Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 97 For Village



The dark clouds covered the sky of the konoha which was going through an eventful day, the emergence of tailed beast destroying the excited atmosphere that built up due to the chunin exam.

The lightning crackled and brightened the deserted village submerged in darkness, rain pouring down heavily and only shinobi from time to time seen searching the whereabouts of someone.

Sarutobi still stood over the roof of hokage building and watched the village below with a heavy gaze, not caring one bit about the rain pouring over him.


Suddenly his gaze moved and shadows flashing over the buildings approached the roof, eventually three figures landing next to Sarutobi.

"We searched through every corner of the death forest, deep in the rivers, underground everywhere but we failed to find him"

Told Sakumo the bad news with a frustrated look on his face, with the anbu he had just done a carpet search of death forest in an order to find Nawaki but to no success.

"Even with our byakugan we couldn't find any trace of him, we are ashamed Lord Third"

"The Uchiha failed too, but we'll continue the search till we find him or anything related to him"

The Hyuga and Uchiha Clan Chief also admitted their failure of being unable to find the senju heir, ashamed faces.


At their words Sarutobi didn't say anything and just let out an exhausted breath, the worry in his eyes for something increasing.

Is it really you behind this?  Said Sarutobi inwardly, the hope on his face for this not being the case suddenly decreasing a lot.


At this moment, there was a sudden movement on top of the roof as a figure materialized out of nowhere with two fainted figures on his left and right shoulder, holding an armless man from his hair in his right hand.

Kazuki appearing suddenly was naturally spotted by Sarutobi, Sakumo, Hyuga and Uchiha Chief on the roof but going into absolute shock seeing the state of people he was carrying.

There was a silence on the roof top with only the sound of rain drops splatting in the air, Kazuki ignoring the shocked eyes gently placing both Tsunade and Nawaki on the ground.

Next putting force in his hand holding Danzo from his air, he raised him high like a rag doll in the shocked eyes of the four.


Sarutobi's eyes traced the wounded Tsunade and Nawaki but his eyes eventually stopping on Danzo, whose both arms were missing and his face was a total mess, his body trembling and chakra blasting out of him, cracks appearing on the ground underneath.

"What's the meaning of this, Kazuki!?"

Asked Sarutobi in a dangerous tone, noticing the way Kazuki was holding Danzo it was easy for him to guess that this state of Danzo might be related to him, barely holding himself back inquiring again just to make sure.

Seeing Sarutobi riling up his chakra, Kazuki didn't show a slight look of fear and worry and raising him even higher, spoke up.

"The emergence of tailed beasts, the disappearance of senju nawaki…I just require a Yamanaka Shinobi here to go through his memories and everything will be explained."

His words fell and the face of Sarutobi changed, Sakumo and other two showing shocked expressions as clearly able to understand what Kazuki was implying.

Danzo was the man behind everything and to prove that he wanted a yamanaka shinobi to go through his memories.

The eyes of everyone were immediately focused on Sarutobi as only on his decision would a yamanaka shinobi will be summoned.

Sarutobi stood statue on the spot as his face showed clear hesitation to issue to order for what kazuki requested, his earlier doubt now had turned into a reality and calling for a yamanaka shinobi would completely expose his friend before everyone.

"So you are saying that Danzo is behind all of this but then you should have waited for the charges against him to be proved. You do understand that you attacked an elder of the village right?"

Asked Sarutobi with anger easy to spot in his eyes, his chakra riling up even more and seemed like would erupt any moment.


Hearing him Kazuki let out a sigh and showed a tired look, speaking up next moment.

"Do you want to save your friend or the village? Either you call a yamanaka shinobi that will answer all of your questions or attack me right here which will do nothing but harm the village; something which every konoha shinobi really likes to go through every length to protect"

"The decision rests on you, Lord Third."


Saying that, Kazuki threw danzo down and crossed his arms around his chest and rested his eyes on Sarutobi as chakra slowly began to seep out of him, the ground under him slowly cracking and aura of dread began to waft out of him.

"This chakra…. even lord third…

Sakumo and other two feeling the chakra of Kazuki couldn't help but show a fearful look, they didn't wanna believe it but it was giving them a more dangerous feeling then Sarutobi.

"This power…

Sarutobi felt the chakra of Kazuki as well and showed a same look as Sakumo and co, after years for the first time his danger senses for someone had gone this high, last time it was when both the senju brothers were still alive.


The rain continued to patter on the ground, Sarutobi under the dark sky standing still on the spot on his face thousands of emotions.

Eventually looking down, he gave Danzo an emotional look before turning his gaze towards the village down below, words leaving his mouth next second.

"I'm sorry Danzo… I did it for the village"

His words lingered in the air followed by orders to summon the head of yamanaka clan.

Before everyone under the rainy sky including the elders who showed ugly looks, the head of yamanaka clan placed his hand on top of Danzo's head and eventually taking it back with shocked eyes.

Shindenshin no Jutsu (Mind Body Transmission Technique)

The Yamanaka Clan head didn't let everyone wait and making a single hand sign as everyone didn't resist his jutsu, allowing him to create a connection with everyone.

Next what he had witnessed played in the head of everyone, starting with a distant memory of the past when the Tobirama squad was ambushed by Kinkaku Force.

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