Jujutsu Kaisen: Nah I'd Adapt

You know the drill, dude dies and reincarnates with some op wishes. This time, what if the cursed technique was as broken as Mahoraga's adaptation? Can Naohiro surpass Mr. Nah I'd Win? __________ I don't own JJK (duh). Lord Gege has the right to his stuff. I found the picture on images, if you own the meme and want it taken down, let me know and I'll replace it.

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Disc: HrPrTeam

What is Hakari doing?

He won:




Jujutsu High

While Yuta was having a 'discussion' with Naohiro, another event was happening with Maki.


Maki stands next to the gate while two boys sit on a bench.


The shorter boy was cuddling him with a smile while the other was lying back and relaxed.

A tick mark appears on Maki's face. "Do you have to do that on campus? I already have something to deal with."

The relaxed man spoke up, still looking at the sky. "Since when did you get a stick up your ass?"

Maki rubs her forehead and sighs. "*Sigh* I'm just a little irritated now. I thought I found someone strong to fight against, but he disappointed me."

The shorter boy spoke up. "Why not fight Kin again? Kin is strong."

She crossed her arms. "Kinji isn't strong unless he uses his domain."

That got a tick mark out of the boy. "Just because you won doesn't mean you can call him weak!"

However, she returned his comment with a smirk. "Oh yeah, remind me how that went."

He refuted her claim. "It was luck. He wasn't able to get a [Jackpot] off!"

She raised an eyebrow. "It's a fight. I won't stand there while he spins a hundred times."

Hakari spoke up. "Kirara, please don't start a fight."

The atmosphere changed.

Maki smiles as a thought hits her. "A fight, huh? That's what I need right now."

Hakari lowers his head to look at her. "Not interested. Your fever never excites me, and we were busy until you showed up."

She was about to move but turned her head when running was heard.




Yuta ran to Maki, breathless, with his hands on his knees. "*Huff* *Huff* Am I going to die here?"

She kept her smile. "You have a fifty-fifty shot."

Hakari spoke up. "You're one of the new students, right? Let me guess, you met Mr. Psycho."

Yuta raised an eyebrow. "Mr. Psycho?"

Hakari looked at Yuta like he was an idiot, but Kirara ended up speaking. "Black hair, has a thing for training, likes beating up teenagers, really strong, is muscular, ring a bell?"



Maki sneezed.


Yuta spoke up. "Yeah, and I can say that I'm not a huge fan. Nice to meet you, I'm Yuta Okkotsu."

Maki shook her head. "You're not the only one. However, he does show results with his methods, which is why I haven't run away."

Hakari spoke up: "This school is so weird. I went from having a devil for a teacher to a teacher who doesn't do anything valuable."

Kirara narrowed his eyes. "Gojo. He teaches but can't explain anything since he's so damn talented at everything."

Hakari stared at the sky again. "The rules here suck, and the teachers are drill sargents or freaks. Maybe I'll leave this stupid place. I'm not cut out for this sorcerer shit."

However, Kirara smiled. "Well, Gojo did say that you would surpass him one day."

Hakari waved it off. "I don't trust anything that guy says at this point. I can't even hit, let alone beat him, even if I stay at this shitty school."

Maki huffed a laugh. "At least it's better than Kyoto. Mai told me that it was terrible. There are only two promising students, her and another named Aoi Todo."

Yuta raised his own eyebrow. "Aoi Todo?"

She nodded. "Yep, but they will only be grade 1s in the end."

Kirara had a tick mark. "Do you think grade 1s are weak or something!?"

Maki smiled. "Hakari is one of them."

Kirara returned a less-than-appropriate finger. "You aren't even graded, you jujutsuless bum!"

She shrugged. "At least I'm the strongest student in the school."

Yuta widened his eyes. "The strongest student in the school?"

She raised an eyebrow. "Aside from Gojo and Naohiro, yes."

Kirara looked irritated. "*Grr* Kin, can you beat her up!?"

Surprisingly, Hakari smiled as he stood up and stretched his arms, Kirara falling off. "Honestly, I'm kinda curious as to what Yuta's fever is like."

Yuta stepped backward. "Hold on a second, I'm going on a mission with Maki."

However, Maki gave him a closed-eye smile as she hit his back.

He waved his hands in panic. "I'm not ready for this thing."

Kirara started yelling out. "Kin, Maki-"

Hakari rubbed his forehead as he looked a little annoyed. "Shut it, Kirara."


He removed his Jujutsu High uniform to a white tank top and threw it to Kirara.


He then cracked his knuckles and smiled.

Yuta turned to Maki with a face that screamed, 'Help me.'

She knew exactly what Yuta wanted but didn't care.

Maki backed away as Hakari took a deep breath. "*Inhale* *Exhale* Show me what you got, Yuta Okkotsu!"

Yuta started sweating as he got into a fighting position.


Hakari jumped at Yuta and threw a punch, which he tried guarding with both arms.



Hakari punched Yuta in the face.

Yuta went flying and rolled on the ground for a bit before stopping.

He narrowed his eyes. "What is with you? You don't use any reinforcement, but my punches don't feel as strong as they should be."

Yuta slowly pushed himself up as his face showed small cuts from Hakari's cursed energy trait. "Hold on, I just got here today!"


Hakari kicked him in the stomach, but he felt resistance.

His eyes widened. "Holy shit, the raw amount of cursed energy you have is passively reinforcing your body."

Yuta stood up and threw a punch.

Hakari dodged as he grabbed his arm and threw him.

While Hakari is strong, against someone with an insane amount of passive reinforcement getting hit wouldn't be nice.

Yuta crashed on the ground but managed to shoot back up.

He narrowed his eyes to everyone's surprise, and his cursed energy could be felt.

Yuta spoke. "So that's how you were doing it."

Hakari smirked. "What the hell? You figured out reinforcement from me punching you?"

Kirara cheered from the side. "Kick his ass, Kin!"

This time, Yuta rushed towards Hakari with shabby cursed energy reinforcement.

He threw an ugly punch that Hakari was able to dodge.


Hakari punched Yuta but instead of going flying like before, his fist only pushed Yuta's face back a few inches.

Yuta used his left hand to throw his fist at Hakari.


Hakari gets hit in the face, which makes him stumble back a few feet.



Yuta breathes heavily as Hakari raises his head with a smile as his nose bleeds.

He laughed and licked the blood coming from his nose. "Your fever ain't bad! I'm getting fired up myself!"

Jumping back at Yuta, they start throwing hands back and forth.

While Yuta takes more hits, Hakari becomes more damaged as he gets hit again, this time in the side.

Hakari's eyes widened as he felt something strange about Yuta.


He's adapting.



Hakari gets kicked in the side of the head. However, it does noticeably less damage than before.

He smiles. "Well, that's enough holding back."


Train doors close on Yuta's stomach, taking the air out of him as Hakari jumps and kicks him.

Yuta speaks up, disoriented. "Where did these doors come from!?"

Hakari keeps his smile. "It's a cursed technique, dumbass."


With difficulty, Yuta starts pushing up on the doors to free himself.

Maki noticed that Hakari's arms started moving in a peculiar motion.

Her eyes widened. "Kinji, you aren't going to..."

Hakari laughs like a maniac. "I sure as hell am! [Domain Expansion: Idle Death Gamble]."

A black barrier encases everyone in the vicinity.

Yuta pushes off the doors and looks around the barrier as a train station forms.

Hakari speaks up. "Let's get it rolling [Probability Shift]!"

Yuta grabs his head as a lot of information gets flooded inside his mind. "What is this!?"

Maki spoke up as she sat inside the domain. "Domain Expansion is the highest level of Jujutsu sorcery someone can reach."

Kirara spoke up. "Why are YOU, of all people, explaining Domain Expansion?"

Maki glared at him. "Can you be a good little side character and shut up?"

Kirara's mouth dropped as Maki's eyes widened. "Oh no, I'm sounding like Naohiro."

As Maki was having an existential crisis, Yuta and Hakari threw hands.


Hakari was rolling for a jackpot while Yuta was getting beat up...bad.

Even without hitting a [Jackpot], Hakari's abilities rise inside his domain, and he gets access to other offensive abilities.

Suddenly, Yuta widened his eyes as he unintentionally tasted Hakari's blood on his face.

Hakari threw a fist toward Yuta's stomach.


His eyes widen as he sees train doors closed on him. "My cursed technique."

Yuta drools as he puts his all into a punch.


His fist flashes black, but something odd happens.



Hakari grabs his wrist as the domain ends, stopping Yuta's punch.

Yuta snaps back to reality as Hakari speaks up. "It's over. Music...START!"


Cursed energy explodes, and extremely loud music starts playing.

Not a moment later, Hakari appeared before Yuta's face and threw a punch that would hurt..bad.

Maki reaches back and takes off the cloth covering a weapon.



Maki appeared before Yuta with Red Nunchucks clashing with Hakari's fist.

They canceled each other out.

She spoke up. "You trying to kill him!?"

Hakari snapped out of whatever trance he was in. "Huh?"

She sighed. "*Sigh* We're done. Yuta and I are going on our mission now."

He narrowed his eyes but backed away and put his hands in his pockets.

Yuta sighed in relief. "*Phew* Thanks, Maki."

Hakari spoke up with a smirk. "Hey, let's do this again sometime. I like your fever."

Yuta rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I don't get what you mean, but give me a bit before we fight again."

Hakari nodded and turned towards Kirara. "Alright, let's get out of here. I'm hungry for dinner."

With that, they both walked away.


Maki smiled. "Mission time!"

Yuta fell on his knees. "Can I have a little time to rest?"


She grabs the back of his shirt. "Nope, time to go!"

Yuta accepts defeat as they make their way to the mission site.

I wanted to introduce Hakari at least once.

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