Konoha: The Template System

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Chapter 37 Onoki's Plan

Iwagakure, Tsuchikage Building.

Iwa Council.

Onoki carefully went through the content of the scroll and after reading it whole passed it to the other members of council.

The council members all read the content of the scroll quickly and what followed it was a momentary silence, everyone showing thoughtful expressions.

"Are we going to jump in, Lord Tsuchikage?"

Finally, a member of the council broke the silence and asked the most important question, all eyes on Onoki.

The news of Sunagakure killing one important high combat asset and seriously injuring the other was on the scroll, all the council members though thinking that it was the right time to participate in the war but the final decision still rested on Onoki.

At the query of council members Onoki didn't answer immediately and slowly floated up from his seat, approaching the window overlooking the whole village.

"During the First Ninja War, Iwagakure hardly played a role and mostly stayed on the sidelines but still we ended up losing Lord Second during that skirmish with Kirigakure!"

"After that for years the village has maintained peace and has continued to accumulate power silently but that is not enough…

"These people don't deserve to live in these barren lands, that fertile and green land is what they deserve!"

"Although it will destroy the years of peace but for a bright future it can't be helped!"

Said Onoki in a tone full of longing, his eyes on the rocky structures of the village and the scene of visiting Konoha with Lord Second during that time playing in his head.

That village with high walls around it, surrounded by large forests from all sides and the streets bustling with people full of smiles, that is what he wanted to turn Iwagakure into.

Hearing the words of Onoki, the council members all felt their blood rushing and the desire to truly do something for the village welling up in their hearts.

"Should we convey the orders to the troops to start preparing Lord Tsuchikage? As you know it will take time to prepare a safe route through Land of Grass to Land of Fire!"

The words of Onoki clearly meant that Iwagakure was stepping into the war, the members immediately asking for an official order from Onoki to start preparing.

"Not so quickly! First prepare a large amount of logistic supplies and order Han to lead a jonin squad and hand the supplies to Hanzo!"

"Konoha would be most likely expecting us to attack through land of grass but we'll take the route of Amegakure!"

Said Onoki with his back facing the council members, an interesting look on his face.

"But would just logistic supplies be enough for Hanzo to ally with us Lord Tsuchikage?"

"Moreover can he be even trusted in the first place? Sunagakure according to the intelligence suffered a huge loss on the battlefield due to Hanzo going back on his words!"

Put the council members there concern about the plan proposed by Onoki, although it would be a good strategy to attack through Amegakure but Hanzo was a man who had betrayed his allies once already so working with him could be risky.

At their concerns Onoki just smiled and turned around facing them, his lips parting.

"According to the intelligence I received from a very reliable source, Amegakure's main warehouse storing years of logistic supplies was blown by konoha shinobi who infiltrated the village."

"Although Hanzo tried his best to cover up the news but an explosion of the scale that completely destroyed the main warehouse was seen by most present at the village at that time and it was impossible to completely cover it up!"

"Hanzo is at its weakest at the moment and would never refuse our offer or if I must say he doesn't dare to; the fear of us attacking him will surely be somewhere in his head and that would be a disaster for him."

"So I bet he'll agree to our offer without even blinking and would never even think about betraying us!"

Told Onoki his thoughts and the more council members listened, the brighter their faces getting.

"We'll prepare the supplies and convey the orders to Lord Han immediately!!"

After listening to the explanation of Onoki there was no need for further talk, the meeting ending and the council members immediately getting to work and doing as Onoki ordered to.


At some distance from the village with towering steel buildings, Amegakure, was a forest and right at the edge of it behind a huge boulder was gathered a squad of around ten shinobi.

Except for one the rest all had masks on the faces with an animal print on them and donned a black battle gear.

"We can't stay here for long; we must find a loophole and infiltrate the village!"

Said Danzo to the root shinobi gathered around him in a commanding tone, dressed in all black and a somewhat frustrated look on his face.

After the destruction of warehouse, the security at the entry points of the village was increased many times by Hanzo and what he had considered an easy task to infiltrate suddenly turned into quite a difficult one.

Just when Danzo outside the village was figuring out a way to enter the village, in the forest behind him a squad led by a man in a red armor with Iwa headband on his forehead slowly approaching them.

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