Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 82 Feelings


Behind the hokage mountains,


Yui jumping from one tree to another closed the distance between her and Kazuki who stood along with kushina and co, in a matter of seconds reaching him and landing right before him.

"Isn't she…?"

The arrival of Yui didn't go unnoticed as Minato and other two immediately looking towards her, Kushina seemed to recognize her but seemed a little unsure.

"It's Kazuki's sister, it's been so long since I last saw her"

Confirmed Minato her doubts, during academy days he and kushina had once seen Kazuki's parents and sister.

Yui was donning the Anbu gear, a grey armour with a black sleeveless shirt underneath and a sword fixed on her back, the only thing missing the mask.

She held a big basket in her hands, a delicious scent wafting out of the basket despite it being covered.

"What brings you here?" Asked Kazuki with a straight face, his eyes still like water stuck on his sister standing before him.

The rare smile on Yui's face didn't fade at Kazuki's straightforwardness as calmly she stretched the basket she was holding towards him, speaking up as well.

"Father and I are heading on a secret mission and we are not sure about the time it would be required to complete it, maybe a month, a year or two or even more"

"I came here to say goodbye and if you don't mind… have one last meal with you; who knows after how long I will get this opportunity" Said Yui while maintain the smile on her face, her hands clenched into fists showing her nervousness.

At her words, Kazuki didn't show any change and just kept looking at her with a straight face for a while; eventually tilting his head down to gaze at the basket before him.

Bringing his right hand forward, Kazuki took the basket from her hands while shaking his head as his lips parted.

"If you want to eat along with me just say it; don't ask permission like a stranger and act all formal as no matter what happens one fact will never change"

"I'm your brother, someone who shares the same blood and despite the happenings over the years one thing will always stay the same; when need arises I will do what a brother will for his sister"

"Just like any sister would for his brother, a father and mother for their child and a child for his parents"

Said Kazuki his honest thoughts as he who had lived two lifetimes was not someone who couldn't understand what this girl before him have been trying to do for years.

Fearing that Kazuki would one day grow too distant from the family she tried to bring him closer to the family in her own way and when failing she grew frustrated as any teen would; not knowing that Kazuki's feeling for his family never decreased or increased.

Being a reincarnate he just couldn't view them as his parents and siblings in last life and it was something he couldn't control, as no body could control emotions, not even god

He respected them as his parents and knew no parent would want to leave their child alone if there was a choice, he was mature enough to see things from his parent's perspective so what Yui had been thinking that Kazuki was distant because he hardly spent any time with his parents and sibling didn't hold a penny.

He was never arrogant or emotionless; he was just being himself.

Saying what Kazuki probably should have said years ago to clear the misunderstanding about his behavior, he turned around to face the three looking at the siblings with a curious look.

"Time for a break, go wash your hands"

Said Kazuki to the trio as finding a nice spot that was not affected by ninjutsu training, he sat on the grass and put the basket down.

 Kushina and other two went to a nearby water source, Kazuki casually opening the basket gave the food inside a look not able to see what Yui was going through at the moment.

Her whole body was shaking and her eyes were tearing up but the leaf headband coiled around her arm suddenly gleamed taking her attention as a look of struggle appeared on her face.

The struggle didn't last long though as eventually she seemed to have made a decision, holding back her tears and once again bringing the smiling face.

"Try this Kushina; You might like this!"

"Oh this is one of my favorite, thank you sister Yui!!"

Under the shade of a tree, the five ate together as while eating Yui offered her a Salmon onigiri {Rice Ball} which coincidentally turned out to be Kushina's favorite, who happily took it from her hands and ate it.

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