Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 89 Overwhelming Strength

Miles away from konoha, inside the dense forest a tree was marked with black seals as suddenly movement took next to it.


Out of nowhere a huge figure fell on the large woodland with a resounding thud, crushing the ground and trees as dust rolled around.

Under the clear sky, in the forest a beetle like beast with seven tails had appeared in the forest out of nowhere, causing immense damage to the landscape.

"Get off me!!"

Yelled Chomei in anger as without caring about a single thing it smashed its head towards the ground, Kazuki guiding the chakra in his body towards his legs, jumping off the head of seven tails.



The horn on top of the beetle skull of seven tails drilled into the ground, huge chunks of earths flying out due to the impact as amid the destruction seven tails roared to show its anger.

The earth trembled and the wind rustled at high speed as with his silver fluttering in the air Kazuki with a calm look on his face watched the seven tails roar.


With some force Chomei finally managed to pull out the horn from the ground as slowly it raised its head and not attacking immediately, just gazed at the man standing with his arms crossed around his chest near him

In the forest, a man and a huge beast looked at each other as the tension in the air grew every second.

Swish! Swish!

Suddenly the seven tails moved as red chakra appeared around all of its wings, numerous red energy like slashes made their way towards Kazuki.

Lightning Style! Lightning Blade!!

Watching nearly hundreds of red chakra slashes on the course to slice him to pieces, Kazuki quickly pulled out the Kusanagi strapped on his back as instantly he channeled lightning chakra into it, the blade glowing blue.


Leaving a blue trail, Kazuki rushed towards the red chakra slashes as the blade covered with thunder moved gracefully, cutting through every slash that came his way.

But just when Kazuki was busy parring the chakra slashes hurled at him, a huge shadow appeared above him as deflecting another slash he quickly gazed up and saw the Chomei crashing down on him, intending to crush him to death.


Without panicking, Kazuki using one hand to maneuvered the Kusanagi and made a hand sign with the other as suddenly he vanished from the spot like he never existed.


The seven tails crashed on the surface, obliterating it completely but a frustrated look in its eyes under the beetle mask as Kazuki had successfully escaped.


Just when the seven tails moved its eyes to find Kazuki, a kunai flew pass the top of its head as once again Kazuki landed on chomei's head.

"Let's not miss the chance again"

Without wasting a moment Kazuki leaned down and placed his hand on the skin on top of chomei's head, a black seal appearing there.

"Again? Damn Human!!"

Feeling Kazuki on its head again, Chomei cursed in frustration as once again resorting to the previous strategy it banged its head towards the ground.


Kazuki this time just did a single hand sign and vanished from his spot as the head of seven tails hit the ground again, only hurting itself and the landscape.


Roaring in pain, the seven tail lifted its head but kazuki appeared on top of its head out of nowhere once again.

"I have much more important things left then to fight you all day; lets end this"

Said Kazuki with a fire of anger burning deep in his eyes, next moment raising the Kusanagi blade high.


Feeling Kazuki on top of its head again, Chomei this time didn't resort to the strategy that failed twice already and cursing flapped its wings, flying higher and higher.

"You won't get off huh? then freeze to death, Human!"

Cursed Chomei as it flew higher and higher, the intention to bring kazuki so high in the atmosphere where the temperature would be enough to freeze him to death.

Lightning Style! Lightning Hell!!

Kazuki despite the fast wind stayed stable and ignoring the threats of Chomei channeled lightning into his Kusanagi that was raised high.


Blue lightning shrouded his blade as without a hint of mercy he smashed it down on the skull where he stood.



The tip of the blade drilled into the thick skull of seven tails but kazuki didn't let it penetrate it completely, as next moment increasing the output of lightning chakra that was channeled into the blade as the upward movement of seven tails suddenly halted.



The screams of agony and pain rang high in the sky for no one to hear, a huge seven tailed beetle like beast suspended in the air with lightning completely covering its huge body, Chomei feeling an internal and external electrical shock at the same time.

The screams didn't last long as the gravity finally seem to work on Chomei as it began to fall down at rapid speed, but it not moving an inch seemed completely paralyzed from the shock it just felt, black smoke wafting out of its body.


The seven tails crashed down at quick speed as just when it was meters away from hitting the ground, Kazuki on top of its head calmly made a hand sign and disappeared.


The seven tails which nearly fell from the end of stratosphere, from a height of thousands of feet hit the ground like a meteor and shockwave rippled through the whole forest due to the impact.

An earthquake seemed to have hit the whole forest suddenly, cracks appearing on the ground even at a distance of dozens of miles away from the point of impact.

At the point of impact, a huge pit had appeared with the seven tails without moving an inch carved right into it, smoke coming out of its body and the horn on top of its head appearing broken.


At this moment, Kazuki appeared next to the seriously injured seven tails and without wasting a moment, placed his hand on an area of its stomach as black markings began to spread out of his palm.

The black markings covered the whole immobile seven tails completely in a matter of seconds; Kazuki making another hand sign as the black markings turned red and the seven tails began to shrink.

Eventually the huge seven tails was gone completely leaving the kid with cyan hair passed out on the ground, Kazuki standing next to him with a calm look on his face.

But that calm look wavered a little when he heard a sound in his head.

{Main Task: - Defeat Two jinchuriki without killing them/Completed/Fourth Hokage's Reaction Ability Rewarded}

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