7 Devastation

Hana's heart raced as she looked at Lando's unconscious body, blood still trickling down his forehead. The fire that had engulfed Bale and Zander's Nephalem was now spreading to the building they were in, and there was no time to waste. She knew she had to act fast.

With a sense of urgency, Hana moved to the controls Lando uses, hoping she could get the Nephalem to safety. She willed the machine to stand up and thankfully, it responded. Hana urged the Nephalem towards a broken window, but before they could escape, Azia's robotic voice boomed in the background, "You have 15 seconds before the fire catches up. It will take you 1 hour to burn."

Hana gritted her teeth and urged the Nephalem to move faster, breaking through the wall and charging towards the window. Azia's voice broke as she gasped, "Auto repair... onnnn..." Hana knew that the damage from the sandstorm and the crash had been severe and the Nephalem was barely holding up.

Finally, the Nephalem broke through the wall and stumbled outside. Hana grabbed Lando and opened the hatch, the storm suddenly ended.

As Hana carried Lando away from the burning building, she could feel her heart racing with adrenaline. The sound of the flames crackling and the heat emanating from the inferno made her feel like she was in the middle of an fire apocalypse. She knew they had to move fast if they wanted to get out alive.

As she searched for a safe place to hide, her eyes landed on a group of ruins in the distance. She made a beeline for them, taking care to keep Lando's head steady as she ran. The ruins were old and crumbling, but it was the only shelter they had. Hana gently laid Lando down on the ground and took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart.

She looked around and saw that they were in the middle of the desert, with nothing but sand dunes stretching as far as the eye could see. Hana knew that they were alone and that they had to take care of each other. She held Lando close, checking for any signs of life. He was breathing, but barely. Hana's mind raced as she tried to think of what to do next.

Suddenly, Azia's robotic voice interrupted her thoughts. "Auto repair... onnnn..." it croaked. Hana's heart sank as she realized that the damage was severe. She couldn't rely on Azia to save them this time.

Determined to keep Lando safe, Hana decided to wait out the storm and the fire in the ruins. She made sure that Lando was as comfortable as possible, and then she sat down beside him, keeping watch. The night was long and cold, but Hana refused to leave Lando's side. She was determined to get him out alive, no matter what it took.

Hana carefully wrapped the bandages around Lando's head, her hands moving with a sense of urgency and precision. She had been trained for moments like these, moments when things didn't go according to plan and injuries were sustained. But despite her training, she couldn't shake the feeling of panic that had settled in the pit of her stomach. Lando was unconscious, and there was nothing she could do to wake him up.

Once she had finished bandaging his wound, she gently cradled his head on her lap, looking off into the distance at the raging fire. It was a cruel reminder of the danger that surrounded them at every turn, a reminder that they were never truly safe.

Hana couldn't help but wonder what would happen next. They were stranded in the middle of a desert, with limited supplies and no means of communication. And now, with Lando injured and unconscious, their situation has become even more dire. But she pushed those thoughts aside and focused on the task at hand.

She reached into her backpack and pulled out a canteen of water, lifting it to Lando's lips in an attempt to revive him. But he remained motionless, his breathing shallow and his pulse weak. Hana felt a lump form in her throat as she realised the gravity of their situation. They were alone, injured, and stranded with no way of getting help.

As Hana sat there, holding Lando's head on her lap, she felt a wave of relief wash over her when she heard the distant voice calling out her name. She looked up and saw Bale and Zander walking towards her, supporting each other as they limped closer. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized they had all survived the sandstorm and the fiery crash.

But her relief quickly turned to panic as she remembered Lando's condition. "Lando isn't waking up!" she cried out to them, desperation evident in her voice.

Bale and Zander rushed over, concern etched on their faces as they saw their friend lying unconscious on Hana's lap. They knelt beside her, examining his wound and checking his pulse. "We need to get him to a doctor," Zander said, his voice trembling with worry.

Hana nodded, her mind racing as she tried to think of a way to get Lando the medical attention he needed. "But how? We're in the middle of nowhere," she said, her voice strained with fear.

Bale looked around, scanning the surrounding area for any signs of civilization. "There must be something nearby," he said, determinedly.

With no medical supplies or facilities nearby, Hana knew that they needed to find a way to get Lando help. But they were stranded in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by sand and with no one to turn to. The Vultures were out of the question, as they had just witnessed the brutal slaughter of soldiers by their hands.

"How did you guys escape that?" Hana asked Bale and Zander, hoping that they may have some ideas or solutions.

"Bale protected me from the explosion by grabbing sheet metal," Zander explained. They don't know the severity of Lando's head injury, so they can't just wait for Azia to repair.

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