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You know the drill, dude dies and reincarnates with some op wishes. This time, what if the cursed technique was as broken as Mahoraga's adaptation? Can Naohiro surpass Mr. Nah I'd Win? __________ I don't own JJK (duh). Lord Gege has the right to his stuff. I found the picture on images, if you own the meme and want it taken down, let me know and I'll replace it.

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[Author Note]

This first chapter is mostly a shorter info dump written in the first person, breaking the fourth wall, which won't be very common in the future.

Also, this takes place after the first few chapters and is a basic explanation of what is and will be going on in the future so I don't have to do run-down of what he can do.

This doubles as an information page as well as a post-prologue.


Who knew that reincarnation was a thing? Sure, you read fanfictions all the time about it, but it is mostly just people wanting to escape from the harsh truth that the real world sucks...

That was dark, but less about that and more about me! My name's Sora, or was Sora, now I am Naohiro, a prodigy young master of the Zenin clan. Now that I say it out loud, it sounds like a bad cultivation novel. However, I apparently have a technique that isn't very good and not worthy of being head of the clan.

Usually, I would've been overlooked as a mob in the clan, but there were some issues regarding my existence.

Naobito is my father, meaning Naoya, the misogynist asshole himself, is my brother. I am a year older than him, so I was supposed to be the next head of the Zenin clan, but things turned out for the worse because it seemed like the clan values cursed techniques over raw power.

Toji and Maki are prime examples because even a baby awakened Maki could tear through the entire clan and one-shot Naoya while having internal damage.

Since I wasn't born with projection sorcery and had a new cursed technique that didn't meet their "standards," I became the kid living in his brothers' shadow.

My cursed technique is called 'Cursed Evolution,' which could sound cooler, but it's basically Mahoraga's adaptation. You might be asking yourself, how is that technique average?

To outsiders, all it does is make me resistant to anything I touch or get hit by while the technique is active.

It isn't nearly as popular as the Ten Shadows that the clan cares so much about. For all of his potential, potential man was pretty wasted without it being in the hands of the king of cooking.

It was interesting that they thought of my cursed technique as an average cursed technique. I guess it makes sense because I can't think of a single person who has seen Mahoraga and is still alive aside from Kenjaku.

Ever since I had my cursed technique awakened, I knew the potential that I had, and I was going to abuse it. While I become more "resistant" to attacks, the other clan members haven't realized that two or more strikes or interactions are all it takes to be nearly immune to it as long as I have cursed energy.

It's a newer technique, and I haven't needed to disclose how my cursed technique works since I haven't been fighting anything too insane yet.

Whenever I adapt to something or have a 'clink' moment, my cursed energy drains as long as I hold my cursed technique active. When my technique ends, I lose my adapted phenomena.

(A/N - "I'm tired of seeing it but this changes. He's five years old in this chapter. Just because he loses his phenomena now doesn't mean he will in the future. Chapter 12 is where things change. The reviews have been stupid talking about how its 'ruined'.)

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule that I haven't quite figured out since I sometimes feel stronger after my adaptation ends.

The more complex the adaptation, the more cursed energy gets drained. Slashing attacks like the ones in Shibuya wouldn't take much cursed energy.

Still, something like a domain expansion/infinity which requires multiple 'clinks' or mental 'spins' would make a dent in my reserves if kept active for an extended period.

Yes, I meant dent in my reserves...

Now onto the more, interesting, things.

I ended up dying by falling down a flight of stairs. I'm not very original but who cares when you are in a fictional anime verse. I have the chance to become somebody in a world where I would've been a nobody.

I did meet ROB, and since I got into one of the most tragic and dangerous worlds, I got to have three wishes and choose the time I was in.

I knew that I had to wish for some broken shit because of the total mess that goes down later in the story and who knows if I would get Gege offscreened like fodder since I'm not Sukuna or Toji.

Using these wishes, I want to ensure that I can take on or surpass Fraudkuna and Go/jo.

Even in fanfiction, people have difficulty getting to 15-finger Sukuna since Gege made them much stronger than the rest of the verse.

To survive, I'll need to abuse the hell out of my knowledge and take advantage of wishes that have little restrictions. I obviously can't wish to be a Marvel-like abstract or blow up universes like Dragon Ball characters, so I made my wishes as broken as possible for the power system.

Time: Gojo/Geto/Shoko

I need time to prepare for everything that goes down. Sixteen or eighteen years aren't enough, and I can make preparations early. I need to make sure a few of the key events happen.

I won't be sitting around while Gojo gets sealed, but he needs to be humbled and awakened to become the powerhouse he is in the future. There is also the issue with Geto, Kenjaku, Yuji/Sukuna...

I still haven't fully worked them out yet. I might have some broken cheats, but I'm not an Aizen or Kenjaku-level planner.

*Sigh* It sucks, but I'll have to be a background character for a while.

Now then, going back to the wishes I had.

1. Mahoraga's adaptation as a cursed technique.

I chose this for obvious reasons since, while not flashy, it gets the job done. There are a few glaring weaknesses. The first is that if someone can one-shot you, you're screwed. Second off, if you can't tank hits or get used to a technique fast enough, you're screwed.

To fix these, I had another wish...

2. Sukuna's cursed energy reserves.

It was supposed to be infinite but impossible without a cursed technique activation characteristic. Without it, I would probably explode.

Just fighting with Yuta made Ishigori comment on him, stating that he felt like he was hitting a water tank. What would it be like if I had more than double his cursed energy?

(A/N - "While he has a ton of CE, the Zenin value CT over anything else. His CT reserves are going to explode when he continues to grow. As a kid, he has roughly the amount as a grade 1 sorcerer like Nanami.")

Now, I was worried that my final wish wouldn't get accepted since I was seeing how far I could push them, but ROB didn't seem to care all that much as long as I wasn't blowing up planets.

Finally, my last wish was...








3. Omit me from the balance of the curses/sorcerer power.

Oh yeah, I'm going to have fun. 

I didn't raise a flag, did I? GEGE?

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