22 Cliche

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I've made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment.

I don't expect to be forgiven. I'm simply here to apologize.

I should've never posted the chapter.


Nah, I'd post.


If someone encounters a grade one curse, they are usually extremely nervous, especially when it is their first time on a proper mission.

However, even against a special grade curse like a finger bearer, I am still confident I can handle it.

What made me serious was if Kenjaku had a hand in this mission.

Now that he knows what I can do, there is a good chance I'll run into something that usual sorcerers wouldn't have on their first internship.

Hell, it's cliche and happens all the time to characters in anime.

Jinichi and I are in a car driven to the mission site by a random man in a suit. I hoped to meet Ijichi since he is the true mastermind of Jujutsu Kaisen, but you don't always get what you want.

The car was silent, most likely because the guy in the suit was professional, and Jinichi didn't want to speak with me.

Since I have time, I'll work on my reverse cursed technique.

I close my eyes and attempt to smash my negative cursed energy together to make positive energy, but while I feel it is getting close, it's not clicking.

I take a deep breath and try again.

30 Minutes Later

A monotone voice speaks. "We're here."

Progress was definitely made during the car trip, but it's still not enough.

Based on my estimations, regeneration from my adaptations is more cost-effective than the reverse cursed technique since it burns twice as much energy. Still, I have a few ideas on how to create reversal techniques.

Having a technique that is physical or can be fired will keep me from taking attacks or rushing into someone's personal space to adapt to their technique.

Perhaps the reversal of adaption is rejection.

I smile. "Just another reason to get reverse cursed technique."

Jinichi opens his mouth. "Quit yapping and get out here. Let's get this thing over with."

Breaking out of my thoughts, I get up and walk over to the mission site.

Walking up to the site, I saw a graveyard covered in mist.

It's definitely the place for a curse to be hiding. Especially a grade one.

The man in the suit speaks up. "If there is nothing more, I will wait in the car until you both return."

He raises his hand. "Emerge from the darkness, blacker than darkness. Purify that which is impure [Curtain]."

The next thing I know is that we are covered in a veil of darkness, better known as a curtain, the basics of domains.

While he is standing at the entrance, I start walking ahead of Jinichi.

He speaks up. "HEY! Wait up!"

Turning around, I mockingly told him, "If you're scared, you can stay at the entrance, temporary leader of the Hei~."

He rushes towards me with an angry look on his face but doesn't act on it. It looks like he isn't here to mess around.

While I did taunt him, I'm not here to argue with this moron. I'm here to kill a curse. The only reason I came here with him in the first place was because of some dumbass rule.

Sensing a decently sized cursed energy nearing the mausoleum in the middle portion of the graveyard, I smile. "I found you, you little rat."

'clack, shink, click'

With that, all of my physical adaptations, aside from the specific cursed techniques, are turned on.

I've combined my adaptations into categories based on who I'm fighting.

For Gojo, I have a Limitless set of adaptations.

This is similar to my Projection Sorcery category.

Now then...

I run towards the mausoleum and look for the curse, not before Jinichi catches up to me.

Jinichi looks tilted. "Why did you run ahead!? I'm responsible for you."

As he finishes his sentence, I look towards the entrance and feel the cursed energy from earlier explode.


I smirk. "I called it. Couldn't help yourself, Gege? One of the most cliche MC growth tactics. 'put him against a stronger opponent that usually wouldn't be here in any other circumstance.'"

Now, THAT is a special grade curse if I've ever felt one. There is zero chance that Kenjaku isn't behind this. If I'm lucky, I'll get one of Sukuna's fingers after this.

Man, this is going to be fun.

Just then, I see something jump out of the entrance towards me before I punch it in the face.


The curse that looked half-worm and half-human was smashed into the ground. He looked zombieish, if that was even a word.

It seems a bit on the nose in a graveyard, but whatever.

Shooting my cursed energy higher and higher, I bring my fist down to finish this thing.

I look towards its stomach before smiling and aiming straight for a specific point.

A finger bearer!


As my hand got closer and closer to the point, I suddenly stopped.



I heard a muffled voice under me. "[Domain Expansion: Tomb of the Abyss]."

Oh no, you don't, no plot armor for you [Falling Blossom Emotion].

My fist got shoved through his chest, grabbing a red finger on the way through.


With that, the domain shattered.

I sighed in relief. That could've ended badly if I hadn't had an anti-domain technique. I didn't know the sure hit, but I'm glad it didn't have to come to that.

I turn around. "Jinichi, are you always this useless? You're supposed to be grade one."

However, what I see is Jinichi with a disintegrated right arm.

Jinichi looked shocked but blinked a few times before looking at his stub and then at me. "You just saved my life. I was caught off guard. I didn't know that there was a special grade curse here. There must've been a misevaluation."

Not a chance in hell.

*Clap Clap Clap*

Turning to my left, I hear clapping and a melodic voice. "Nice job! Falling Blossom Emotion is effective but not the perfect way to deal with a domain. However, I will need that finger back, Naohiro!"

You've got to be fucking kidding me. How many cliches are going to appear in one day?



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