Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 14 Limits

"It failed, his spirit is too strong… still I think I brought him down enough for them to manage!"

Muttered Dan in an exhausted tone, let alone killing Kazekage's spirit he couldn't even control him for a few seconds, his spirit or will power was way above his and in a matter of seconds he regained control of his body, forcing him out.

Third Kazekage was someone who in canon was able to resist the reanimation jutsu and forcefully undo the jutsu.

So Dan unable to overpower him in a spirit battle was understandable.

Sand Battlefield.

Orochimaru's face fell as he saw the kazekage stopping just fifty meters above the perfect landing stop prepared by him for the latter.

But next moment his face regained light again.

"This Jutsu is too dangerous!!"

Muttered Kazekage feeling the world around him somewhat dizzy, tasting the spirit transformation technique just now revealed to him how dangerous it truly was.

Unless someone had will of steel like his, they'll have their spirit eradicated in an instant.

Truly a jutsu worthy to be an S-Rank.


Kazekage who was still feeling the aftereffects of spirit transformation jutsu, suddenly frowned as he felt the sky above him going dark as on the ground just a little below a huge shadow hovering above him appearing.

Instantly he looked above and saw a giant red toad crashing down on him, the huge sword held in its hand coated with some kind of oil slashed towards him.

Iron Sand: Sand Sphere!

Kazekage tried to control the sword but found himself unable to do it so knowing now it was too late to even dodge, shaping the black sand around him into a black sphere enclosing him completely.


The blunt side of the huge blade hit the small sphere, a boom heard everywhere as like a baseball around Mach speed shot down towards the earth spear field created by Orochimaru.

The sand sphere crashed into the field, blowing sand and dust towards the sky as outside the field landed the red toad from the sky, Jiraiya standing on top of it.

"That would have surely done it!"

Orochimaru arrived next to the huge toad as Jiraiya jumping down from it appeared near Orochimaru and said, his hopeful eyes stuck on the spot where the sand sphere impacted.

"Even the strongest of jutsu would be useless when hitting the ground with such impact! He is surely defeated!"

Orochimaru had seen with how much force the kazekage was shot down so no way he would have survived that so they had surely won, they had defeated a kage.

Thump! Thump!

But The Third Kazekage was hailed as the strongest Kazekage ever for a reason, just when both of them were sure of the victory the surface in area of hundreds of meters shaking.

No!! Run!!!!

The face of both fell as a dangerous feeling rose up, Orochimaru with a panicked face yelling and running backwards.

Iron Sand: Spike Domain!!!!!!


From the yellow sand rose dark spears soaring towards the sky, the red toad unable to even jump as one of the spears pierced him from below, bursting into white smoke and disappearing.

In a matter of seconds an area around area around a half a kilometer was covered with towering black sand spears standing tall, Kazekage altering the landscape with his overwhelming power.

Even some shinobi who were closed to this battle were skewered as corpses hung on top of the spears, blood dying the black sand red.


Out of the range of the jutsu on one knee were Orochimaru and Jiraiya panting and gasping for breath and blood dripping down their bodies, faces pale.

"What a Monster!"

Said Jiraiya with lingering fear in his tone, his dull eyes on the huge spear field created by Kazekage.

On the other hand, Kazekage didn't look much better than Jiraiya and Orochimaru; his white haori somewhat shredded with blood over it, even his face showing clear exhaustion.

"I… underestimated them, to think they would push me this much!"

Said Kazekage who was barely standing while taking deep breaths, he was forced to use one of the strongest jutsu in his arsenal.

These students of Third Hokage were surely special, not some ordinary elite jonin.

"I can't risk battling more, even if I do kill them I'll be too exhausted to defend myself anymore"

"So the rest is on you, Amegakure!"

Said Kazekage after giving the current situation a little thought, although he was angry and wanted to kill Orochimaru and Jiraiya, he couldn't ignore the bigger picture.

Acting on impulse while surely result in Konoha losing two potential future kage shinobi, Sunagakure itself might end up losing kazekage.

So he didn't take a risk and calmed himself, acting like a true leader and putting his wishes behind for his village.

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