringing it just behind Kyoko. He let his fingers gently graze her shoulder, a subtle touch that sent a shiver down her spine. Kyoko glanced at him, catching the mischievous glint in his eyes.

"You know," Kazuki said, his voice low, "I was thinking… if this were a real zombie apocalypse, maybe we'd have to stick close together for survival, right?"

Kyoko turned to him, a playful smirk on her lips. "Are you suggesting we form our own survivor alliance? You know, for strategic cuddling during those long, dark nights?"

Kazuki chuckled, his fingers lightly tracing patterns on her shoulder. "Exactly. We'll call it the 'Anti-Zombie Cuddle Coalition.' Safety in numbers, after all."

Their banter continued as the movie played in the background, the tension of the apocalyptic scenes juxtaposed with the lighthearted teasing between them. Kyoko couldn't deny the subtle attraction that had been building throughout the day. Kazuki, on the other hand, was enjoying the dance of words and touches, relishing the connection they were forging.

As the movie reached a particularly intense scene, Kyoko pretended to cower against Kazuki's side, her eyes wide with mock fear. He responded by tightening his arm around her shoulder, pulling her a little closer. Their eyes locked for a moment, a silent understanding passing between them.

"You're going to protect me in this zombie-filled world, huh?" Kyoko teased, a genuine warmth in her eyes.

Kazuki met her gaze, his tone softening. "Obviously. No one can take you away, Kyoko-nee."

Kyoko felt her heart skip a beat. She leaned into his touch, the closeness between them becoming more than just survival banter. They shared a comfortable silence, both fully aware of the unspoken connection forming between them.

As the movie approached its climax, Kazuki couldn't resist the temptation to playfully trace his fingers along Kyoko's arm, leaving a trail of gentle sparks in its wake. Kyoko's breath caught, and she shot him a sidelong glance, her lips curling into a playful smile.

"Well, it seems our survival strategy involves more than just weapons and supplies," she remarked, her voice laced with amusement.

Kazuki feigned innocence. "What can I say? Physical contact is crucial for emotional well-being, especially during a zombie apocalypse."

Kyoko laughed, a melodic sound that filled the room. The tension that had lingered earlier dissipated, replaced by a newfound ease between them. The movie credits rolled, signaling the end of their undead adventure.

Feeling a yawn escape her, Kyoko stretched lazily, inadvertently leaning into Kazuki's touch. He took the opportunity to trail his fingers along the curve of her neck, a subtle gesture that sent a shiver down her spine.

"Well, I suppose it's time for us to retreat to our post-apocalyptic sleeping quarters," Kazuki suggested with a smirk.

Kyoko playfully rolled her eyes. "Yeah, today was a really long day."

They made their way to their own bedroom, the air filled with a mixture of playful banter and unspoken tension. Before entering his room Kazuki caught Kyoko looking at him from the corner of his eyes.

"Thank you for everything Kyoko-nee, good night and see you tomorrow." Kazuki said before closing the door. He had caught the hint of desire in Kyoko's eyes but he held back of making a move, it was better to keep nudging her a bit every day so she would blow up and come onto him herself, that way he could ease her into the idea of a harem. Not that he thought she would mind that much given what he saw of her today.

Seeing the mischievous smile on his face before he closed the door, Kyoko couldn't deny the attraction she felt for Kazuki, a guy that she met for the first time today. Thinking about everything that happened today, she felt exhausted. 'Too much is too much! Time to sleep'.

"Goodnight, Kazuki," she whispered, her voice carrying a mix of longing and lust.

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