1 Excerpt

If the lady wants that pink teddy bear, she'll get that pink teddy bear.

"Okay, where's that stupid bear?"

Fallon is close to snapping at that point. Together with Weiss, he storms around the local toy store, trying to find that pink teddy bear that Lady so desperately wants.

For the past week, she had been nagging the two of them about it. She told them just how badly she needed this stuffed toy, and now that her birthday was only several hours away, they were determined to get it for her.

"I think it's in this aisle?" Weiss wondered out loud, turning to walk down an aisle, while Fallon pushed the cart and followed him.

As soon as they reached it, they quickly spotted the teddy bear on the shelf. But they saw that it was the only one left. Standing before the shelf are two girls who appear to be a few years younger than them. One of them went and grabbed the stuffed toy.

"Uh, oh."

Weiss frowned in disappointment. Fallon, on the other hand, didn't falter.

Ever the cool and collected one, he thought of using his striking charms for once to get his way. He tried to talk with the girls as they walked over.

"Hey, kids, would you mind getting something else? We'll pay for it. You see, our best friend has been wanting that exact same thing for a while now, and we really like to get it for her," he explained to them with a smile.

"Beat it, old man," one of them spat.

Fallon went rigid, his brow twitching. At his look of surprise and incredulity, Weiss covered his mouth to keep himself from laughing out loud.

"Old?! I'm only thirteen, you little brats!" he bolted out exasperatedly.

"Old!" the girls shouted in sync.

Fallon felt a vein pop. Weiss was about to lose it.

"Where the hell are your parents!? Give me that damn bear!" he demanded.

"Okay, bro, easy. It's just a toy," he tried.

Fallon scowled, turning to look daggers at him. Weiss sweatdropped.

"It is not 'just' a toy, Weiss. This stuffed bear is important. This is the first gift we will be giving Lady together, and if we get her anything else, we will be known as the worst friends to ever exist because all she is asking for is a freaking toy, and yet, we can't even get her that!"

Weiss sighs in defeat. He wants to remind him that both of them are more than rich enough to give Lady everything she wants, but he just chooses to zip his mouth and lets him throw his tantrum in favor of keeping his sanity. Satisfied with his response, Fallon turns back around to confront the two girls again. His scowl deepens, his expression darkening.

"Listen to me, little brats. That teddy bear is more precious to us than our own damn lives because of what it represents. Now, go ahead and move your tiny asses," he raged at both of them, making them gape in shock and shudder in fear.

Weiss looks around in a panic. He finds a few concerned parents pulling their own children closer to them, whispering about staying away from that 'crazy boy' or something. Fallon already looks edgy enough with his emo hairstyle. He should really refrain from making others misunderstand him more.

"F-Fine... W-We didn't want this bear, anyway... You and your boyfriend can have it..." one of the girls stammered out, struggling to act tough.

"I-I hope that slut you keep talking about likes it."

Weiss stilled at that.

He then slowly turns to the girl with a menacing smile, making her tremble in apprehension. Ever the warm and friendly one, he rarely breaks out of his princely character, but when he does, the whole world is sure to freeze from how icy-cold his looks can be. It doesn't help that he has hair as white as snow, either, and with the hailstorm stirring up in his half-lidded, glinting eyes, it almost feels like a blizzard is passing by.

"Hey, young miss..." he started, voice low yet vehement.

"What did you just call Lady?"

Fallon smirks a little, amused to see that Weiss is finally in. Calling Lady a slut is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make.

The girls began to tear up, eventually running away. Feeling somewhat accomplished, they both grabbed a hold of the stuffed toy and took it with them.

"Now, let's give this bear to Lady."


Lady stares blankly at the stuffed bear that Weiss and Fallon are proudly holding out to her.

"Thanks, guys..." she said quietly before pouting sadly.

"But what I really want is the pink stuffed dolphin they have."

Then, silence.

Both of them just look at her. Neither utters a thing for a moment.

"Get in the car, bro. We're going back to that store," Fallon muttering simply before storming back outside with a determined expression.

Weiss cried inwardly, "Why me?" 

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