38 Potential Man

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Why did Gege have to do Tengen so dirty after showing what she used to look like?

I forgot Tengen was a she. 💀



As much as it pisses me off, the Ten Shadows are way too useful to let go.

I'm really starting to sound like a Zenin, but Megumi fumbled worse than Hana when it came to Sukuna and exploiting his cursed technique.

The fact that he can bring out something as strong as Mahoraga, who alone is one of the strongest beings in the entire verse, makes him worth taking in.

I don't care about what other people say about the Ten Shadows. The entire cursed technique is goated because of Mahoraga.

He unlocked a domain, but for what? He just killed himself when fighting a Taylor Swift knockoff and needed Sukuna, of all people, to save him.

Mahoraga wasn't used against three-finger Sukuna, which would've been the best time, but some random bum that Nanami made look like a joke. What a waste of...'talent' if you could call it that. His only talent is a cursed technique.

*Sigh* I've got to think of him like Naoya.

If I can get him to avoid the allegations of his future self, then he can be turned to the better.

Honestly, I don't think any amount of talent Megumi had will make him able to tame Mahoraga. He isn't built like Gojo or Sukuna.

How would that even work if I was to fight Mahoraga?


I'll worry about fighting something as crazy as that for later.

I wish I were able to know about everything that would happen.

The problem is, I don't know what the hell the future will hold because I royally screwed that up.

Being here, I've realized that I can't do this alone. Although I am omitted from the balance of the world, there are still a lot of things that I'd have an extremely hard time with. I'm worried about a few events that might happen due to my interference.

Kenjaku speeding up the Culling Games and Sukuna's revival.

These are why I need to make others around me as strong as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Tsumiki Fushiguro isn't cursed yet, which should have happened around 2016, so Yorozu hasn't been prepped for incarnation.

Kashimo, Ishigori, Uro, and Yorozu are above my current level. I'd rather be able to comfortably fold them before diving into the deep end, which is some of the era's strongest sorcerers.

Dhruv is a complete unknown since he got offscreen no diffed by Yuta, but he's probably up there as well.

For now, I'll keep it in the back of my head while I work on more pressing matters.

Since I am the leader of the Hei, I was thinking about bringing Megumi in to join after he gets old enough to practice Jujutsu, but he only has Ranta and Chojuro beat in terms of 'potential.'

Mai and Maki are going to have insane power boosts when their connection gets severed, and Naoya will be much stronger than his anime counterpart due to my interference.

He is nearing the level of a grade one sorcerer, so it wouldn't be impossible for him to become a special grade after he gets a domain expansion and eventually surpasses Naobito.

Projection sorcery is powerful in a domain environment, and if he surpasses his cursed form, he would definitely be at the 'top' level, which isn't Gojo/Sukuna.

I'm glad the Zenin clan has been cleared of a large portion of its toxicity because of my interference. Naobito is decent, and Chojuro is meh at best.

A problem in the clan is the Kukuru unit led by Nobuaki Zenin.

(A/N - "If you don't remember him, I don't blame you.")

The Hei was originally known as the strongest unit the Zenin had, but things have since changed due to Nobuaki 'assuming' that role as the strongest unit.

Kukuru used to be a subsection of the Hei, but it has since split off and become its own unit. Nobuaki was a member of the Hei but left to become the full-time captain of Kukuru.

They see me as a child who took the role because of Ogi's age and because I could catch him off guard. He made the same exact mistake with Maki, which is why he died.

It doesn't help that Chojuro and I are the only members after he left. The Kukuru unit has Nobuaki and random fodder, the strongest of which is a semi-grade one.

Nobuaki is as low a grade-one sorcerer can get. He gets the title by technicality rather than skill. Currently, Naoya could run his fade and come out relatively unharmed.

Someone needs to be put in their place since I might as well be running the clan.

Naobito is good at being the leader and completing his duties, but I'll be the one to reshape it to an actual menace of a clan.

The heavy hitter lineup that could come in the future is insane.

Now, then, I've finally arrived back at the Zenin compound.

Since I'm back and nobody except Naoya is ready for training, I'll visit Nobuaki before working with Naoya. He needs to become a high-grade one if he's going to be useful and not like the other fodder in the clan.

The Kukuru unit is right next to the Hei section; however, in my absence, they have taken it over.

As much as I would like to kill them, I can't be like a cliche villain who kills all of his subordinates since we only have a certain amount of people before we won't have a unit at all.

We've already taken a hit because of the loss of Jinichi and Ogi.

Rather than being a genuine piece of shit like Ogi, they are just really stupid and arrogant.

Walking towards the area, I sense a little rat preparing to attack me.

I speak up. "Naoya, I'm busy. I'll talk to you later, but I have some business right now. You can try to kick me all you want after I'm done."

Sensing him lowering his cursed energy output, I turn around to see a foot a few inches from my face. "Got you!"

My hand quickly shoots up, grabs his foot, and throws him through a doorway.

I sigh. "*Sigh* Saying 'got you' or 'got him' is like saying 'Nah, I'd win.' It is a bad omen that never works out for the speaker."

Smiling, I speak to the little gremlin. "Although, I am surprised you tried to catch me off guard. I almost fell for it as well."

Even without cursed energy, I can detect people attacking me from behind. Had I not had the detection, I might've had a foot to the face. I can't believe this is a sentence I'm going to think, but I'm proud of Naoya.

Jumping back up, he speaks up. "Fight me."

I give him an 'Are you stupid' look. "Like I said, I'm busy right now. I'll fight you later. The Kukuru has been a pain in the ass."

He grins. "Well then, I've been a part of the Kukuru for a few months now. Looks like you're going to have to fight me right now."

My eyes snap open, and I release a lot of cursed energy. "It looks like I need to put more than one person in their place. Don't worry. You'll join the Hei, even if I have to drag you there."

Naoya subconsciously took a step back and started sweating.




It was at that moment that Naoya knew...he fucked up.

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