61 Mahoraga

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Perfect Sphere Bodies Before He Can Adapt:

Goes The Same Exact Way As In The Manga:



I go over everything I discussed with Tengen and Megumi. "So that's the rundown!"

He looked concerned. "I understand it...but what was that about getting my head punched off?"

Widening my eyes, I snap them to Shoko, who avoids my gaze before standing up. "It's getting late, so I'm heading back!"


She starts to shuffle out of the Zenin compound.

I rub my forehead. "Mahoraga's first instinct is going to be to kill you to end the ritual, so I'm going to have you hide behind Tengen's barrier so we can AVOID getting your head punched off."

He sighed and sat down. "*Sigh* Why do you even want to do this? Why do you need to fight Mahoraga if there's a good chance that things can go horribly wrong?"

I look to the sky and lie back down. "I've hit a bottleneck. While I could fight Gojo repeatedly, I already know his whole schtick. Mahoraga works with adaptation, so he can counter my abilities in countless ways, which can give me a massive idea on how to improve techniques and hone them to a high level."

Fire...my only weakness at this point.

I'm still not an anti-Sukuna monster if I can't be immune to everything he's got.

At this point, even someone like Jogo could damage me. Obviously, he isn't going to one-shot me since some of my other adaptations help mitigate damage, but without high-level fire-based adaptations, a fire arrow will hurt...bad.

Jogo isn't my match in terms of speed and raw output, so while winning would be easy if I went all out, he has the potential to heavily damage me if using his high-level techniques like maximum meteor.

So, I'm going to use Jogo.

As soon as I realize he is born, he will be my fire adaption generator. I'd also like to see if I can get Mahoraga to use fire on me if he can somehow use it.

The problem is if Sukuna gets incarnated before that happens.

I want to prevent him from incarnating, but I've got no leads on Kenjaku, and he definitely has multiple plans to get the king of curses to incarnate.

Paying a visit to Yuji wouldn't be a bad option.

Megumi speaks up. "What's the point if you're already 'the strongest?'

I smile. "You like asking questions, huh?"

He stares at the sky. "Yeah, I just don't get you."

I huff a laugh. "You wouldn't be the first. I want to get stronger because I want to reach the point where nobody can even put a finger on me. I hate weakness, so I'm turning you into an accomplished man rather than a potential man."

Megumi nods with a neutral face.

I continue. "In any case, I'll still need to introduce Tengen to you. The old lady needs to see you before allowing you to summon Mahoraga. Be ready tomorrow morning."

Not waiting for a response, I stand up and stretch before walking back to my room.


The next morning, Megumi and I head to the Tombs of the Star. Since she is expecting us, we walk through the main entrance in the open instead of sneaking in.

After entering the Tombs, Tengen is seen sitting at her familiar table.

I can't help but smile when I think about her in a Sukuna situation. If anyone visits, she sits down at the table just like Sukuna got on the throne every time Yuji entered his inner domain.

Megumi whispered to me. "That's the old lady that you talked about?"

I loudly whisper back to him. "She's over a thousand years old."

His eyes widened, but he didn't say anything else.

Tengen spoke up. "So you're the new Ten Shadows cursed technique holder."

Megumi sweats before doing a 90-degree bow. "It's an honor, Master Tengen."

I wish I had a camera on me. This would be great blackmail.

Tengen nodded. "No need to be formal with me when we will work together for a while."

I raise an eyebrow. "Will? Did you already make your assessment about him?"

She immediately replied. "He's a child, clearly nervous to speak to me, and respectful. I know he poses no immediate threat to my life."

Watch it, Tengen; make sure he doesn't stub his toe in here.

I smirk before ruffling Megumi's hair. "So, Tengen, how is the barrier coming along?"

Tengen pondered. "It's coming along well. Now that you both are here let's move to the empty barrier to discuss the specifics. I also thought that you could stay here the entire time I work on the barrier so you can get used to it."

I nod. "Sounds great. Let me message Naoya, Shoko, and Gojo so they don't think I left again."

Megumi spoke up. "You have the tendency to do that."

Instead of getting mad, I smile. "I don't want to hear it from you. You have your own tendencies that I'm going to prevent."

He looked confused, but it was only natural since he hadn't tried to use Mahoraga 100 times at this point.

Mini training arc, incoming!


Five Days Later

Nothing too special happened. Megumi mostly did his physical training while I was thinking about various scenarios and preparing to face Mahoraga.

This will be my first time fighting him, so I want to be ready for anything he's got for me.

I could always one-shot him with one of my maximum techniques, but that won't help me learn.

I waved Megumi over. "Let's do this thing, Potential Man!"

He narrowed his eyes. "I have a chance of dying, and you still won't call me by my name!?"

I smile. "Well, if you end up dying, I might as well call you by your true name one last time."

He starts to sweat as Tengen leaves the room.

Now, only Megumi and I remain in the empty barrier.

Megumi's hands shake as he moves them out in a particular motion—one that his other self is very familiar with.

He takes a deep breath.


*Inhale* *Exhale* "With this treasure, I summon... [Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga]!"

My smile widened to unimaginable heights as divine dogs came out to greet the Divine General. "Megumi...run."

Not needing to talk back, he makes a B-line towards the barrier exit as he doesn't want to be anywhere near this thing.

A giant cacoon shows itself as its mouth cracks open.

Let's wake him up with a bang!

Running towards the cacoon, I jump before shooting myself at it.


I smash my foot straight through the cacoon's shell. "[Black Flash]! Wakey wakey, Mahoraga-chan!"

Sending the cacoon flying, it smashes into the wall, creating a dust cloud before I hear a loud noise.


One spin for black flash. Not completely adapted just yet, but starting the process.

The dust clears to an eleven-foot-tall familiar behemoth with a dharma chakra wheel above his head.

I have a massive smirk on my face. "Man, you look much different than I expected."


He has his own smirk.

Then, he jumps at me.

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