Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 96 Unleashed Legacy


Root Headquarters.

While a killing spree was going on at the base, deep within the base behind a thick steel gate was the research laboratory and currently the researchers inside donning white coats were in a state of panic.

"The base seems to be attacked… maybe they located him, we have to escape!!"

Said a researcher with dread and fear all over his face, others in the room exhibiting same fear and worry.

On a table in the middle of the room, lay a naked figure with brown hair his body twitching continuously and veins all over his body easy to be seen.

He seemed to have no consciousness, but his body was reacting to something injected into him by the researchers.

"But how do we escape when we are basically locked in here? Not even a single root shinobi is responding to our cry of help!"

But none of the researchers were allowed to leave the laboratory till they were given permission by Danzo, so they were basically locked here.


Just as the researchers were showing dread, their dread only increased as the thick steel gate seemed to have exposed to a huge force, the impact making a huge sound.


With scared eyes they witnessed a huge dent appearing on the thick steel gate, next moment the huge force from outside acting on it again and a huge hole appearing on the steel gate.


In the dreadful eyes of the researchers, a figure stepped into the laboratory with blood running down his head, on his right shoulder he carried a fainted blonde women and with his left hand holding an armless person from his hair dragging him across the floor.

"That… Lord Danzo…

Hearts nearly stopped beating at the state of the armless man that every researcher in the room knew very well, his face littered with blood, swollen with ripped up skin and broken nose and teeth adding to the horror.

But they couldn't focus long on Danzo as suddenly they felt a gaze on them, their breathing stopping and body trembling like it was exposed to some kind of electric shock.

But that gaze quickly moved away from them, Kazuki spotting the brown haired boy lying on top of the table.


Leaving an afterimage, he in an instant appeared near the table and gave the kid a look, his expression changing seeing him twitching with veins that felt like would pop out any moment.


His chakra is increasing at an alarming rate but it isn't stable… at this rate his charka pathways might burst

Instantly Kazuki placed his hand on his stomach as green chakra poured out of his hand; it didn't take Kazuki long to figure out what was happening to Nawaki, on his face a solemn look.


"What did you do to him!!!?"

Instantly Kazuki turned his gaze at the scared group at the corner and yelled at them with a tone full of anger, his enraged voice like a thunder ringing in the room as chakra burst out of him and focused solely on the researchers.

The chakra centered on them instantly caused the group to go on knees, not able to stand before it, expressions of despair and endless fear plastered on their face.

In face of absolute strength, the resolve to hide the truth didn't even hold a penny as the scared to death researchers revealed the truth immediately.

"We were assigned by lord Danzo to bring back the might of mokuton and for that we have been experimenting on people to in hope of being able to control the cells of lord first"

"Senju Nawaki being his grandson was the perfect test subject so we couldn't wait to inject him with lord first cells and see the results"

Revealed the researchers the complete truth without hiding a single thing, the chakra focused on them preventing them from even thinking of hiding a single thing.

"His body clearly can't handle these cells… what do I do?"

Hearing the researchers, Kazuki who though angry at what they did knowing what was important decided to leave them for the moment and focused on nawaki again, despite trying his best to stay calm obvious worry on his face.


The changes in nawaki's body eventually wore off the anesthesia given to him as his eyelids trembled and a painful groan left his mouth.



Kazuki whose mind was working at a speed of light to come up with a solution suddenly noticed on the stomach of nawaki a small wound opening from inside, blood seeping out as his groans of agony increased.


Green chakra appeared around the hands of Kazuki as instantly he placed it on top of the wound on his stomach in an attempt to heal it but his concerned face changed the moment his hand touched the wounded area.

The cells rioting in Nawaki's body seem to come alive like they had found someone even more suitable then Nawaki, from the wound on the stomach a pea sized small white mass came out and lapped on to Kazuki's hand.

Thump!! Thump!!

Kazuki didn't even got the time to flick it off his hand as within a micro-second it broke into numerous small white particles and seeped into his skin, his face changing and his heart beating fast suddenly.



The whole laboratory shook suddenly as strips of chakra violently flying everywhere and the center of it a man on his knees next to a table, his face red from pain and thick veins all over his body, despite trying his best not able to hold back his groans from pain.

The pain seemed otherworldly as Kazuki's eyes showed signs of passing out but he held on, enduring every bit of the gut wrenching pain as eventually after a few minutes the chakra around him became stable and the painful look on his face lessened.

HA!! HA!!

Kazuki panted and gasped for breath, sweat running down his face like water but his eyes focused on his right palm, a small sapling growing out of it.

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