145 Chapter 143: The Art Of Killing

The old man ignored Wesley's anger and said:

"Donald, he was a support staff member of the National Space Administration and knew many secrets."

"According to our data, he sold information to a criminal organization that could sow chaos and evil in the future."

"Wesley, destiny is woven, you..."

But the angry Wesley wasn't concerned with the one called the loom of destiny or what the old man told him. He only cared about Fox.

He turned around without hesitation and walked towards the exit.

The other killers looked at him but didn't move. However, before he took a few steps, he suddenly stopped.

Following Wesley's line of sight, everyone looked towards the door of the textile factory and saw a figure standing there.

The shadow made it impossible for them to see the person's face, but from his posture he didn't look like an older person but a teenager, but only his presence did them alert.

Only the old man was not surprised, but his eyes were completely black for a second and returned to normal.


The killers raised their pistols at the boy, but apparently he didn't feel any fear of being pointed with their guns.

"Hell, who the hell is this brat?"

"How is it possible that they didn't notice until now?"

Such thoughts crossed the minds of the killers.

In front of all the assassins and their weapons, the boy was not afraid, and walked forward from the shadows, showing his face.

The boy ignored these killers, and his gaze was on the old man, with a sharp look in his eyes.

"Son, this is a private factory. You should leave." The old man smiled and said, seemingly very gentle.

It's a pity that Diego is no longer the boy he was two months ago.

He doesn't have the Huntress's powerful perception ability, but after training for a long time, his perception ability is not weak, and the addition of magic power makes him sensitive to certain dark auras.

Diego clearly felt the rotten, evil, and dark aura in the old man.

Without too much nonsense, Diego stretched out his right hand, and a silver sword emerged in his hand.

The Huntress taught him this trick of magic.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The killers saw the boy summoned a sword out of thin air, and they did not hesitate to shoot with their weapons.

With the dense gunfire, bullets swept away like a storm.

But Wesley was not included. When he looked at Diego, he felt a great fear in his heart, as if this was not a human being, but a Death God.

Without the slightest hesitation, he directly started the adrenaline burst and fled with all his strength.

In fact, Wesley's hunch was very correct.

In front of these top killers, Diego does not differ from Death God.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

In Diego's eyes, these bullets seemed to be slowed down by a hundred times. Hold the silver sword in his right hand, and he swung a few times to to deflect the bullets accurately, even the curved bullets fired were also blocked.

Make a crisp sound.


Before the assassins recovered from the shock caused by deflecting bullets with his sword, the Diego's figure was slightly blurred, and he rushed over at a speed that was invisible to the naked eye.

"Ah ah ah."


Diego turned into Death God in the factory and waved the sword in his hand.

Every time the silver light shined, a life was lost.

Even the assassins with their best skills, like the curved bullet and their reaction time improves with their adrenaline, couldn't do anything against Diego.

Just less than a few seconds.

Various killers were slaughtered.

Diego grabbed the forehead of one of the few remaining killers and pushed back, and the man tilted his head unnaturally under the irresistible force.

To finish him, a silver sword mercilessly pierced through the killer's chest.

Seeing this scene, looking at the lifeless corpses on the ground, and the blood flowing, the last three killers felt fear that distorted their faces, and the three lost their will to fight.

With no hesitation, they turned around and ran towards the outside of the factory.


Death God's sickle has already been swung, and naturally, it will not be retracted.

The two killers who were running in front didn't dare to turn their heads, and squeezed their potential with all their power.

But the gap of strength between them could not be made up at all.

Before they had a gleam of joy, Diego jumped in front of them that were less than ten meters away from the door and cut them in half with his sword.

As for the last killer, who was a woman, he pierced her with his sword in the chest without mercy.

The female killer spat out a mouthful of blood, her eyes filled with fear before she died.

From the shooting to the death of dozens of killers, the whole process took no more than ten seconds.

This is the art of killing, the violence, the elegance of swordsmanship, and the splashing of blood, making the battle less than ten seconds full of visual impacts.

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