Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 79 Ninjutsu


Behind the hokage mountains,

"Umm… by the way what was that sealless jutsu that you used Kazuki? Did Second Hokage invent that as well?"

The shy Kushina couldn't stand the teasing eyes of Nawaki and Kazuki and quickly tried to shift the focus of them to something else.

"Well~ let's not go into who came up with that jutsu and just try to master it" Responded Kazuki to the question put forward by Kushina with a slightly embarrassed look in his eyes, he didn't want to answer this question at all.

While most will think that it was him who came up with this jutsu but he was just using his knowledge of the plot so it will always be minato who came up with this jutsu; he wasn't shameless enough to take credit for that.

Saying that Kazuki once again raised his right hand as once again chakra gathered in his palms and began to spin, eventually forming a stable blue rotating chakra sphere.

"It's incredible" Seeing the jutsu from up close, the three of them were completely mesmerized by it.

"This jutsu is an example of ultimate change in chakra form and doesn't involve change in chakra nature at all; anyone with any chakra property can try to learn it but among you three only minato is suited for this jutsu"

"So don't get greedy and go for something that doesn't your fighting style" Advised Kazuki for them to stick to their specialty, Kushina was a sealing jutsu prodigy and nawaki fared in water style so a close combat jutsu like this especially for nawaki would only end up weakening him.


Kushina and Nawaki understanding what he meant nodded and didn't show any desire to learn it.

"Good" Praised Kazuki seeing them not give into momentary temptation of a strong jutsu and sticking to what suited them.

Next Kazuki reached into his ninja bag again and took out two water balloons, throwing one towards Minato.

"A balloon?" Looked Minato towards Kazuki with a look of confusion while holding the balloon in his right hand.

"Your first task is to pop this water balloon without applying any physical force; let your chakra seep into the balloon and spin it rapidly enough inside to burst it"


Saying that, Kazuki gave a demonstration as the balloon in his hand suddenly began to change shape rapidly and burst open next moment.

"If you are able to do this; you will have improved in change in chakra form a lot by then so first try to pop this balloon and then we'll move to the next step"

"Yes!" Nodded Minato at his words with a determined look, immediately shifting his focus on the balloon in his hands and getting busy in his training.

"What's the name of this jutsu, Kazuki?" Asked Kushina suddenly as Kazuki hadn't mentioned the name of this amazing jutsu at all.

"No name yet; I leave that to you guys"

"Really?" Asked Kushina with a happy look on her face.

"Really!" Assured Kazuki again with a smile on his face, he didn't want to take away a memorable moment from the lives of Kushina and Minato by revealing the name.

After assuring Kushina, Kazuki turned his focus on Nawaki standing next to him and looking at him with an eager look in his eyes.

Rummaging through the ninja pouch, Kazuki took out a scroll and stretched it towards Nawaki.

"I have written down my experience of mastering high-rank water style jutsu on this scroll; It also has couple of B-Rank water style jutsu along with two A-Rank Jutsu"

"Try your best to learn as many of them as possible before the exams"

"I won't let you down, Sensei!"


Assured Nawaki while taking the scroll from his hands, Kazuki with a smile tapping his shoulders as an encouragement.

"Follow me, Kushina!"

Both Minato and Nawaki got busy in the training and only Kushina was left to be instructed and Kazuki didn't let her wait long as well, motioning her to following him.


Both of them travelled through the forest and went deep into it, soon very far away from the village.

Just when Kushina who was a little confused as to why they came so far away from the village just for her training, Kazuki before she could ask spoke up.

"There's nothing I can teach about sealing jutsu to a member of a Uzumaki Clan; so I'm going to help you master another power that resides in you."

"You mean?" Kushina's eyes widened at his words and she immediately understood what Kazuki was implying.

"Yes" Confirmed Kazuki her doubts with a serious face and after giving the surroundings a look, spoke up again.

"But it's dangerous as well that's why I brought you very far from the village in case of any accident"

"So tell me, till how many tails can you keep yourself save from getting affected by the negative chakra of nine tails?" Inquired Kazuki with a curious look on his face, he was really curious about the current strength of Kushina when utilizing nine tails power.

The reason why he was so curious to know was because in canon Naruto only had half the power of nine tails when he couldn't control nine tails power and enter chakra mode. {Both Kurama merged after fourth ninja war}

Kushina who had the whole nine tails sealed inside her would surely be way stronger than Naruto.

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