21 First Time (R-18)

Hades' room was luxurious, mirrors made of the purest silver, and bedsheets from the finest silks, it was the room reserved for a king and a god. They spared nothing; the cyclops doing everything to make it appear as the ultimate bedroom, but it didn't matter now as it would be used for... recreational purposes.

Hades walked in bridal carrying a blushing Hestia. A shadow hand closed the doors behind them. Hades gently placed her on the bed.

"Do you have no experience, sister?"


"Then let me guide you," Hades said as he removed his and Hestia's toga, getting a direct view of her lovely body.

Seeing Hestia's wet slit made Hades raise an eyebrow. She must haven been wanting this for a long time. He then started licking, deciding to give a brief experiment. He used his control over lighting to vibrate his tongue.

Judging by the stream of moans that were coming from Hestia, it seems that he had succeeded.

"Wa-wait brother, don't-don, Ahhhh~"

"Don't what?" Hades teased as he continued to lick her.

"Don-don't stop!" She nearly shouted as she put her hands over his head, trying to force him to go deeper.

Hades followed her order with gusto.

"Something, something is coming!" Hearing her say that caused Hades to speed up, so to say.

Hestia gave a scream of pleasure as she came for the first time in her life. Hades licked his mouth off her love juices. "You taste wonderful sister." His words caused Hestia to blush even more.

"Now are ready for the next step?"


Hades nodded before lining up and pushing deep inside her, and kissing her womb. She was unsurprisingly tight. He didn't know how virginity worked for a goddess, but apparently not that bad, as Hestia only flinched a little before whispering for him to continue.

Apparently, that little shiver had not been because of pain.

He started thrusting while holding her hands, mentally noticing how he had just crossed a forbidden zone installed by the Cultural members of his previous world. Handholding while doing sex was not extreme, but Hestia liked every second.

He didn't for how long they were going, but Hestia was already with her tongue out and a blissful expression on her face, which must have been from all those orgasms. He had tried to keep count mainly because, why not, but he stopped after she reached the double digits.

Just as Hades felt his own orgasm coming, he sped up his thrusts, causing Hestia to moan even louder than before.

"Hestia, I am going to-"

"In-Inside, don't you dare pull out!"

"As you wish"

Hades gave a grunt as he spilled his seed inside her. Hestia gave out a pant and was just about to close her eyes to sleep but gave out squeal instead as Hades turned her around and lifted her legs.

Vigorously thrusting once more, he quietly whispered in her ear, "I am going to breed you my darling, and to do that what we will do it again and again, just to make sure" His voice both terrified and aroused her.

They ended up having sex the whole day.

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