63 Future Planning

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Uraume is dead.

One of my greatest allies is dead.


Naohiro Zenin, the most unpredictable variable to ever exist.

The variable that shouldn't exist.

To say my plans have been scrambled is an understatement.

The original plan was to make Yuji the vessel and keep Naohiro Zenin around as insurance, but now he has grown too fast and too strong.

He ate one of Sukuna's fingers, so why is he not showing side effects?

Even if he adapted to the cursed energy of the finger, Sukuna's soul is unlike any other.


My eyes widen. "Unless."


He adapted to the cursed energy and the soul.

That should be impossible, given how cursed techniques function. Every cursed technique is imprinted on the soul, so no matter how much he adapts to the cursed energy, the soul should remain.

It should be impossible, but what if his adaptability isn't a cursed technique?

It looks like my hypothesis ended up being true. It was astronomically unlikely, but given his status as an anomaly, the world's rules shouldn't be taken into account with him.

He is, quite literally, the human Divine General Mahoraga. Adapting to any and all phenomena.

No wonder he was able to escape the prison realm.

He adapted to it.

Is the reason why he is an anomaly because he is a reincarnation of Mahoraga? That should also be impossible since there is an active Ten Shadows user.

The Ten Shadows.

Can I use Mahoraga somehow?

If Naohiro truly has the same adaptation as Mahoraga, using him would give me a way to counter his abilities.

He'd most likely defeat it if it were in its ritual form, but it can be an unstoppable beast when used correctly and tamed.

The issue lies in taming such a beast.

Ten Shadows users have never done it because it wasn't meant to be tamed.

The resources the technique grants don't allow the user to tame such a ridiculous beast.


But...what if he is used as a vessel?

Someone like Sukuna could easily tame it if he had the vessel of the Ten Shadows user.

Megumi Fushiguro, the current wielder of the Ten Shadows cursed technique.

He's related to Tsumiki Fushiguro. What an interesting twist of fate. I was going to make her that crazy woman's vessel.

There is a near-zero percent chance that he is a compatible vessel, but what if he is?

In any case, Naohiro Zenin needs to be occupied for the next few years while Yuji grows capable of handling Sukuna's soul. The only other possible known vessel is Naohiro, and I can't go around feeding random people Sukuna's fingers.

Checking on Megumi Fushiguro will be added to my list.

Time has never been an issue for me before now.

Why can't the brat be ready for Sukuna?

I hear the front door open. "Hi, Mom, I'm back home!"

Turning to the hallway, I gave him a fake smile. "Welcome back. How was school?"

The vessel replies. "*Ugh* I have a lot of homework."

I huff a laugh with a closed-eye smile. "That so?"

Originally, I was going to let him develop by himself, but circumstances changed. I must ensure that nothing happens to the vessel until he becomes compatible.

Acting like a mother is so tiring.

Right now, Sukuna is the only person who can defeat Naohiro, and even then, he'll need to be close to his full strength.

Seventeen fingers and his corpse have been collected. Unfortunately, Naohiro Zenin has already eaten one of them.

Now, then, how can I keep him occupied while the vessel develops?

The Culling Games still needs time since I don't currently have a vessel for every future participant.

Should I kill Naohiro's friends?

No, if there is a chance he catches my cursed energy, he'll be able to track me, but since he hasn't come for me now, there are limitations to his tracking.

When we met for the second time, he said that he recognized my cursed energy.

Was it a lie, or were there other conditions involved?

He has the prison realm and has already adapted to sealing, so I can't seal him again.

Seeing the shut-in and discussing Naohiro with her might be a valid option.

Even if she acts as if she likes Naohiro Zenin, an anomaly that shouldn't exist will be on her mind constantly.

I wouldn't be surprised if she planned to create a powerful barrier to keep him in check.

She is the only one in the world who could contain something like Naohiro Zenin.

What to do?

So many questions and no answers.

I hate it.

I hate him.

Why does he have to exist?

He is ruining everything.

I didn't plan for a thousand years to have a teenager ruin it at the last moment.

I want to rip him apart with my own hands.

Someone tugs on my shirt. "Mom, are you alright? Your face is scary."

Immediately, I fixed my face and smiled. "I'm sorry, Yuji. I was thinking about something unpleasant. Now, let's work on that homework you brought home."

He gave me a bright smile. "Alright! Thanks, mom!"

I'll do whatever it takes to see the truth behind cursed energy.


He's strong.

I don't hate him.

From what he's shown, his actions towards Jujutsu society are not hostile, and he is genuinely enjoyable to talk to.




He is an unknown variable in this world who needs to be kept in check if something happens.

Part of me wishes Mahoraga killed him, but another makes me wish to support his endeavors.

I kicked him out to create a countermeasure for him after showcasing his abilities.

Deciding what to do is difficult when it makes me seem like a terrible person, but realistically, there is no predicting what he can do to the world, and balance is necessary.

I never plan on using it, but if he gets too far out of line, I'll keep him in one of the most complex barriers that I will ever make.

Flopping backward, I cover my eyes with my arm. "What am I supposed to do? Am I doing the right thing?"

Unfortunately, I won't know because Naohiro Zenin exists.

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