80 Chapter 080: Sui Feng's House

Relying on the pollution of those rotten dramas in her previous life, Mazuru writes very quickly.

After all, they are all common routines.

The big traffic code of those screenwriters in the previous life was- falling in love. Anyway, no matter what kind of drama, or how the original book is told, if it falls into their hands, it will become a romance drama. It seems that you can't live without falling in love. Love saves people, but they don't know that sometimes the common people don't need them to save.

It's fine if the original work is romance, but the original work is obviously a male cultivation novel, so it will turn into a romance drama. If there is an emotional drama in the original work, then that's fine. The fear is that some original works are male-oriented harem, as a result, it fell into the hands of some female screenwriters, and the plot of the harem was cut-off directly, which is barely understandable, the reason being- in order to pass the review. And some went even more far, and the heroine was also cut directly, and turned to someone who was not in the original work. A few unknown supporting actors added some roles, and then, with a bright eye – they were blatantly left out to rot.

As for some rotten dramas, they also changed the plot of selling rotten dramas into brotherhood for the purpose of passing the review.

Anyway, brotherly love, boys love, he understands!

In his previous life, Mazuru was not very interested in these things, and he also knew that the reason why it became like this was purely for female audiences. After all, most of those who have money and leisure and like to watch dramas are female audiences.

For men, the burden of supporting a family is on them, so how can they have so much time.

But in this world, in order to have some fun, he mainly has some evil tastes in his heart, and he directly wrote down the rotten drama routines that he despises and even finds disgusting in his previous life.

Even if he hasn't watched it much, hasn't he heard about them through other media?

He is very familiar with Shunsui and Jushiro, especially Shunsui, who was the first captain to graduate from Shinōreijutsuin, and then Jushiro also became a captain. Their deeds are widely circulated in Shinō Academy. In the library, I saw some corresponding records. Of course, it is not clear whether it is true or not.

Anyway, the events in the novel written by Mazuru are definitely false.

After all, novels are derived from reality, but they are different from reality. Since it is a novel, it is okay for Mazuru to make up some random things. The things during the Shinōreijutsuin have been further processed.

In order to prevent these two from making trouble for him after the novel was released, Mazuru even gave himself a pseudonym, called himself 'Stray Dog'!

(T.L Note: Basically his pen name)

"Writing a book doesn't seem to be difficult."

After writing a lot in one breath, Mazuru felt a little relieved.

He thought it would be very difficult to write a novel, but when he started to write, he found that ideas came out of his mind one after another. Mazuru originally planned to write the beginning, but ended up writing it all at once. It is quite a lot.

"But for today, that's all."

Mazuru put the manuscript he wrote in the drawer of his desk. After all, this is his captain's room, and basically no one would come here, so he didn't bother to hide it in another place.

And writing novels is not doing illegal experiments like Aizen, which is something wrong.

Speaking of Aizen, he doesn't know what he's been doing recently, but he's definitely not doing good things anyway.

In a hidden laboratory, Aizen touched his nose subconsciously. He suddenly had the urge to sneeze, but in the end he held back.

Compared to these trivial things, he has more important matters, he has a new idea.

After conducting Arrancar experiments for so long in Hueco Mundo, some conclusions can be drawn at present, that is, the stronger the hollow, the stronger the ability after becoming Arrancar, and most of the abilities obtained after Arrancarization are similar.

Sonido, Hierro, etc… The powerful hollow can get a weapon similar to shinigami's Zanpakuto. This weapon can be liberated to restore their original appearance and strength. No matter how injured the body is, after using Resurreccion, it can be restored to its peak state.

And their ability after using Resurreccion is similar to the ability they possessed when they were hollows.

Although basically all Menos Grandes have High-Speed ​​Regeneration and Cero, but Hueco Mundo is so big, occasionally there will be some hollows with other abilities besides these basic abilities.

Aizen has a new idea.

Hollows evolve through continuous phagocytosis. If one can create a hollow that can fuse the abilities of other hollows, after such a hollow becomes Arrancar, can it acquire the abilities of other Arrancars by devouring other Arrancars to achieve infinite fusion and evolution?

It's a bit of a mouthful, but the truth is that there is indeed such a possibility!

Due to the low success rate of the Arrancarization experiment, it was temporarily put aside by Aizen before finding a new way to improve the success rate, but this idea is worth verifying.

The Hōgyoku in his hand can not only be used to break the boundary between hollow and shinigami, but also can be used to create hollows.


Below the Sōkyoku hill.

Sui Feng's clothes were torn, and she punched Mazuru at an extremely fast speed. Mazuru barely avoided it. Sui Feng's punch directly hit a huge rock behind him, and the rock was directly turned into powder under the high concentration of Kidō.


Mazuru released Shunkō, and said to Sui Feng.

Sui Feng also lifted the Shunkō.

It seems that the two are still competing with each other as before, but in fact, it is a little different from the past, because Sui Feng has completely mastered Shunkō.

It took a long time, but it was finally fully mastered.

Hearing Mazuru's congratulatory words, Sui Feng was taken aback for a moment, and then sincerely said to Mazuru, "Thank you."

Since Mazuru taught her, she didn't know how many times she thanked him.

"It's nothing." This sentence is also said by Mazuru many times.

"Do you have anything to do later?" Sui Feng asked Mazuru.

Mazuru was stunned.

"I want to buy you a drink. I remember that when she was still there, she often invited you to drink."

For Yoruichi, Sui Feng has not forgiven her so far, so most of the time she is referred to as 'she', and Sui Feng has not mentioned her name.

If someone invites him to drink, he will naturally not refuse.

It's just that when he and Sui Feng left from the foot of Sōkyoku Hill, Sui Feng didn't take him to any tavern, but to the noble street.

Mazuru is very familiar to this place.

Sui Feng led him all the way to the edge of noble street, an extremely remote place, where there was a not-so-luxurious mansion.

"Here is?"

Sui Feng was silent for a while, and gave the answer.

"This is my home."

(T.L Note: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


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