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You know the drill, dude dies and reincarnates with some op wishes. This time, what if the cursed technique was as broken as Mahoraga's adaptation? Can Naohiro surpass Mr. Nah I'd Win? __________ I don't own JJK (duh). Lord Gege has the right to his stuff. I found the picture on images, if you own the meme and want it taken down, let me know and I'll replace it.

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[Author Note]

Disc: HrPrTeam

Am I the only one who was more hurt that Choso died than Gojo?

The dude was so goated, and he had to be a Gege victim.

When I catch him...


Tombs of the Star

With widened eyes, Uraume screams. "[Icefall]!"

Piercing blood is fast, but she could use her cursed technique since her hands were already on the ground.


A massive ice formation formed, covering her point of view.

Choso speaks, albeit with a muffled voice. "[Flowing Red Scale: Stacked]."

Three small arrows appeared at the side of the lines on his face.

While talking to Uraume, he activated the base Flowing Red Scale.

The difference between Flowing Red Scale's stacked and base versions is a massive multiplier.




The small beam shoots through it as steam can be seen coming off of the blood.

Uraume barely moves her head to the side to avoid taking another piercing blood. "*Urg* Damnit!"

Kenjaku spoke up while moving around the chess pieces. "If this keeps up, you'll die, Uraume."

She glared at him. "*Huff* *Huff* Quiet, Kenjaku!"

Choso spoke up. "[Slicing Exorcism]."


The large ice structure gets sliced in two.

Uraume scowls as she thinks to herself. 'My output is lowered. It should've easily taken that attack.'

The ice clears to Choso, covering a small portion of his body.


It visibly starts melting off of him.

Uraume puts her hand in front of her face. "[Frost Calm]."

The air's temperature dropped, and a cold wind approached Choso.

Suddenly, Choso's eyes narrowed as blood rapidly started covering his body as he pushed through her ice.

The ice was forming on Choso's body, but the combination of Uraume's lowered output and Flowing Red Scale: Stacked allowed him to push through.

Uraume widened her eyes as Choso hardened the blood on his fist.


She gets punched in the face, and blood splurts from her mouth as a few teeth get broken.

Getting sent flying and rolling for ten meters, Uraume groans in pain as she heals her face with reverse cursed technique.

Choso slowly walks towards her. "Every attack that connects with you is more poison that gets introduced into your body. It starts with a loss of breath and eventually turns into paralysis. The longer I fight someone, the more they become helpless."

At this point, Uraume can only allow Choso to reveal more of his technique to amplify himself.

Uraume looked at Choso as blood ran down her face. "I didn't come here to die to a bastard like you."

Choso looked down at her with murderous eyes. "You don't have a say in that."


He picked up Uraume by her hair. "Now, tell me where Yuji is, and I'll make it quick. If not, this will take a while."

Uraume's eyes widened in horror as she remembered something long ago.

Words that scarred her.

'This will take a while.'

Kenjaku sighed from the side. "*Sigh* How disappointing. What do you think Sukuna would say to you now?"

Uraume's eyes widened as she knew exactly what he would say to her, and it wasn't words of admiration or praise.


Choso hit her in the face again. "Where is he!?"




He blinked as he looked down and saw ice spearing through his chest.

Choso let go of her as he stumbled back and ripped it out.

To his surprise, Uraume stood up with tears streaming down her face with eyes that showed hatred. "Even if I can never use my cursed technique again, I'll ensure he is revived. All I need to be is a cook. I don't care what happens to me. Everything I've done is for him."

Choso put his hands in front of him and narrowed his eyes. "[Convergence: Supernova]."

Tens of blood bullets get shot at Uraume, but she claps her hands together. "[Cursed Technique Maximum Output: Ice Formation]."


Half of the room gets encased in ice instantaneously, narrowly avoiding Tengen.

Looking inside the structure, Choso has widened eyes but is frozen.

Uraume glares at Kenjaku. "Time to get you out."

Tengen takes a step back, but Uraume speaks. "[Ice Formation]."

An ice structure encases Tengen, restricting her movements.

Kenjaku smiles as he puts his arms on the barrier and slowly dismantles it.


He pops through, similar to Naohiro.

Uraume looked shocked. "How did you do that with the barrier's properties!?"

Kenjaku cracked his neck. "It is tough, but without Tengen focusing on it, dismantling closed barriers can be done. I prepared this one before she shut off my ability to create them. Luckily, I'm the only person in the world who can match Tengen in barrier techniques."

He then turned to Tengen.

She stared at Kenjaku with narrowed eyes. "What is the point of doing all this?"

He tilted his head to the side. "The point of what?"

Tengen continued. "Playing around, allowing yourself to get sealed, and having your lackey come here."

Uraume starts walking towards her. "Lacke-?"

Kenjaku raises his hand at Uraume to shush her. "The point is you."

Tengen's eyes widened. "Me?"

He shrugged. "I guess it doesn't matter if I tell you or not since you won't remember it anyway. I'm going to use you to create a being of unimaginable power. Merging you with all of Japan will result in an entirely new entity. I needed to stay here to study and observe you. I've never had the opportunity to do so until we agreed to seal Naohiro Zenin."

Tengen spoke. "At the beginning, you said that you would've preferred that he was to kill you."

He smirked. "That was one outcome that worked best since I would've been able to move around more freely, but having Uraume do things for me gave me the time to focus on you. However, after observing you, I've devised a different plan for the merging."

Tengen narrowed her eyes. "And what will that be?"

His eyes widened as a wide smile appeared on his face. "Yuji Itadori."


Uraume remembered what Choso said and glared towards the ice structure. "Alive but frozen and unconscious."

She walks towards Choso, but Tengen speaks up. "Please let him live."

Uraume stopped, and Kenjaku slightly widened his eyes as he spoke. "I didn't expect that from you, of all people."

Tengen had a sad look on her face. "I've made so many mistakes. I try doing everything in mankind's best interest, but I've failed. He has nothing to do with this."

He smiled. "That isn't the Tengen I remember."

She lowered her head. "Please."

Uraume spoke up. "I only have five more minutes before I lose my cursed technique."

Kenjaku waved her off. "Let us go, Uraume. We got what we came here for. We've got a culling game to start."

He walks over to the half-frozen Tengen and touches her face. "Good night, you shut in."

Everything went dark for Tengen.




With Uraume on carrying duty, she picked up Tengen and left the Tombs of the Star with Kenjaku.

Choso is to me as Sukuna is to Gege. Plot armor, go brrr.

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