Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 2 Template System

Chapter 2.


Yakiniku BBQ.

Kazuki Aoyama, someone who reincarnated into this world from Earth 6 years ago, didn't need much time to conclude which world he had transmigrated into.

And four years after his reincarnation he also awakened an assurance for his survival in this dangerous world, a template system granting him all abilities of different characters.

His luck for the first character draw wasn't bad, drawing out someone who had left a mark in this world already, Senju Tobirama the Second Hokage and the younger brother of Hashirama the God of Shinobi.

Even before activating the system, Kazuki was quite talented though definitely not even close to the future yellow flash.

The activation of the system brought him the necessary peace of mind so instead of rushing to graduate, he without any danger slowly increased his strength and the main task of defeating the Anbu squad was a factor as well in his late graduation compared to Minato and Kushina.

Without enough confidence to be able to complete the task, Kazuki didn't want to risk failing as it meant the loss of 10% template progress, which was nearly a year worth of daily tasks.

He was planning to delay a year more but due to the current war the village brought the difficultly of graduating down a lot, with his grades over the year him failing would clearly show he did it deliberately which only would bring unnecessary trouble and suspicion.

So before the graduation Kazuki challenged the main task and successfully defeated an Anbu squad comprised of a Jonin and three special jonin, showing just how much the 30% strength of Tobirama was.

"Were you assigned any jonin instructor Kazuki-Kun?"

Asked Minato with a curious face, upon graduation he was assigned under one of the students of Third Hokage, he wanted to know who would lead someone of the caliber of Kazuki.

Unlike others, both Kushina and Minato knew that Kazuki's strength was definitely not just of a genin, in the academy days the three of them stayed together most of the time and Minato who had the dream of becoming Hokage would always challenge the other two.

Kushina was the same and even more lively, wanting to be the first female kage but Kazuki always refrained from sparring.

But consistent pestering sometimes worked, both Minato and Kushina easily able to spot while fighting that Kazuki was holding back and pretending to fight with all his strength.

Just when it seemed like they would land a hit on Kazuki, he would always dodge at the last moment and when asked about it, the same answer of it being a fluke throw at them.


"All those who graduated were given orders to gather at village entrance tomorrow morning, from what I can guess we'll be heading to war straight, the village needs more manpower so I don't think anyone who graduated today will be assigned a jonin instructor!"

Told Kazuki his guess which he was completely sure of, knowing the plot he naturally knew students were forcefully graduated to use as cannon fodder in the war, those with average potential dying won't bring much loss to village.

If ten genin dying can save a jonin of the village, they'll naturally prefer that as a jonin normally can take down dozens of genin.

But he didn't use the word" cannon fodder" when explaining to Minato, those who still don't know the dark side of the village will only feel uncomfortable at his words.

"Oh, then we might be able to fight together at battlefield!"

Said Minato in an eager tone, naturally still not old and experienced enough to understand why Kazuki wasn't assigned an instructor.

Kushina had a sad look deep in her eyes, now that the emergency situation has been negated she won't be allowed to leave the village and spend time with her friends.

The trio talked for a long time while devouring the meat, during so Minato gifting Kazuki a kunai and Kushina a scroll with an Uzumaki Clan emblem on it.

After the meal the three separated as Minato and Kushina had just returned today and wanted to go back and rest.

"Guess due to the war they have increased the number of guards!"

Walking back home, Kazuki thought about the guards hidden around to watch over Kushina, there number a lot more than normal days.

Second Hokage was an excellent sensory ninja, probably only the second tsuchikage able to come close to his level, though still not as good as him yet he was still able to sense the guards hidden around.

Soon Kazuki arrived outside his house, a typical wooden structure double storey house.

Walking inside, like always Kazuki found it empty so going straight towards Kitchen he heated the leftover rice from morning, some eggs and bacon, having an eveyday dinner and then going to bed.


Next day,

August 10.

The weather in early august was mild, a slightly cool breeze blowing in the morning.

At the huge green entrance gate of the village quite a crowd was gathered, most of them genin, then chunin and finally the jonin.

Among the many, under the still somewhat dark early morning sky stood Kazuki, donning a black jacket with a black shirt underneath, black pants with white stripes on his right thigh and a holster attached to it as well.

A brown ninja bag was hanging on his waist as well, on his back strapped a sword with a black scabbard and matching hilt, slightly longer than a normal sword almost reaching down his hips.

The Konoha forehead protector was strapped around his forehead, the silver hair shot up and a calm look on the handsome face that had a mature aura inconsistent with the age.