37 Jump

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Today is a very sad day.

I tried...tried so hard to think of a way.

Here is the conclusion to volume 2.

What moment in the manga made you want to catch Gege?



This isn't how I expected to meet and fight Toji, but it will have to do for now.

The main issue that I have in dealing with him is his physical statistics and arsenal. I've mostly removed his arsenal, but his durability is the main issue.

Even a black flash to the face wasn't able to do much. I'll need a technique like purple as an ace, so I don't have to worry about my domain burning my technique.

I've already used it twice, and I'm still feeling the after-effects of it. I'd rather not destroy a part of my brain, so I'll figure out something in the future.

My thoughts get broken when a dagger on a chain gets flung towards Gojo.

He flies above it before it hooks itself around a tree and comes flying towards me.

Did he forget that I had been able to catch it before?



I turn to the side to avoid a blitz attempt from Toji.

Thank you, detection skill.

Using his momentum, he shoots himself towards Gojo with a wide grin. However, Gojo disappears and smiles. "[Cursed Technique Reversal: Red]."

He swings the inverted spear to cut through it before it lands, but he has another person to worry about.

I kick his back. "[Black Flash]!"


He gets flung right into Gojo's red and gets a black flash to the back.


I know that didn't kill him, so I look around and notice something right next to me.

Thankfully, he was generous enough to leave a durability negation sword right before me. I don't think he would mind his weapon stash missing after he's gone.

Grabbing the sword, I speak up. "If I can hold him down, can you kill him? A black flash from me wasn't able to do much."

Snapping out of his high and being more serious, he replies. "I've got something that I think might work, but I'll need some time to get it off, and with how fast he is, if I'm not precise, it'll miss."

I smile. "Well, shit, I guess I'll be the one tanking his hits. Haven't used this in a while [Falling Blossom Emotion]. I've got to thank Ogi for this one. A swordsman wasn't my original go-to, but let's see how it works."

The smoke clears, and Toji is missing, but he can't use his invisible shenanigans against me.

I turn around and jump towards Toji's camping spot, slicing through a tree and meeting him. He blocks my sword with the inverted spear.

With a bloodied body, he scowls and brings a dagger from God knows where and shoves it towards my skull. Falling Blossom Emotion activates and shoots his hand upwards to deflect the strike.

Redirecting the inverted spear, he aims for my chest; however, he receives a kick to the side of the head from Gojo.

Disoriented, Toji turns his head to receive a sword through his upper abdomen.

Gotcha bitch.

I've learned that soul damage fucks you up and makes your movements thrown out of wack for a couple of seconds if you can't heal it or adapt.

Gojo speaks up. "Nine Ropes. Polarized Light. Crow and Declaration. Between Front and Back. [Hollow Technique: Purple]."




Pulling out the sword and throwing it away toward the ground, I duck under the massive ball of energy, not without getting singed a bit.


Hah, while not entirely needed, getting hit by imaginary mass could become useful in the future.

After the light dies down, I get my bearing. I turn my head towards Toji's last location and sigh with relief.

Toji is on the ground, his entire bottom half missing. He's alive but will not last more than ten seconds.

I do the honors. "Hey, anything left to say, Toji Fushiguro?"

A muffled voice responds. "Nah, I got a kid. Do what you will with that."



The forest goes silent.



A few minutes later, Yuki shows up with Garuda following suit.

Still sitting on the ground, breathing heavily, I speak up. "Can't you be any more useless? The dude is already dead. You missed all the fun!"


She yells. "I tried to keep you guys from killing yourselves! Don't give me that shit!"

Yuki continues. "*Sigh*, but I'm glad you two are alright. Luckily, no one died during this whole event."

(A/N - "Wormy!!!!!")

She looks over to Gojo to yell at him but notices that he is just staring at Toji's body with a blank look on his face.

Smiling, I speak up again. "That wasn't bad, Satoru. You probably could've taken me out if it hit."

All he does is close his eyes and walk away, but I yell, "Don't give me the 'cool anime character' walk-away cliche! Yuki, can you be useful and bonk him."


I receive one instead. "Lady, if you hit me one more time, I'm going to remove that hand. *Sigh*, but you'll probably use reverse cursed technique to heal it back up."

Getting up, I start to walk out of the forest as well, not before snagging a couple of cursed tools on my way out.

I stretch my arms behind my back. "I need a break after all of this shit."

Hmm, going home for a bit wouldn't be a bad idea.

Naoya, Maki, Mai, and Ranta, I guess, could use some training. If I can get Maki and Mai to awaken their own restrictions, that would be the best-case scenario.

I'm not sure what would happen if Maki died instead of Mai, so I'm banking on something happening to her when the connection gets broken.

Mechamaru was able to overcome his heavenly restriction with soul manipulation. Maybe I can figure out a way to split them using something similar.

I still have Uraume and Kenjaku to worry about, but they can come after I regain my full strength. I'd rather not attack them with my current state since I still don't know what Kenjaku has in store for me.

At this point, my canon knowledge is completely off the table. The star plasma vessel event is going to be completely different, and who knows what will happen and the different ways that Kenjaku can bring Sukuna back.

Based on what I've seen, Gojo and I are now at a similar level. I'm still not at a point where I can deal with the future heavy hitters.

I'll need to get stronger.

Whatever the future may bring, I need to be ready for it.

Well, let's get to it.

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