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Every fan in JJK has an agenda.

My agenda is that Toji is in the top 10.

What is your most controversial agenda?

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I can't beat him. A one-armed Jinichi and I don't stand a chance together.

Not even Yuki, Choso, and Tengen were enough to put him down, and I'm not yet at Yuta's level.

(A/N "Yuta > Kenjaku.")

Even if he doesn't have Geto's cursed spirit manipulation, he has a domain, gravity manipulation, reverse cursed technique, and a thousand years of experience more than I do.

I'm in some deep shit.

Before I get the chance to speak, Kaori or Kenjaku speaks up. "I thought the curse would put up more of a fight if I fed it one of Sukuna's fingers, but it was disappointing. I still can't seem to figure out what your technique is."

I give a nervous smirk. "Hm? And who might you be?"

Kenjaku smiled. "I have many names, but you can call me Noritoshi Kamo for the time being."

Just then, a massive fist of cursed energy flies towards Kenjaku, and he jumps to the side.

He calls out. "How rude, I was talking to Naohiro [Cursed Technique Reversal: Antigravity System]."

Jinichi and I get hit, putting both of us on the ground.


I slowly stand up and see Jinichi paralyzed on the ground.


If only I could adapt to his gravity technique, I'd be in great shape. I'm dead if a domain comes out.

Afterward, Kenjaku releases his technique and narrows his eyes.

Jinichi can barely move. How useless can one person be?

Damnit, "You want the finger? Fine!"

This is either one of the dumbest or smartest things I have ever done in both lifetimes.

I open my mouth.





Kenjaku widens his eyes to the point that I would've bet that they could've fallen out.


*Thump Thump*

*Thump Thump*

I feel a pain that I never imagined was possible. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."


Do your thing, adaptation! If this works, I can become familiar with Sukuna's cursed energy. Worst case, I die or become his vessel.




*Huff Huff*

I speak my thoughts out loud. "I'm alive?"


I vomit out blood.


Finally, it's over. 'Hey Sukuna, you there!?'

I got no response.

I smile and look up to see a dumbfounded Kenjaku. The last thing he expected was for me to eat a Sukuna finger and survive.

He speaks up in a somber tone. "So that's what it is...adaptation to cursed energy. No wonder you were able to stand up after I used my cursed technique and bypass the Limitless. Apologies, but you will become a problem if I keep you alive."

He starts to move both of his hands together. "If my gravity technique won't work. I'll have to use something more...potent."

Nononono. MOVE! I can't let him pull it off!

Everything slows down to where Kenjaku looks frozen in place.


What have I been doing in this world?

I've been doing nothing but acting like a child who was given anime powers.

Now that I'm going to die, I can finally see.



Hah, so that's how it works.

I cross my ring and middle fingers and make an X shape with my thumbs. Then, I push my pinky and pointer together.

I've always wanted to do this.

Kenjaku and I speak at the same time. "[Domain Expansion: Cycle of Saṃsāra]", "[Domain Expansion: Womb Profusion]."

A small desert is formed while a totem of cursed spirits appears without a barrier.

However, the small desert quickly gets pushed back.

Not on my watch! "HAHAHA, one thing about domain clashes is that, while refinement is one of the most important things, the amount of cursed energy matters! IF I CAN PUMP CURSED ENERGY IN IT, PROBLEM SOLVED!"

My domain, while it doesn't get any bigger, it stops shrinking.

I can physically feel my cursed energy reserves tanking fast. If I let go of my domain for even a second, I'm screwed.

I look over at Kenjaku, and he smiles. "How fascinating to think that you would be able to hold back my domain with a freshly opened one. Before you die, I have a question for you...how do you exist? I expected the Gojo child, but you are an anomaly."

Sorry, I don't plan on answering questions while holding back a domain.

I'm going to need Sukuna levels of plot armor to get out of this one alive.


No way. My technique still works in a domain clash!? How is that even possible?

Wait, I wished for Mahoraga's adaptation, not an adaptive cursed technique.

This means it has the properties of Mahoraga's adaptation and the properties of a cursed technique.

I give a slight smirk.

After a single minute, I already feel my cursed energy reserves become lower than half.




As my reserves get to a third of their usual, I hear the sound that gives me enough plot armor to survive this damn thing.





Womb Profusion Adapted.

After hearing the adaption sound, I let go of my domain, it popped, and I fell into the range of the sure hit.

However, to Kenjaku's surprise, the sure hit doesn't hit me.

Using the split-second time of surprise, I turn tail and sprint out of the domain's sure hit range.

If I stay here any longer, I'm dead.

I push all of my remaining cursed energy into my body so I can amplify my speed as much as possible.

After running away, I hear a crash as Kenjaku releases his domain. 

Third Person

As Kenjaku prepares to chase Naohiro, someone grabs his ankle and smiles.

Five massive fists come crashing down on Kenjaku and Jinichi, and a massive explosion goes off.

Since Jinichi was inside Naohiro's domain before it got destroyed, he was immune to the sure-hit effect for most of the clash's duration.

Kenjaku happened to release it just fast enough for Jinichi to survive for a few seconds.

Normally, Jinichi wouldn't be able to survive anything remotely close to a sure hit of a domain as strong as Kenjaku, but he did something that even he didn't think he would do on an internship.

A suicidal binding vow.

A smokescreen from the explosion is made, and Naohiro is nowhere to be found.

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