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You know the drill, dude dies and reincarnates with some op wishes. This time, what if the cursed technique was as broken as Mahoraga's adaptation? Can Naohiro surpass Mr. Nah I'd Win? __________ I don't own JJK (duh). Lord Gege has the right to his stuff. I found the picture on images, if you own the meme and want it taken down, let me know and I'll replace it.

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The God of Speed

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Tokyo Colony No. 2


Kashimo's frame gets smashed and goes flying into a shipping container.


He thinks to himself while lying on the metal sheets. 'Movements. There are a set number of movements that I can follow before turning into glass. The problem is...'

Kashimo jumps up as Naoya appears in front of him.



Kashimo turns into a frame. 'He's too damn fast!'


Even when Hajime Kashimo amplified his speed, Naoya Zenin hadn't been using Projection Sorcery to amplify his speed in their first encounter, only using it to turn Kashimo into a frame.

Kashimo can't match Naoya in raw speed without using his cursed technique, which can only be used once.

However, he would rather die than use it against anyone other than Sukuna.

Unfortunately for Kashimo and Naoya, Kogane hasn't been able to announce the addition of a new rule due to their fight.

Kashimo can leave and go to Yuji Itadori whenever he wants, but he still believes he needs to create a rule, making this battle the determining factor in whether he can face Sukuna.

He smirks while lying on the ground. "That's enough. You might be fast..."

Naoya appears above him and does an axe kick.


"...but not faster than lightning!"




Lightning gets shot off.


Naoya widens his eyes as he narrowly leans his head back, avoiding the strike through his head.




Kashimo stood up with a smile.


Naoya goes flying into a wall as Kashimo punches him in the side.


Kashimo speaks. "Take out the legs; you can shut down speed altogether."

Naoya's right leg, which was moving down towards Kashimo, was blown off by the lightning bolt.

Kashimo smiles as he picks up his Nyoi staff. "Your whole thing is speed. You fight by overwhelming your opponent with strikes while they can't react. But what happens if you fight someone or something faster than you?"

Naoya spoke from the dust cloud. "You like talking to yourself, don't you?"

Kashimo widened his eyes when Naoya appeared without a missing leg. The torn pant leg was the only indication that something was wrong.

A wide smile appeared on Kashimo's face. "Reverse cursed technique, huh?"

Naoya stretched his arms. "Nah, never been good at it. I needed a little something extra to get into special grade."

While Naoya can utilize basic forms of reverse cursed technique, it isn't effective enough to regenerate a limb in a matter of seconds.

So, he used his reversal technique: Backtrack.

Projection Sorcery allows the user to plan and move in 24 frames. However, the reversal uses 24 frames to revert the user back to the original time.

This can only be used after an instance of Projection Sorcery is used.

Since Naoya used Projection Sorcery in his axe kick against Kashimo, his body reversed from that time after being struck by the lightning bolt.

This means any serious damage he takes can be nullified if he uses Projection Sorcery while his body is still in full health.

However, the point in time is removed with every new instance of Projection Sorcery, so if it's not used effectively, it can be pointless.

Naoya continued. "However, if you keep holding back your cursed technique, you'll die."

Kashimo vanished and appeared in front of Naoya.


Naoya crossed his arms as Kashimo threw a punch at his guard. "I don't need to use it against a nobody like you!"


Naoya sends a side kick at Kashimo's stomach, which he grabs.

However, his goal wasn't to damage Kashimo.

Naoya smiles and brings his hands together. "You were the strongest in an era of the weak. [Domain Expansion: Time Cell Moon Palace]!"

A black barrier encases both of them.

Kashimo speaks. "[Hollow Wicker Basket]."

Anti-Domain techniques of the past were ineffective and unrefined.

While the sure hits and most dangers of a domain can be avoided, Hollow Wicker Basket requires the user to hold their hands together to keep it active.

The technique is more durable than Simple Domain. However, anyone not named Sukuna is better off learning the latter due to the harsh restrictions that a user has when performing the Hollow Wicker Basket technique.

Naoya smiles as a fleshy womb with an eye forms behind him.


Kashimo gets sent flying towards the barrier wall as he gets punched in the face.

Even if the sure hit is blocked, the user of Hollow Wicker Basket has to deal with a Domain Amplified sorcerer without using two hands.

Naoya specifically.


Can keep up with Naohiro and Gojo in speed while in his domain.





Kashimo gets tossed around by Naoya and holds his hands together to avoid being affected by the domain's sure hit.

He screams as electricity builds up in his body. "YOU DAMN NOBODY!"




Kashimo flashes white as he detonates his cursed energy, shooting electricity everywhere inside the domain expansion and covering Naoya.

Due to his cursed technique, Kashimo hasn't been able to attain a domain expansion of his own. So, he created his own form of a sure-hit attack using his cursed energy trait.





The domain falls apart as Kashimo is on his hands and knees, blood all over his face and body, and torn clothes. "*Huff* *Huff* Finally, that nobody is do-."

A voice spoke up from a few meters away. "You're insane."

Kashimo turned to see a half-charred Naoya lying on his back, hardly moving due to the electricity running through his body.


Naoya slowly stood up and moved his body around to remove the residual electricity from his body while his burns slowly healed using reverse cursed technique.

He spoke. "Well, whatever, I still need to create that rule."


Kashimo widened his eyes and scowled at Kogane. "Why didn't you tell me!?"

He huffed. "You were ignoring me. It's not my fault you guys wouldn't listen."

Naoya fell on his back. "Well, I no longer need to worry about that. I could use a bit to get my cursed energy back. Hey, Kashimo, what is your whole thing with Sukuna?"

Kashimo narrowed his eyes. "What are we, buddies or something!?"

Naoya flopped his head back. "Nah, but both of us are nearly out of cursed energy, and the rule is already created."

Kashimo moved his body to a sitting position, facing Naoya. "Fine. I was the strongest of the Edo Period and had nothing left to attain, so I took Kenjaku's offer to fight the strongest sorcerer in history. That's why I want to fight him."

Naoya tilted his head to the side. "Strongest in history? More like the strongest of the Heian era."

That got Kashimo's attention. "What do you mean?"

Naoya looked Kashimo in the eyes. "Exactly what I mean, that title was taken. While they are close, Naohiro Zenin and Satoru Gojo are likely stronger than Sukuna."

Kashimo raised an eyebrow. "Your brother, Naohiro Zenin...How would YOU know?"

Naoya smirked. "Because my brother told me."

Kashimo gave him a deadpan stare, but Naoya smiled. "Based on the current standings in the Culling Games, it looks like Sukuna lost, given that his points are gone."

A screen appeared in front of Kashimo, which made his eyes widen. "Naohiro Zenin...no way."

Naoya huffed a laugh. "I'm surprised he didn't win faster."

Kashimo narrowed his eyes at Naoya. "Why do you even give a shit? We just tried to kill each other."

Naoya looked at the sky. "This Culling Game thing sucks. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for when fighting Naohiro."

Kashimo looked at the ground. "Maybe, maybe not."




However, Naoya didn't care about that shit.

Naoya thought to himself with a malicious smile. 'Paybacks a bitch, Naohiro.'


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