60 Training Room

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Longer chapter today since I felt like it.

What makes someone a fraud in JJK?

Is Mahoraga a fraud, or is it because he is used, which makes the person controlling him a fraud?



Maybe I can ask Tengen for a favor.

Since Yuki, Choso, and Kenjaku could go all-out, I do not doubt that I would be able to let loose against the Shikigami.

Question is.

How do I ask Tengen for something when I'm labeled as a special-grade rogue cursed user?

They will not let what they see as a massive threat near the Tombs of the Star.


After pondering for a while, I get a notice.

A random Zenin servant makes his way up to me. "Sir, you have a visitor."

I smile. "Who is it?"

He quickly replies. "A representative of the Jujutsu headquarters requests to meet with you."

So they are finally trying to do something about me. Strangely, I hadn't had any issues with my current status.

I reply. "Let him in. I want to see what he wants to talk about."

He sweatdrops a little. "The representative was adamant about talking to you in a secure location."

I raise my eyebrow. "He comes here and demands that I go meet somewhere, and I'm just supposed to say yes? For all I know, they want to jump me, and I know that I'm not on their good side. If he won't come inside the compound, tell him to go bother someone else. I'm trying to figure something out at the moment."

He looked like he would speak up but closed his mouth and ran back towards the entrance to tell the representative what I said.

A few minutes later, a bald old man in a suit with a mustache follows the Zenin servant.

The man walks over to me.

I'm still sitting down with Shoko, and Megumi stops running to turn to us.

The old man opens his mouth, but I cut him off. "DID I TELL YOU TO STOP RUNNING POTENTIAL MAN!?"

With a sweatdrop, he looked back and kept running.

Shoko spoke up. "This has to be some sort of crime."

I could tell he was irritated, but he took a deep breath before speaking up with a smile. "Hello, Naohiro Zenin. I am one of the representatives who speak for the Jujutsu Council."

I keep a nonchalant face. "What do you want? I know you guys don't like me. Stop pretending like you do."

His eyes narrowed. "Due to recommendations, your current status as a special grade rogue cursed user has been changed to special grade sorcerer."

I raise my eyebrow. "Recommendations? Since when have you guys started listening to recommendations?"

He semi-drops his professional persona by frowning. "Yuki Tsukumo, Gojo Satoru, and Masamichi Yaga have all let their opinions known to us. All of these recommendations state that we remove the title, so we would like to speak to you about the events regarding your disappearance and Suguru Geto's murder."

I rest my head on my hand. "I was sealed in a cursed object, and Suguru was killed by the time I got there. I recently was unsealed. End of story."

He kept his face. "Please take this seriously. Jujutsu Society needs to know the specifics in case of a repeat of the killing of a sorcerer."

I notice that Shoko gets a little uncomfortable, most likely discussing Suguru's death.

No wonder Gojo hated these people.

I kept a neutral face. "I need to speak to Tengen about this, not you goons. It's a waste of time when you guys aren't able to do anything about it."

He's finally done acting nice. "You request a meeting with Tengen immediately after getting your status overturned?"

I smile. "It's not your job to speculate. You represent Mr. Representative. Now, then, I'm going to go see Tengen. I still need to ask the old lady about a few things."

He widens his eyes as I stand up and walk past him, fake-smiling. "Thanks for overturning my status! Shoko, I'm going to see Tengen. Can you look over Megumi for me while I'm gone?"

She nods.

Alright, meeting Tengen kills two birds with one stone. Talking about Kenjaku as well as setting up my new training room.


With the announcement that my status was overturned, I got a call mid-air from Gojo.

Sighing, I hear a loud yell. "How did you get those idiots to pull that stick out of their ass!?"

I smiled. "I have a few theories, and if you didn't do anything to influence it, I'm going with option B. Yuki did something. There is no way that the higher-ups would go out of their way to do something unless threatened."

He responds. "Why didn't they listen to me!?"

Gojo can sometimes act like a dense anime protagonist.

I huff a laugh. "I have no clue, but I'm for sure not on their good side, even if my rogue cursed user status has been overturned."

There was a pause.

Gojo spoke up. "How's Shoko? Heard you got her out of her room."

Keeping my smile, I speak up. "She's doing well. She is now Megumi's personal medical professional."

I swear I could hear an eyebrow raise. "What are you doing to Megumi to get him a healer as good as Shoko?"

I try to hold in a laugh before replying. "His technique has a loophole that we can exploit, and he's going to need someone who is good at outputting reverse cursed technique."

He huffs. "Well, don't kill him."

With that, I see Jujutsu High. "Hey man, got to go. I need to talk to Tengen about something. See you later."

Gojo spoke up. "Alright, see ya."

I hang up as I land in front of Jujutsu High for what feels like the thousandth time.

Knowing where the Tombs are located, I head there.

However, knowing where the Tombs are located isn't enough since multiple sections are made to throw off unwanted visitors.

Luckily, I made sure to track Tengen in our first meeting, making it easy.

I won't leave one of the most important beings in the world unchecked when Kenjaku is running about taking backshots, even if it is a little creepy to be tracking an old woman.

After a while, I could sneak my way past the random goons located outside. However, Tengen should know I'm here, so I'm not too worried about it.

I heard the ding when I went down an elevator that seemed to never stop. It opens to a five-foot-tall white-haired girl who, if you didn't know her, would look like she was in her late teens, sitting down at a familiar table.

She speaks up. "So, you've arrived."

I smile. "Looks like the assimilation went well."

She turns to me. "Why are you here?"

I sigh. "*Sigh* Alright, I won't beat around the bush. I was sealed in the prison realm by Kenjaku. That was the reason I was gone for three years."

She narrowed her eyes but in more of a strange way than hostile. "I knew he would come after you eventually, but I didn't think it would be so soon, especially with the prison realm. Also, if you were sealed inside, how did you..."

Ah! "I could move around, so I trained my body."

Tengen nodded. "I see. So, what would you like from me?"

I raised an eyebrow. "You don't seem too concerned that Kenjaku sealed me."

She then gave me a neutral face. "You are out, are you not?"

I rub the back of my head. "Well, yeah, but I expected more of a reaction. Anyway, I wanted to ask you if I could use the empty barriers above the Tombs for training."

She raises her own eyebrow. "Why must you use that area specifically for training?"

I smirk. "Because with the type of training I'm going to be doing, I'll need a strong place that doesn't have eyes on it."

She puts her hand on her chin and ponders. "So, what kind of training will you be doing?"

I tilt my head to the side. "Since it will be done here, you'll find out, so I'm going to fight Mahoraga to gain experience against strong opponents and refine my skills"

Her eyes widen, and her mouth drops. "The Divine General Mahoraga!? Are you insane!?"

I give her a closed-eye smile. "Yes, and yes. I'm at the point where I can comfortably fight it, so I would like an area where I can go all out."

Surprisingly, Tengen facepalms. "I have so many questions that I don't even want to start. Using the Divine General as training is something that has never been heard of. As someone who has seen its full power, if it gets loose by a Ten Shadows user, I'll have one of the most dangerous beings to exist in my home."

I smile. "The new Ten Shadows user hasn't tamed it, so we can repeatedly use the ritual, and even on the off-chance that I die, the ritual will end."


She pauses.


Then, she stands up and narrows her eyes at me. "One time. If you show yourself capable, I'll allow you to use the empty barrier for training. However, I must check the Ten Shadows user and make preparations in case of something going wrong."

I give her a wide smile. "Thanks a ton! I'll bring the little punk here tomorrow. How long will you need for preparations?"

She gives me a deadpan stare before sighing. "*Sigh* You don't even look concerned to fight it. You have no idea what you are getting yourself into. I'll need a week to set up something strong enough to hold it. Its adaptation is an issue, but with a few tricks, you can overcome it."

That gets me to raise an eyebrow. "Tricks? In any case, I know exactly what I am going up against, and I'll be ready for it."

Tengen closes her eyes. "I hope you do. Bring the Ten Shadows user to me tomorrow to meet the poor soul."

I give her a genuine smile. "Again, this means a lot to me, so thanks for doing this."

All she does is put her hands on her sides and nod, so I get up and leave.

I can't help but have a large smirk on my face as I leave the Tombs.


Training room and Mahoraga, get.

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