18 Two Years

Back to the rented house on Queen's Road.

On the roof of a rental building, she jumped down from the roof and was about to reach the third floor. After turning around, she came to her room through the open window.

All movements are quick and silent.

Hearing the rhythmic breathing in the room beside her, the corners of Bella's mouth rose.


The light golden rippled over the surface of the body, the black suit on her body, and the mask disappeared, revealing the white pajamas with the little dragon figure printed on it.

This is one result of Bella's research on magic power. She can make any clothes through magic power, and armor is not impossible.

It's just that keeping her suit will not affect normal battles, but maintaining armor will consume a lot of magic power.

She didn't sweat all the way out, and threw herself on the bed.

Open the properties' panel before going to bed and find that there is no change.

Obviously, these one hundred vampires did not allow her to upgrade directly.

Bella wasn't too surprised, either. After killing the hundred vampires, she felt little, just a slight improvement, which was insignificant, entirely different from the previous feeling of upgrading several times stronger.

As the attributes get bigger and higher, the requirements for "monsters" become higher and higher.

Bella already knew this before. The hundred vampires seemed to be quite a number, but they belonged to the bottom of the extraordinary creatures. They were not even qualified to be called Blood Clan. At most, they were called blood servants.

Not to mention her, just anyone from the Cullen family can wipe out this bunch of rubbish.

Something is better than nothing.

As soon as the quilt was covered, she fell asleep.

A few days later, it was time for school to start. Angie's school started two days earlier than Bella's.

Bella also went with her.

The school environment is very good.

It is also considered a medium university in New York.

The time at the university is quick, and two years have passed quickly.

Life at Bella University is monotonous, and she applied for the subjects in her plan, such as electron collision, quantum mechanics and so on.

She also made many friends in college.

The only thing that gave Bella a headache was that her appearance caused a lot of trouble.Bella was in good condition, but as her strength became stronger, and her life level went on to evolve, her appearance and physical condition also continued to evolve.

Skin quality, temperament, facial features, body curves, etc. all have huge amounts of attractiveness to young college boys.

It can be said that Bella had already attracted a lot of attention when she was in college, and it can be said that some ironic things have happened to her.

At the beginning, Bella felt quite fresh for a little while. In her previous life, as a man, she looked at beautiful girls from a distance, but in this life, she is pursued by a bunch of good men.

The latter is boredom, which delays her study.

However, with Bella's wisdom, these little boys retreated in minutes.

In the past two years, as Bella fought a wave of criminals in New York occasionally, or Blood Clan, it also caused New York to know that there was a a recent antihero who specialized in fighting criminals.

Kill with a shot, never leave a life alive.

Known as the Butcher, the Lord of Darkness and more.

Everyone sounds good, anyway. After Bella learned about it during the excited exchange with several roommates, she looked disgusted.

A few roommates admired her very much because they thought she was cool, especially a female superhero who never kept alive those gangster criminals.

Ruthless, powerful.

This can all reach the point of their little girls.

Female voices are like this, let alone the men outside. Just call her the huntress.

The iconic V-shaped mask, black suit with white gloves.

There are even many shops selling custom-made suits for cosplay. Bella almost wants to scold people. This is an infringement, and she feels distressed.

In the past two years, Bella's strength has improved little.

The release of power and magic power becomes been raised from d- to c-, agility has been raised from d+ to c, riding has been raised to c+, and intuition has also reached c.

It is a good improvement.

Bella has been tested, and already has about 50 tons of pure physical strength, and the physical defense and strength improvement seem to be linked, which is very scary. At least weapons such as firearms have no effect on her.

Perhaps only large-yield missiles pose a threat.

And she has good grades in computer science, physics, and electron collision.

All this she learns is just to strengthen herself.

If she wants to gain a higher social status, it is a good choice to get a doctorate, but she would rather not do that.

Bruce Banner, Reed in The Fantastic Four, and Dr. Otto are scary people to many degrees, but it doesn't matter if the status of the scientific community is high enough.

In the Marvel world, it is always the capitalists and rights holders who determine fate.

And Bella just wants to be strong.

As long as she is strong enough, who would dare to control her destiny?

With the capital to become stronger and a broad enough vision, the so-called military, plutocrats, and capitalists are all ants. It's simple, she just needs to live.

It just so happens that the US doesn't advocate freedom?

Whoever prevents her from being free, she will send him to God.

Definitely, as long as she doesn't provoke Bella, Bella thinks she still likes to be a salty fish. At most, she'll be fine to kill some criminals or something

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