Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 95 Beating


Root Headquarters.


With blades piercing the heart and coming out from the back, after puking a mouthful of blood both Yui and Ryo went on knees but their eyes that were gradually going blank focused on the man who dodging their deadly attack had appeared next to Tsunade.


Feeling the shadow over her head suddenly, Tsunade turned to focus her teary eyes on the man next to her and parted her lips to speak, only to be interrupted by a sudden wind.

From behind cutting through the air numerous wind gusts approached the two, on the course to slice through both of them but Kazuki next to her moved along with the Kusanagi in his hands.


The wind gusts were all effortlessly deflected by Kazuki to the walls of the hall, but this sudden attack seemed far from over as Kazuki felt movement in the ground under him.


Tsunade seemed to sense the danger as well, both of them guiding the chakra in their body and jumping high, the ground under them suddenly exploding.

The whole ground of the hall exploded as remaining pieces of paper bombs easy to be seen in the explosion, the ground turning out to be a paper bomb mine field.


Both Kazuki and Tsunade noticing the continuous explosion on the ground flipped mid-air and got attached to the ceiling of the hall, standing on it upside down.

Suddenly from the smoke that resulted from the explosions something made its way towards the ceiling as both sticking to the ceiling showed an alert look.


But when he saw what it was Kazuki who had maintained his calm despite all he went through couldn't help but show a shocked look, statue on the spot.

What was thrown upward was none other than Ryo Aoyama and Yui Aoyama wrapped completely in paper bombs.

Time seem to slow as the paper bombs around both ryo and yui burned slowly to the explosion, Kazuki statue on the spot as despite trying his best emotions getting over him for once.


And then it happened. The paper bombs exploded near the ceiling but at the last moment, a woman with blonde hair jumped before Kazuki.

Blood splattered down from the ceiling along with burnt inner organs, the burnt to crisp flesh falling down as well.


But that was not all as the ceiling seemed to give up against the explosion that took place as it collapsed, big rocks and rubble raining down on the ground as well.

Amidst the dust, smoke and rubble sat a figure on one knee with a passed out blonde women lying before him, most of her attire shredded with several burn marks everywhere on her body, even on her left cheek a horrendous burn easy to spot.

The man seemed slightly injured as well, blood running down his head but ignoring it he just gazed at the passed out woman on the ground with wide open eyes, his whole body shaking and his breathing getting heavier every second.


Suddenly there was a movement behind the silver haired man, a figure with chakra shaped into a wind blade in his right hand appeared behind and without a hint of mercy aimed at his back neck.


But just when the blade was about to pierce through his neck from behind, the man suddenly moved his head to the right as the blade whizzed past him and the inertia propelled the attacker forward as well.


Dodging the attack, Kazuki didn't give the attacker time to stabilize himself as without turning around he kicked back as it landed perfectly on the stomach.



The man from the kick was sent flying as his groans rang in the hall but stopping the moment he banged into the fragile walls of the hall.

Cough… Damn!!

With his legs trembling a little, the attacker coughing out a mouthful of blood stood up while cursing at the same time, his only eye focused on the back of the man at some distance.


Next to Kazuki his clone appeared as without requiring any order it sat next to the passed out blonde haired women, the real him standing and turning around.


The brown eyes of Kazuki finally saw the appearance of the attacker and the true mastermind behind everything, near the wall stood a man with a bandage around his forehead and right eye, an x shaped mark on his chin.

"Damn this pressure!! Did that attack not weaken him at all?" Cursed Danzo as feeling the eyes of Kazuki on him, he felt like he was facing Sarutobi or even his late teacher, his own strength hardly bringing a feeling of safety.

Swish! Swish!

Suddenly Danzo who was having a hard time maintaining his calm saw Kazuki reaching into his ninja pouch and taking out a scroll to unseal it, with a burst of smoke dozens of kunai's with a white bandage coiled at the handle shooting out of it, scattering everywhere in the hall.


Jumping around Danzo quickly dodged some of the kunai's that hurled his way as well and landed back on the ground to look towards where Kazuki stood.


But Kazuki was no longer where he just was barely half a second ago, Danzo's eyes widening but his shock only increased when he felt a shadow on him from his right.


A kunai slipped into danzo's palm from his sleeves as without wasting a moment he smashed towards his right only to hit nothing.



But Danzo didn't even get time to figure out what happened as a blade went through his left arm as it flew up, the pain reaching him seconds late and his painful scream spreading in the hall.

"Damn! Flying Rajin!!"

With veins on his forehead and his face red from pain, Danzo barely managed to bring his focus back on the battle as gazing at the hall full of kunai's he finally understood the reason behind Kazuki's movement.



But knowing about flying raijin didn't bring any benefit to Danzo, from above feeling a hand on top of his head and next moment his face banged into the ground.


There was a continuous sound of explosion in the hall, a silver haired man holding a man from his head banging his face into the ground again and again, literally carving the face on the ground.

"You… stop…

Eventually the banging stopped as changing his grip from the head to the neck, Kazuki raised Danzo high in the air who looked at him with face full of blood, broken nose and teeth, stuttering and barely speaking.


Suddenly Kazuki noticed Danzo in his grip vanishing out of nowhere as slipping through his senses Danzo with blood littered face appeared behind him, the kunai in his hand smashed towards his heart from the back.



But despite Danzo suddenly vanishing and able to slip through his senses, Kazuki didn't show any change of expression and disappeared from the spot again, another arm flying in the air next moment.


With both of his arms missing Danzo on his knees screamed in agony, the bandage coiled around his forehead no longer to be seen, revealing a grey eye.



But his screams came to an abrupt halt, a palm covering his face and banging him into the ground again.


Slowly Kazuki removed his hand from the face of armless Danzo carved into the ground and barely conscious, his clone which had been protecting the injured and fainted Tsunade bringing her next to him.


Kazuki took Tsunade into his arms from the clone, who burst into smoke and disappeared leaving him sitting next to the Danzo drilled into the ground, his only eye which showed signs of passing out focused on him.

"Even if I divide you into millions of pieces it may not be able to sate my anger and I so badly want to erase your existence from this crazy world"

"But if I do that, she'll suffer because I would have no choice but to leave this crazy village; first your name will be dragged to mud and then you'll be put to death by me before everyone who you so wanted to rule over, that will be most befitting end for you"

His words fell and Danzo's eye showed endless despair, his eyes going blank and passing out.

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