Jungle Juice Turned Me Into A Girl!? Book

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Jungle Juice Turned Me Into A Girl!?


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(Genderbender OC) (Reincarnation OC) (Jungle Juice x Luffy’s Gum Gum Fruit) ——— After coming home in despair at the fact that he will not be going to the college of his dreams, he decides to go out to the park for a quick breathe of fresh air. Right as he is about to arrive at his destination he spots a oddly purple bug with the capability to stretch it’s ligaments. In fear he somehow ends up in the middle of the road, in which Truck-kun welcomes the invitation. Almost instantly he is awoken in a hospital as a baby. Our protagonist lives his new life as the first child of one of Korea’s most richest families. Despite the cultural differences he settles in with his new life. He is expected to start at the country’s best college in a few months, but fate says otherwise. He meets the same odd creature that got him killed and in an act of revenge uses the first bottle of bug killer that he could find. After spraying it, he faints immediately. Waking up he learns that he is now part bug and there is a hidden city designed to harbour such people, which sounds very familiar to him. Now he has to go there to become valedictorian to obtain Cinderella, the medicine to turn him back into a human. Did I forget to mention the fact that it turned him into a girl? ——— I made a vote to decide between Haikyuu OC and genderbend Chuuya Nakahara in unOrdinary, but then I decided this would be a better idea. So.. please don’t be mad. As per usual, updates will be random. If you see this on anything other than Webnovel or Wattpad, even if it’s a similar name.. it’s not me.


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