4 Somethings never change

In the town of Greasy Corner, Mrs. Davis and Melanie were in the kitchen preparing something. Not the one used for cooking their meals, but in the basement side of the kitchen, where Melanie wore a thick glass to protect her eyes from the smoke surrounding the room and rubber gloves. 

She took note of the temperature of the liquid in the utensil before pouring the thick gooey liquid into little slots that were shaped into bullets. Adding something into it, she compressed them, pressing the lid before letting them cool. 

"Good work today, Mel," praised her mother, who turned the vent for the smoke to escape from the chimney as if they were burning log of wood in their house. 

"You too, mother. I will tell Simon to send these to Veteris and see what they think about it," said Melanie. "Why don't you go up, I will have this cleaned." Her mother nodded and left the basement. 


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