41 The Soul

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What do you guys think Miguel is going to do?

Is the Sukuna cycle going to continue?

He's "The man who went toe-to-toe with Gojo Satoru."

Can you guys remind me what Miguel's 'toe-to-toe' looked like?


He's getting folded.



I hadn't expected Toji Zenin to participate in the Goodwill event. It was perfect since Uraume was useless.

The original plan was to make Uraume ally with Naohiro or keep him occupied, but neither of these plans worked out. Uraume couldn't hide their emotions, but having Toji Zenin there made everything work.

I'm surprised that we were able to find two fingers, given how many we were able to collect over these past few years, allowing us to gather fifteen fingers in total.

Yuji Itadori is still not ready to handle Sukuna, but when he is, Sukuna will experience a surprising awakening.

By my estimations, he'll be able to eat Sukuna's fingers when he turns fifteen, so there are still a few more years before the ball can get rolling.

However, there is still something...or someone that can play a role.

A smile appears on my face.

No matter how much Naohiro adapts to cursed energy, a part of Sukuna's soul was in that finger, still waiting to be awakened.

If things don't turn out for the better, there is still a way to force Naohiro to become a compatible vessel.

The main issue with being a vessel is handling the cursed energy and soul of the cursed object ingested, but Naohiro has proved that he is able to hold a soul as strong as Sukuna's.

In different circumstances, I would've done everything in my power to kill him or remove him from the chessboard, but he needs to stay around as insurance.

By the time Sukuna can be awakened, Naohiro will not be strong enough to fight a fully incarnated Sukuna, so I've been keeping a distance and an eye on him.

Thinking about how he functions is amusing since he reminds me of a very powerful shikigami. One that can go toe-to-toe with the strongest of the Heian period.

Mahoraga is the ace of the Ten Shadows, a monster that no one has ever been able to tame in the history of the cursed technique.

A human Mahoraga, huh? What an interesting concept.


So I'm currently freaking out and not the happy kind.

Since I'm finally able to see my soul, I see a dark cloud swirling around my own soul.

One doesn't need to be a genius to know that the soul of the king of frauds himself is inches from my own.

I thought that my adaptation would've turned the entire finger into cursed energy, but it seems like my adaptation only allowed me to absorb the cursed energy and co-exist with someone else's soul.

Shit...this is probably why Kenjaku hasn't made any serious moves against me.

The dude wants to turn me into a fucking vessel.

Soul manipulation was one of the things I needed to do, but now that I know this, I will need to get Sukuna out of my body before I become the next Meguna.

I mean I am a human Mahoraga. He won't even need his dad to have the broken adaptation.

While it is good that he didn't incarnate, a piece of him is still inside my body, and I'll need to become better than Mahito at soul manipulation if I want to permanently separate him.

For the first time since coming to this world, my technique has worked against me.

Damnit, I thought eating the finger would give me cursed energy and remove it from the world, but this is way more complex than anything I have seen thus far.

Yuji is the perfect cage for Sukuna, so I might be the perfect vessel.

It seems Naoya has finally noticed my pale face.

Walking over to me after trying to spread his technique, he speaks up. "What's up with you? I haven't seen you this scared since you nearly died."

Resting my head in my lap, I reply. "Well, I just found out that I'm screwed if I don't figure something out in the next couple of years."

He gives me a deadpan look. "You didn't tell me anything..."

I flop back onto my back. "*Sigh* I can't get into the specifics since it is really bad. I figured out how to comprehend my soul and saw something that I really didn't want to."

With a shocked look on his face, he speaks. "You told me about how Toji stabbed you with the split soul katana. Do you still have damage from it?"

It makes sense that he would default to the katana, but it is so much worse.

I close my eyes. "Like I said before, I wouldn't like to talk about it."

Naoya moves to hit me, but I'm not in the mood to dodge.


He stands up and looks irritated. "I'm tired of this bullshit! You never say anything to anyone about how you're feeling. You disappear, don't elaborate, and act like everything is normal! Then you tell me that you're 'screwed' and don't want to tell me why!? I'd like to know if my own brother is going to die!"

I open my eyes a little.

He continues. "You act like the entire world is on your shoulders! You're fifteen years old! I bet Ranta would understand that better than you! Remember what you said before I got my ass kicked in the clan tournament!? I'm not a stranger. I'm your brother! *Huff* *Huff*"

A smile appears on my face.

Who knew that I would be getting lectured by Naoya, of all people?

Pushing myself up, I huff out a small laugh. "You want to hear it? Fine. I swallowed a cursed object a while back and don't know when or if it'll incarnate in my body. That's why I said that I'll need to figure something out because if I don't, I'm going to hurt a lot of people."

I stand up and stretch my arms before walking away. "Sorry, but I will need to work on my soul. Just keep working on a domain. From what I've seen, you're on the right track. I'm sure you'll get it. If you run into any major problems, let me know."

This is also an amazing way to figure out how to separate Mai and Maki. If I become the best soul manipulator, I'll be able to fix a lot of things.

Sorry, Kenjaku. I have no plans to become a fraud.

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