Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 86 Spiritual Transformation Technique


Death Forest.

The forest air crackled with tension, the chakra of two tail beasts running rampant.


Kushina, her red hair a stark contrast against the dark foliage, struggled to contain the surging power within her; the sixth tail quickly as finally she seems to lose control completely, going on her fours and letting out a soul shaking roar.

But what scared Nawaki and co was not Kushina's state, but a colossal presence that disrupted the thoughts. The Seven Tails, emerged in full splendor. Its armored body, a vibrant blue, stood in stark contrast to the verdant canopy.


The creatures form was reminiscent of a rhinoceros' beetle, exuding an aura of ancient strength. Six of its seven tails were akin to green insect wings, ethereal and delicate, yet they commanded the air with each powerful flap.

The seventh tail, a true appendage, bore the same green hue at its stem, transitioning to a fiery orange at the wings.


Eyes, though unseen, were felt; their gaze penetrated the forest's gloom, a silent testament to its perceptive prowess. The beetle-like skull that adorned its head was not just a protective helm but a symbol of its indomitable spirit. Spikes adorned its shoulders, and its six legs, three on each side, were poised, ready to unleash the beast's formidable might at a moment's notice.


The seven tails flapped its wings and stayed in the air, every flap creating massive gusts of wind that uprooted the towering trees around it efficiently.


Damn!! What a monster!!

The wind gusts that even managed to uproot trees was too much for nawaki, mikoto and taki genin to handle, cuts appearing on their skin from the sharp wind as they cursed in frustration.


Kushina who had lost sanity at this point, on her fours with a red chakra coat and six tails flickering behind her looked upward at the floating seven tails with her white eyes and let out an angry roar at it.

"Well, well, well, isn't this a lucky day? Able to break the damn seal and see an old acquaintance after so long"

The seven tails heard the roar and tilted its huge down, speaking out next moment in a happy tone with some anger mixed in it.


Kushina eyeing the huge seven tails in the sky suddenly squatted and gathered force in her four legs, next moment the ground under her breaking as like a bullet she shot towards the seven tails in the sky.

"You won't stay lucky if you attack me, Kurama!" Said, Chomei, the Seven tails watching the out of control nine tails jinchuriki approaching her and flapped one of her wings next moment. {A.N: Seven Tails has a habit of using the term "lucky" in every sentence as it introduces herself in the cannon as "Lucky Seven Chomei"}


The huge wing hit kushina directly as at a speed surpassing her ascend she shot down and hit the ground with massive impact, square like earth chunks blasting out as the painful groans of nine tails rang around.

"Damn we got to do something! Kushina and seven tails would destroy the whole village if they keep going like this!"

Nawaki and others could hardly see anything in the dust created due to the fight between two natural disasters but the way the earth shook and trees uprooted every second, despite already moving away from the main battle point; still feeling the fear and the worry for the village's safety increasing.


The point where nine tails impacted after getting shot down by Chomei from the sky, another explosion seem to take at that place and more dust and wind picked up, in the dust seven red tails flickering and the air suddenly getting chillier, the negative charka of nine tails affecting the surroundings.

The dust slowly moved away due to the wind as kushina with a red chakra coat and seven tails behind, on her fours appeared but what was different from before was the bone structure around her, like an armor covering her completely.


At this moment when the fight between the berserk nine tails and the seven tails seemed like entering a serious stage, there was a sudden movement as a blue light at lightning speed shot out from the forest around and before the nine tails could react drilled into it.

In the spiritual consciousness of kushina,

The word seemed to be crumbling apart, at the red sky was suspended a huge red ball with an orange fox with nine tails bound with chains on it.

Right under the huge red ball that bound the nine tails, on the ground sat kushina with her eyes dark red and most of her body covered in red chakra as well.

Gradually the red chakra around her began to increase and take the shape of a fox as tails began to condense behind her, when the number of tails reached seven orange hair began to seep out of her skin and her body structure began to take the shape of a fox as well just like the chakra around her.

At the same time the nine tails bound on the red ball was gradually getting smaller as its red eyes with an excited and anticipating look stuck on kushina, more and more of his chakra was assimilating into kushina and in moments he would be able to break free from this damned seal.


But at this moment, a look of shock appeared in the eyes of nine tails as he saw a man with silver hair suddenly appearing next to kushina who sat helpless on the ground.

Kazuki with his eyes still like water gave kushina gradually giving into the negative chakra of nine tails a look, then tilting his head upward to look at nine tails.

"This chakra… Hashirama!! No… It's not him…

Nine Tails sensed the silver haired man's chakra and for a second the man who was the biggest reason behind his imprisonment appeared in his head as he yelled out in anger but it didn't take him more than a second to figure out that the chakra was actually different but had the familiar feeling.

"Fortunately I had prepared for this outcome"

Kazuki clearly heard the yell of Nine Tails but that doesn't seem to matter to him at all, as once again turning his gaze to Kushina, he muttered in a relieved tone.

A month ago when the system had released the task related to jinchuriki; a guess related to kushina going berserk in the future did come in his head and to deal with that he along with his training of flying raijin had spent time to come up with a sealing jutsu used by minato years later.

With this sealing jutsu while kushina would be exposed to nine tails chakra more but it was a risk worth taking if she wanted to bond with nine tails and control it's power.

Standing next to Kushina, Kazuki began to flash hand signs as eventually small blue flames appeared at the fingertips of his both hands.


Hakke no Fuin Shiki {Eight Trigrams Seal}

Nine Tails with anger yelled out in an attempt to stop kazuki from whatever he was doing but in vain as the flame enveloped fingertips hit the sealing spot on Kushina's stomach, the spiritual world that was crumbling changing in a matter of seconds.

The world had changed into an underground complex, with pipes running along the ceiling and various hallways.

The floor was flooded with a shallow layer of water as on top of it lay Kushina passed out with Kazuki standing next to her.

"How dare you!!!!!"

The Nine Tails was separated from this complex through a large cage; behind the bars the fox with its hateful eyes stuck on Kazuki yelled out in a hateful tone.

"I don't have time for a chitchat with you… that old friend of yours outside needs to be dealt with as well… cause after that… I need to put the roots of the village back in the ground for good"

Said Kazuki calmly, gazing into the dreadful eyes of Nine Tails without a hint of fear in his tone, in his head the image of that black seal on his mother's tongue.


I have read comments related to why his parents or siblings would feed kushina something that would cause nine tails to rampage, I have put an explanation on how they were convinced to do this along with reasonable explanation on how danzo managed to weaken the seal, in a chapter which I have already posted on p@treon.

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