Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 102 New Template

Harukaze Village.


In the room on a tatami sat Kazuki with his eyes closed, strips of chakra flying around him as every second it seemed like he was getting stronger.

Eventually the unstable chakra was brought under control by Kazuki, who taking a deep breath opened his eyes.

<Panel >

Name: Kazuki

Age: 15

Template: Senju Tobirama {100%}

"After six years it's finally extracted completely"

Muttered Kazuki while looking at the completely extracted template of senju tobirama, he started from zero when he was nine years old and reached 100% after six years.

His eyes couldn't help but recall everything that happened within these six years as he went through a lot.

But quickly Kazuki brought his emotions under control and focused on the system as the new template was about to be extracted.

It didn't take long for the new template to appear on the template section, as Kazuki looking at it couldn't help but reveal a shocked and slightly confused look.

Template: Senju Tobirama {100%} Yoriichi Tsugikuni (Senjutsu Modified) (0%)

The image of the man with black and red and burgundy hair and possessing talent that no one in his world could even come close to came in his mind, the man who when first took the blade in his hands at a mere age of seven and defeated an adult expert swordsman.

The man who was born with the mark and defied the fate of dying at 25 and lived up to 85, the man who invented the first breathing style and came up with so many derivatives of it to help the world fight demons.

A true genius with no equal, that was who Yoriichi Tsugikuni was.


But Kazuki's eyes showed some confusion seeing "senjutsu modified" but suddenly he shook as a lot of information suddenly began to pour in his head.

"I see…

Kazuki remained still for a minute or so as eventually the confused look in his eyes vanished replaced by a look of understanding.

His first template belonged to this world so the system didn't have to do anything and just granted it directly but this second template carried a whole different power system which didn't exist in this world, a power system which was weaker than of this world.

He just inherited the sun breathing style from the system but to learn it he had to mediate like any other demon slayer but the only difference is that when he mediates he will intake nature energy instead of just air.

The system had limited the use of breathing styles to the nature energy and without it he won't be able to use it with just normal chakra, the advantage of this was that his breathing styles would be way stronger than those of demon slayer worlds and the disadvantage was that it would be way more difficult to master.

Another thing to mention was that unlike the previous template he didn't get any daily task that would increase his template and the extraction of template totally depended on himself, if he masters it quickly his template will increase quickly and vice versa.

Understanding the mechanism behind increasing the new template Kazuki didn't show any worry and only radiated immense confidence, now that tobirama's template had fully assimilated his potential had reached a new height and it shouldn't be too difficult for him to master breathing styles.

With a confident expression, Kazuki gave the other sections on the system panel a look and something caught his eye, next moment two objects out of nowhere appearing next to him.

One was a katana with a black cross guard and small flame mark carved at the base of the blade, the moment Kazuki picked it the blade suddenly began to turn black as words left Kazuki's mouth.

"Nichirin Sword…

Said Kazuki looking at the sword in his hands as he had recognized this sword immediately, the weapon which was made of ore that was exposed to sunlight all year long and was used by demon slayer corps to hunt demons.

The sword could also be turned red and at that point it could hamper the regeneration ability no matter how extreme it was, even in the ninja world it could be used to deal with some troublesome enemies.

Putting away the Nichirin sword, Kazuki focused on the second object.

It was an ordinary looking bronze human faced mask with no extra details or anything on it but the moment he picked it up the information about its use came in Kazuki's head.


Said Kazuki after going through the information related to the usage of this mask, putting it away with a deep look in his eyes.

"Take care Kazuki-San!!"

"Don't forget to visit us again!"


In the evening, most of the villagers were gathered at the entrance of the village as they all said out their good wishes for the man who slowly walked disappeared into the forest ahead, leaving a back of awe and majesty.

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