Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 92 Truth


(About two days before the chunin exam)

Three Anbu members who had just stepped out of the room after handing in the mission report had to halt their movement seeing a man with bandage covering his forehead and right eye and an x shaped mark on his chin blocking the path.

"Elder Danzo!"

"Follow me!"

The Anbu members recognized the identity of the figure who blocked their way as they greeted him politely, Danzo nodding and turning around motioning them to follow him.

After a while in a room mostly shrouded with darkness, the three anbu members with masks not covering their face anymore stood before Danzo.

Danzo without saying anything just took out a scroll from his robe and stretched it towards them, as the man with silver hair who clearly was the leader of this anbu squad took it from his hands and opened it immediately.


The three of them went through the contents of the scroll and the moment they read the contents completely, their body seem to lose all its strength as the scroll slipped out from the hands of the silver haired man and fell on the floor, on the face of three a look of fear, shock and urgency.

Danzo seemed to have expected this reaction from the three before him as calmly gazing into the scared eyes of the three, he spoke up.

"As you just read, Iwagakure and Sunagakure have requested to hand over or kill the man who caused them the most damage in the recent war otherwise they'll launch another attack"

"Konoha can't afford another war as many lives will be lost and even the foundation of the village might be affected due to resources that may be consumed again"

"Kazuki Aoyama has truly helped the village in the recent war and the village would never forget his services but despite all that he is turning out to be a sole factor for another war"

"As shinobi I think you all understand that the village is the keystone and anything can be sacrificed for its sake; so it's time for you three to show your loyalty to the village like countless nameless shinobi had done in the past"

Saying that Danzo stopped talking for a second and gave the three before him a look, the woman with mature features seemed to have stepped in an ice cave as her whole body was trembling nonstop, a look of dismay and despair on her face.

The girl who looked around eighteen was in a state similar to the women, her eyes filling with tears but the love for the village stopping those tears from rinsing down the cheeks.

The silver haired man seemed the calmest out of the three but even he showed a look of struggle.

"But if we were to hand over Kazuki Aoyama who is so respected in the village it will clearly cause a riot from the civilians who don't understand shinobi way"

"And the chances of Kazuki himself resisting his surrender to other village exists as well and so if he were to retaliate, a man of his strength can cause massive damage to the village"


Saying that, Danzo stopped talking once again and turning his head to focus completely on the mature featured woman, he spoke up.

"Keiko Aoyama, as his mother it's up to you to finish him as he would never have his guard up against his own mother"

"You will be the hero who died fighting her own son for the sake of the village, transcending the boundary of the blood"


His words fell and something seem to snap inside Keiko, barely able to stand straight and her eyes appearing hollow.

Ignoring whatever Keiko Aoyama was going through, Danzo continued speaking.

"Yui Aoyama or Ryo Aoyama, anyone of you two will approach Kazuki a day before the chunin exam and feed Kushina Uzumaki who is currently being trained by him anything that can hide this chakra absorbing insect which will temporarily weakenher control over the seal and won't cause much damage to the village"

"This will be used as an evidence of Kazuki Aoyama's plan to snatch the power of tail beast for himself and causing chaos in the village; this will be more enough to destroy the goodwill of people towards him and his death won't cause any inner strife"

"This may seem dirty and underhanded but it's for the village, as a shinobi I believe even Kazuki if he ever learns about the truth in afterlife won't show any hatred towards the village and would understand it was for the betterment of the village"

{Two days later, just a little while before the tailed beast went rampant}

Aoyama House.

"Come down for Lunch, Kazuki!"

Kazuki who was busy reviewing the recently perfected eight trigrams seal in his room heard the voice and putting away the scattered scrolls around him with various kanji drawn on them, went down.


Just when he entered the dining room and planned to walk towards the dining table, Keiko with hollow eyes appeared behind him and smashed the kunai in her hands towards his neck.

Time seemed to slow down at this moment as the kunai approached the neck every microsecond, Kazuki seemed completely oblivious to the danger approaching him.


Just when the tip of the neck was centimeters away from piercing his neck from behind, Keiko's hollow eyes showed some emotion as the image of holding a silver haired baby with an innocent look wrapped in a blanket appeared in her head, her wrists rolling and the trajectory of kunai changing, blood flying around next second.

"Between Love and Village, I chose the latter"

Between Love and Village, I chose the former

The tongue and the heart of the motionless women on the floor completely contradicted each other, her life slowly slipping away due to the poison she had ingested seconds ago before all of this.

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