Legacy of Harry Potter

Harry Potter, the Boy-who-lived was meant to be great. He was not meant to be someone who rode on his luck to survive and was never the powerful wizard he was meant to be. But what would happen if he discovered his true legacy at the end of his third year and takes control of his life. Note: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its character. The rights belong to the respective owner. [Got my P@treon. Support me if you like my story. 5 Advanced Chapters available. p@treon.com/Novelcorner Replace @ with a.] [Thankyou for reading. Rate, Review and Comment on my novel. Also send the power stones]  

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Harry Questions Dumbledore

September 1994

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry



Silence hung in Hogwarts corridor and the silence was broken at a uniform interval by the fading sound of Madam Pomfrey's footsteps.


After Madam Pomfrey was out of sight, Dumbledore started his walk and very soon arrived at the forefront of the crowd and stood directly opposite Harry.


No one spoke for few moments and the old headmaster kept staring at Harry.


After few moments, Dumbledore broke the silence, "What happened here?"

But Dumbledore's question was not directed to Harry but to his deputy, Minerva.


"Few Prefects came to my quarters in a panic," began Minerva, "They said that they heard some screams from the corridor; Thinking that it maybe some kind of prank, they decided to check it out."

She sighed, "According to them, upon arriving at the scene they saw what you witnessed earlier. They also reported that there were two other students present at the scene, one among the two was Harry Potter."


She added, "That is when I sent you the patronus to inform you; In the meantime, I along with other professors who were informed by the other prefects arrived here."


Dumbledore nodded and turned towards Harry, "What happened here, Harry?"


Harry shrugged his shoulder, "I don't know, headmaster…" but before Harry could complete, Snape interrupted him, "Don't lie you brat. It was clearly you who did what you did to them."


Harry remained indifferent to Snape and continued, "Also, headmaster, I would like to lodge a formal complaint against this Severus Snape for firing a dangerous curse at me; a student of Hogwarts. I believe there are many professors here who would testify as a witness."

Snape gritted his teeth in anger but did not utter a word.


Dumbledore increased his voice, "Harry, why did you do something like that to them?"


Harry chuckled, "Oh! Headmaster, don't play like this. It was clearly you who tortured those four boys and just as the other professors were to arrive you disappeared from here. Now that you are putting the blame on me, I have no other choice but to expose you."


Dumbledore frowned and asked in agitated tone, "What nonsense are you talking, Harry?"


Harry grinned, "The same nonsense you talked when you accused me without any evidence."


Dumbledore was clearly becoming more agitated, "There is no use in lying, Harry."


Harry continued in an indifferent tone, "And who are you to decide this headmaster?"


Harry did not let Dumbledore speak and turned towards Hermione, "Hermione, tell me, if in muggle world a student is assaulted in school, what action is taken?"


Hermione found the question confusing, but none the less she answered, "Police is immediately called for."


Harry chuckled, "See headmaster, and I believe that this should be the common procedure for everywhere."

He continued, "But just like the second year, when students were being petrified left and right, you never called the DMLE or the aurors to investigate the matter. You yourself acted as some kind of judge, auror, or maybe something else."


Harry's declaration brought a realization among all the students present there. They too started wondering that n spite of the continuous attacks, why was the DMLE never called?


Harry asked, "Now again, are you trying to do the same?"


Dumbledore was beyond angry now.


But Harry was not in the mood to stop, "Now also, when students were being attacked in pattern in the second year, did you do anything to ensure our security?"


Though everyone knew the answer, Harry declared, "No. Ideally you should have informed the DMLE and asked them to station few aurors in the Hogwarts for the safety of students but you did no such things. Heck you did not even asked the professors to patrol the corridors during the night, and left all the students to their own devices."


Harry's voice boomed, "It was through only sheer luck that that no student died and only got petrified."

He asked loudly, "Are you again trying the same thing, headmaster? Put attack on 4 students under a rug. Why don't you called the experts to do the questioning?"


Dumbledore's anger was clearly visible but still he calmly asked, "May I know, what were you doing here at this time, Harry?"


Harry shrugged, "I had an argument with my housemates so I was trying to take a walk and calm myself down.

Dumbledore turned towards Luna, "And what were you doing here at this time, Miss Lovegood?"


Harry also turned and waited for the girl to answer. He wondered if she is going to reveal the truth at this instant.


She replied, "The nargles locked the gate to my common room and I could not enter. This happens with me regularly."


Harry frowned at this answer and turned towards professor Flitwick. The half goblin professor instantly stepped up, "You are saying that, you are often locked out of your house, Miss Lovegood?"

Luna nodded, "yes."

Flitwick again questioned, "And why are your clothes in this condition, Miss Lovegood?"


At this moment, Harry from corner of his eyes caught many Ravenclaw students, fidgeting their hands and legs nervously.


Luna answered in her dreamy tone, "This was too done by the nargles. They often hide my things, clothes and shoes. Today they also took my wand."


Even Flitwick's temper rose at this moment but he did not speak anything and stepped back.


Dumbledore again turned towards Luna. He asked, "Did you saw anything what happened to them, Miss Lovegood?"


Luna nodded her head, "Yes."


Dumbledore pushed, "What did you saw?"


She said nonchalantly, "The nargles did that to them."


Dumbledore sighed in frustration and was about to ask further, when Harry cut him off, "What are you trying to do, headmaster?"


He continued, "Are you again trying to put students' life in danger. Just now I told how calling the DMLE should be the normal procedure but here again you are ignoring this important matter and indulging yourself in fantasies."


At this moment, everyone's eyes were focused on Dumbledore.



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