Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 94 Massacre

The blue sky from the morning was nowhere to be seen, the terror of the two tailed beast that appeared even seem to scare the sky, dark clouds everywhere and rain about to pour down any moment.

The villagers who hid in the shelters or the shinobi who searched for one person were all oblivious to the killing that was taking place at the conspicuous building at the outskirts of the village.

Root Headquarters.

Fire Style! Fire Dragon Jutsu!!

Fire Style! Fire Phoenix Jutsu

Wind Style! Gale Palm!!

Wind Style! Severing Wave!

Within the headquarters, at a large hall that reeked of blood dozens of root shinobi fighting together resorted to the use of fire style and wind style that complimented each other, all to defeat the enemy that stood before them.

The wind and fire fueled each other as a super-heated storm of fire made its way towards the silver haired man who stood before them holding a blade stained with blood in his right hand.

Behind him was a woman with blonde hair and on her face was a shocked and complicated look, eyes fixed on the back of the man before her with utter shock and confusion.

Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu {Water Style! Water Dragon Blast Technique} 

The silver haired man without showing a hint of panic faced the sea of fire that made its way towards him and resorted to one handed sign, out of nowhere large quantity of water gathering before him.


A massive water dragon easily reaching the ceiling of the large hall appeared before the man as opening its mouth wide open it roared; rushing straight into the sea of fire next moment.



The moment the water dragon came in contact with the fire it burst open on its own as water spread around the cover the wide range of the fire; the water sizzled as it evaporated and steam began to spread in the hall, eventually the water and fire gone leaving just steam that made it hard to see anything.


Thwack!! Thwack!!

But in the steam blue lightning flickered from time to time as followed by the sound of limbs being separated, heads being severed; the scent of blood in the air.

Eventually with the steam lessening, the blue lightning that flashed everywhere in the hall also disappeared and in the hall only two figures were left standing.

"This… all this for Nawaki…. Really?"

Tsunade looked at the scene of the hell in the hall with scared eyes, hands, legs and severed heads everywhere, blood having painted the walls red.

All this time she has been following Kazuki confused and shocked at what he was doing; even if she was angry at nawaki being kidnapped by root organization she didn't believe she would have done a quarter of what kazuki had done.

Amid the shock, she now wondered whether kazuki was truly doing all this for the sake of Nawaki.

The blood stained some of the silver hair of Kazuki red, who without caring a little just flicked the Kusanagi in his hands to clean off the blood, a calm look in his eyes and stoic expression on his face despite the killing he just did.


But that stoic expression suddenly wavered as his senses picked up something very familiar, eyes widening and realization of something that had kept him confused for a while hitting him.


There was a sound of footsteps as hearing it Tsunade raising her head looked at the entrance of the hall as two figures entered the hall.

One was a man who looked in his late thirties, silver hair that framed his face and facial features that resembled so much of the figure standing before Tsunade.

The other a girl around eighteen, long black hair with black eyes as on her face a blank look, both of the them holding a blade as their eyes fixed on Kazuki.

Kazuki gazed at the man and woman who stood at the entrance of the hall and the only emotion his eyes showed was of infinite disappointment and dismay.

Tsunade was completely confused at this sudden silence in the hall but the words that broke the silence next moment gave her a chill that she never experienced.

Stepping forward Ryo Aoyama raised the blade in his hands high and eyeing Kazuki spoke up.

"Did you kill Keiko? A proud shinobi of the leaf who failed to kill her own son for the sake of the village. A son who wanted to steal the power that assured balance of power and cause chaos!"

Asked Ryo while gazing at Kazuki, who at his words just stayed silent and listened quietly.

Yui next to Ryo stepped forward as well and keeping the neutral look, spoke up also.

"What she failed to do we will do it! For the village we will not back down even it means killing one's own family."

Swish! Swish!

Her words fell and both of them suddenly disappeared from the spot and turning into an afterimage appeared on the right and left of Kazuki, the blades gleaming and on the course to pierce him from both sides.


Feeling the danger from his left and right, Kazuki didn't show any urgency to dodge and let out a mocking laugh, his lips parting next second.

"None of you failed in anything… you truly have killed the Aoyama within me … only Kazuki lives on now!"



The words that seemed to carry every emotion left his mouth as next moment he disappeared from the spot like he never existed, the blades of Yui and Ryo attacking from the sides piercing through the hearts of each other.


Kazuki who had disappeared appearing next to Tsunade who stood and watched everything unfold.

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