47 Series of Bad Events

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Riko only shook her head. "*Sigh* Anyways, I have school and don't want to be late. You guys were way too slow getting here."

Gojo spoke up. "Huh? You're the star plasma vessel, and people are coming after your life, and you want to go to school?"

She stomped. "Of course I do! I want to talk to my friends before leaving!"

I smile. "You have friends?"

Riko pointed at me. "I'll let you know that I am extremely popular at my school. Thank you very much!"

Why is she so loud?

Thankfully, the vessel's location hasn't been leaked, so Q and the Star Religious Group are actively searching.

Rubbing my forehead, I speak. "Q is searching for you, and what better place to find you than at your school? Can we do something else?"

I would respect the last wishes in different circumstances, but this isn't a joke. Even if she is a middle schooler, the assimilation needs to occur. Hell, I even killed Toji. I'm not wasting this.

Riko becomes even louder. "NO, I'm going to school!"

Would it be ethically wrong to punch a child in this scenario?

I scratch my hair. "*UGH* Fine, but I'm staying close by. I'm not asking. You're too important."

Gojo spoke up and pointed at himself. "What about me? I'm still here."

I raise an eyebrow. "Since I'll be looking after Riko, you can ensure that Q doesn't get close by monitoring the surroundings. Kuroi...do what you can."

Gojo smiled. "You really like ordering people around, hmm?"

Narrowing my eyes, I speak up. "First off, you asked me. Second, sorry, Satoru, this isn't the time to mess around. This only happens every 500 years, so we can't fuck this up. It doesn't matter if we're the strongest if they get their hands on Riko."

I noticed that Kuroi was glaring at me. Most likely because of my choice of words.

Gojo leans back in his chair. "Fine, fine, I got it."

After Gojo finishes his sentence, Riko speaks up. "J-just don't let people see you! You're going to embarrass me!"

I lean forward. "Alright, I'll stay close but will not show myself to your friends. If something happens, we will bail, and there will be no complaints. Capiche?"

She looks irritated. "*Grr* Fine!"


After our discussion, Kuroi ended up taking her to school. Since I would be her bodyguard for the time being, I'd be able to track her using her cursed energy.

Gojo and I split up so Gojo could keep an eye out for any suspicious individuals who might want to infiltrate the school to find and kill Riko.

Currently, I am on top of the school, hidden from view but close enough to detect any problem.


I get a call from Gojo. "Hey man, suspicious activity spotted."

*Inhale* *Exhale* "NO SHIT!"

Hanging up, I bust the ceiling open right above Riko. Before anyone can say anything, I grab Riko and carry her like luggage.

Riko starts screaming and kicking. "What the hell are you doing!?"

I give her a side eye while running. "Satoru spotted something, most likely Q. I told you that we shouldn't have gone here. They likely would've done this if you weren't here, but that isn't the problem."

While they didn't know her exact location, attacking her school would have allowed them to obtain information about Riko's whereabouts.

Turning a corner, I run into an old man with two shikigami next to him with a smile.

With his smile, he speaks up. "So you must be Naohiro Zeni-."

All I do is sprint towards him with a murderous face. "Cursed user or Q, I don't care who you are. Get the fuck out of my way. [Black Flash]."

He widens his eyes. "Tasuke?"


My hand goes through his shikigami and, eventually, his heart before releasing a large explosion of black electricity.

It looks like Toji didn't need to set up the bounty. It was most likely the Star Religious Group or Kenjaku, but this doesn't seem like something he would do.

Riko squirms in my arms. "*BLEH*"

Ew, thankfully, it didn't get on me. Looks like Riko isn't in the mood to talk anymore.


Thank God.


Getting a message on my phone, I opened it up to see Gojo with a peace sign; however, there were eight people in white uniforms, all knocked out.

I recognized two of the Q members from the original timeline, so their group's 'strongest' cursed users are already taken care of.

Now that they are taken care of, I can focus on getting bac-

*Ring Ring Ring*

I stop and look down at my phone and see it from Kuroi.

It's 100% going to be a cliche.

When I answer the call, I hear a deep voice rather than Kuroi. "If you want to see the maid alive, come to the location I just sent."

I roll my eyes. "Shut up, I'm busy."

The voice quickly responds. "The maid dies if you don't bring the vessel towards...huh?"

I notice that Riko starts to cry. Before Riko can plead for me to save her, I hear a scream on the phone. "AHHHH. *BAM*"


The line goes silent for a few seconds.


I hear Gojo on the line instead of the deep voice. "Got the maid, make your way back to Jujutsu High. We'll meet up there."

Sighing, I speak to Riko. "*Sigh* Kuroi is safe, but your life is in danger, so I'm taking you to Jujutsu High."

I continue on the phone. "Thanks a ton, Satoru, it would've been a pain in the ass."

With that, Gojo hung up.

It turns out that the old man created the commotion at the school, announcing their presence. What an idiot. They tried to pull the school terrorism cliche.

While running, I turn to Riko, who has a sad face. "Look, I'm sorry it had to turn out like this, but Japan and the world rely on you. Some events need to happen, no matter what feelings you have."

She closes her eyes with tears trailing down her face. "It's just that...I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone."

If this were the past, I would've felt bad and might've even gone out of the way to help her fulfill everything she wanted before she would've died, but ever since I learned that this world doesn't allow you to screw around, I needed to change my perspective on things.


Surprisingly, we don't have any more trouble returning to Jujutsu High.

However, I did make sure to look behind me on multiple occasions...

Even if Toji is dead, the possibility of Kenjaku pulling something worried me. Why hasn't he done anything to Riko? The Star Plasma Vessel should've been a priority.

Arriving at the top of the stairs, I see Gojo leaning back on a bench, staring at me with a smile. "What took you so long?~"

A tick mark appears on my head. "I'm not the one who can teleport."

Rather than continuing the conversation, I make my way into the classroom, where I meet up with Yaga. "Got your vessel here."

Riko had an absent look on her face. It didn't look like she was going to talk anymore.

Yaga's eyes are narrowed at me. "You were supposed to fill out all of her requests."


This time, I bonk Yaga. "Cursed users attack her and are there to kill a vessel that only comes every 500 years, and the first thing you say is to fill her requests!? I don't give a shit what Tengen says if there is a good chance she dies."

While rubbing his head, his eyes widen. "Cursed users attacked!?"

My head immediately snaps towards the door. "Satoru...you got here way before me and didn't tell anyone we were attacked!?"

Gojo's gaze turned away from me. "My bad."

I flop my head back. "Well, it all worked out in the end. This whole thing was stressful."

Yaga spoke up. "Have you two heard from Geto recently? He hasn't been around campus for the past few days, so I wanted to ask you both if you've seen him. Given the Star Plasma Vessel situation, I assumed he would've joined you."




My heart sinks. "Huh?"

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