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Chapter 23: Professor X

What is going on here?

A big question mark flashed through Natasha's mind.

She took another close look at the young man, feeling that nothing seemed unusual; he was just performing magic normally, albeit the fire magic seemed a bit magical.


Natasha frowned involuntarily, immediately sensing something.

A mutant?

Was this Asian a mutant, and those tailing him had discovered his identity because he used his abilities, hence their surveillance?

The logic cleared up instantly. Natasha thought it over and decided to act as if she knew nothing, keeping her composure.

Natasha wanted to pull Bi Xiao away, but after a few tugs, she found that the man in front of her stood immovable like a mountain, utterly unmovable.

She looked at Bi Xiao in surprise.

"Shaw, it's time for us to go to the next location," Natasha urged. As a spy, her target during her missions was always Bi Xiao.

Now that an Asian had clearly been targeted, she did not want Bi Xiao to expose himself either.

But from Bi Xiao's unmoved demeanor, Natasha guessed what the big boy wanted to do.

Evidently, this kind-hearted boy had also noticed the group and guessed their intentions. He wanted to save his fellow Asian.

"Shaw..." Natasha looked deeply at the boy, her heart touched by his kindness.

After all, not everyone would choose to lend a hand in such situations.

Especially since Bi Xiao's own identity was very sensitive. Once he intervened, it could likely expose him and end his low-profile career, possibly leading to his being aggressively pursued. The outcomes could either be capture or death in a firefight.

Or a life of being a fugitive.

Unfortunately, Natasha thought too much, Bi Xiao was not leaving, and more so because he wanted to wait a bit longer. His first impression of the traditional magic performance had endeared him, and if necessary, he did not mind stepping in to help.

And with his current abilities, even if he clashed with the government, the loss would definitely not be on his side.

Otherwise, it would just be a change in the White House.

However, Bi Xiao's greater reason for not leaving was because he felt a mysterious and immense psychic force spreading towards them.

This made Bi Xiao instantly think of someone.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, a line of armored vehicles stopped by the street in the distance, and a group of fully armed soldiers descended from the vehicles, each carrying special equipment like shields and weapons resembling stun guns.

The soldiers began jogging towards them.

Just as the crowd turned their heads and screamed, the Asian still performing magic paled with fright and was about to flee when a grand and immense psychic force descended, and everything came to a standstill.

The running people, those screaming, and the oddities were all frozen in place.

Even the female spy beside them was the same.

Only two people were not affected, one was Bi Xiao, and the other was the Asian.

Facing this situation, the Asian grew even more terrified. Just as he was about to flee, a previously frozen Caucasian tourist suddenly spoke.

"Lee, don't be afraid, we're here to help you."

Hearing this, the Asian named Lee, disregarding everything, prepared to flee this eerie place, but his body suddenly froze again, clearly manipulated by that immense psychic force.

The next second, the previously frightened Asian for some reason became very calm, his body was again under his own control, but instead of running away, he waited in place.

Bi Xiao watched, aware that the owner of the psychic force and the Asian named Lee had had an exchange in the psychic realm, more accurately, a calming one, that had quieted the Asian down.

Meanwhile, footsteps approached, and Bi Xiao turned to see a group of plainclothes figures, both men and women, coming towards them.

The leader, a woman with wine-red hair like Natasha's.

Beside her was a man wearing red special glasses.

"Lee, we're here to help you."

The crowd parted automatically, the woman spoke first, but beside her, a woman with white hair wearing a brown coat and white sweater immediately startled.

"Who are you?"

The others immediately became alert, looking at Bi Xiao.

Seeing Bi Xiao wearing a cap and with distinctly Asian features, and not too old, everyone frowned.

"Another mutant? Able to resist the Professor's psychic power, perhaps he has also awakened a psychic power?"

The man with the red special glasses murmured softly.

"NO, Scott, he is not a mutant."

Another person spoke up in the crowd, the others unsurprised, knowing that the person in front of them was the Professor using his psychic power for a temporary remote communication.

"Hello, young man, I can feel you have a special power, very strong and very dangerous. What you are doing is also very dangerous."

The person came up to them, face-to-face with Bi Xiao.

Originally just a young woman, but her eyes conveyed wisdom and age far beyond her appearance.

Hearing this, Bi Xiao's tone became very cold: "I am indeed very dangerous, but casually invading others' psychic worlds, reading memories, isn't that even more disgusting?"

Saying this, a dangerous aura spread from him.

The immense pressure made everyone conscious feel as though they were bearing an invisible heavy mountain on their shoulders.

Everyone immediately prepared for battle.

The woman in front of him was silent for a while, then spoke: "I'm very sorry, I try to avoid doing such things as much as possible, but for the safety of mutants, I have to do this. To apologize, I can tell you her real identity."

"I've never cared about her identity, just your actions make me feel disgusted."

Bi Xiao didn't care whether the woman beside him had her psyche invaded, but Professor Charles's reckless reading of memories and prying into privacy indeed disgusted him.

The Professor was silent for a while, then actively freed Natasha from being controlled.


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