18 The Strongest

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Random Question

Thoughts on Yorozu (Power Wise)?

I've seen people say she scales to 15-finger Sukuna

I've also seen some say she gets bodied by the culling games.

I'm just curious since I'm unsure where she scales, which might affect the future...


Running towards Satoru, time seemed to slow down. I had been moving faster than I had ever been. As I am now, I'm sure I could avoid Ogi's sword strikes, but why does everything seem slow?

The only thing I see in front of me is the future strongest sorcerer of the modern age. I notice my cursed energy output shoots even higher; however, nothing seems to change with my control.

As we met in the middle, we both threw a fist, and while it was fast, everything was slow enough for me to move my head to the side of his fist.

I didn't notice it at first; however, my fist started to have black sparkles mixed into it. I meet his amplified Limitless.


He didn't notice fast enough, given his eyes widened too late. No matter how much he wanted to amplify it, I already had three clicks of adaptation, making this the fourth.

He had no choice but to engage in direct combat. I had already adapted to blue. He couldn't access any of the other Limitless abilities, red, purple, or infinite void, and didn't have the reserves to match mine.

With that, my fist goes straight through the Limitless like butter.

*Bzt Btz Crackle*

I see.



"[Black Flash]."

Black Flash, the technique that squares the attack potency by 2.5 times, is something of a phenomenon that most sorcerers will never accomplish in their lifetime.

To most, it is a technique based solely on chance, but in some circumstances, it can be used when a sorcerer ignores all useless thoughts and, in rare cases, is used consecutively.


My fist connects with his face and creates a massive shockwave, sending him flying.

I started to drool on myself, but I didn't care. I couldn't see anything around me other than an unconscious Satoru Gojo with a massive fist imprint on his left cheek.

Ultimately, it didn't matter how high he pushed his Limitless when I could adapt. Ever since I received the fourth click, it decided the match.

While Satoru Gojo is a prodigy skilled at controlling cursed energy, I could push more cursed energy than he could due to the sheer mass of energy radiating from my body.

Sorcerers are born with a fixed amount of cursed energy. However, given the sheer amount of energy that would've been in my body due to the wish of Sukuna's reserves, it was held back until the vessel could handle it.

I usually wouldn't be ready to handle such quantities, but I forced my body to break. My body could finally handle being filled with nigh-infinite cursed energy. I had finally reached Sukuna in cursed energy reserves.


I managed to beat the strongest.

A few seconds later, the cursed energy surrounding me vanished, and I felt my body go limp.


My adaptation started to kick in.


As my eyes started to close, I was jolted up and caught myself from falling. I started to breathe heavily and was knocked out of whatever high I was in.

I audibly let out a gasp. "What the actual hell was that!?"

My right hand was almost unrecognizable but was quickly turning back to normal, as well as the burned skin on my body.

I feel twice—maybe more—times stronger than I did before. My cursed energy reserves were through the roof, I was amplified by a black flash, and I was in the zone.

After being snapped out of whatever mood I was just in, I smiled and started to laugh. "HAHAHA, I did what many would dream of doing. I knocked that stupid smirk off his face! Yeah, he'd lose!"

After snickering for another few minutes, Naobito grabbed me on the shoulder. Looking over to the Zenin group, I saw each of their faces.

Naoya was awake and staring at nothing; Ogi looked like he aged another one hundred years. Jinichi and Chojuro narrowed their eyes on me. I then looked up at Naobito to see him with the biggest shit-eating grin I've ever seen.

Damn, old child-abusing drunk geezer.

The entire arena was completely silent, including the goon from before, who had wanted to step in ever since the match started.

Then, a group of white-haired nobles walked over to our group.

One man who looked like a cultivation novel villain spoke up: "This is a direct violation of the non-aggression agreement. While it would've been acceptable if they had met in the tournament, the Zenin child taunted and assaulted the Gojo's heir."

*Sigh* How many cliche villains will I run into in this world? Either that or this dude has a stick a few feet up his ass.

Naobito started taunting them back, but I tuned them out. It's not my problem since I don't plan on staying in this clan for the long term. There are too many unknown factors that I need to worry about before getting involved in clan politics.

Then it hit me.

What have I done?

I just beat up the Limitless Six Eyes user. I revealed to the world my potential to interfere with certain people's plans.

Kenjaku is going to be on my ass now.

Damnit, why did I jump in? While it's nice, I got much stronger; this will seriously backfire. If Kenjaku didn't have plans for me before, he sure as hell will make some now.

I'm not a child. Well, not mentally, at least, and I acted like a complete dumbass. I was so blinded by Naoya that I didn't think about the repercussions of my actions.

This isn't a world of heroes and villains. Machinations are being planned that can destroy the world, and here I am, ripping away the chance to survive.

It's not enough. I need to get even stronger. I might be eight years old, but I'm going to need to complete my domain expansion and reverse cursed technique as soon as possible.

Since I know my adaptations can be strengthened, I can start incorporating training into the current adaptations, such as healing. I will need to get it to reverse cursed technique levels of fast.

I wished for adaptation for a reason. I haven't been using it to nearly its fullest potential. This fight alone showed me how much I don't know about my own cursed technique. 

By the time I reach Jujutsu Tech, I'll be a special grade. That isn't my goal but my promise. I'll beat Toji, keep Geto away from Kenjaku, save Riko, and awaken Satoru.

I'll become the strongest person not only in the modern era but in all of history. Not even the king of frauds himself will be enough to kill me.

Time to get to work.

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