Krama | The Tales of the Numbered Book

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Krama | The Tales of the Numbered


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In a newly reformed society, Yuzuru Aki simply wanted to live her life away from this monstrous world. All she wanted was to achieve her dream of living in their little cafe along with her loved ones. However, rumors are spreading that the rebel organization 'Krama' has returned and is causing chaos, the very organization that has taken their youth and inflicted countless traumas within their life. Fear once again strikes, as the people who led Krama’s initial downfall have begun to move with the intent of ending such terrorism once and for all. But that isn’t her problem now, is it? They were used as pawns for Krama to achieve its notoriety, people who were experimented on to create the device that Krama was infamously known for. That’s why all she wanted to do was to run away from them, especially now that she has finally escaped from their clutches. Yet fate is as cruel as ever, condemning them to the point of no return, giving them a life filled with dread and excruciating memories. With no other choice than to fight back, Yuzuru Aki sets out to destroy Krama and secure a peaceful future for herself and those she cares about. For that is the fate of a Numbered.